Winter Vacation Ideas

Winter Vacations You and Your Whole Family Can Enjoy

Winter vacations are a great time to go somewhere and bond with the whole family. You can go someplace cold to see the snow and engage in skiing and other winter sports. You may also want to escape the cold and go someplace warm. Either way, there are plenty of things that you can do so that every member of the family has fun.

Ski Resorts

Ski resorts are not just about skiing. They are all encompassing resorts filled with amazing lodging and activities for all ages. Some of the best ones are in California and Vermont, but you can find them throughout the Eastern and Western coasts of the United States.

When you choose a ski resort, you won’t actually have to leave the resort until your vacation is over. Many of them are filled with different restaurants, ranging from buffet style to high end gourmet cuisines. You can choose to dine in any of them with your family – or send a few of the younger ones off for an evening so that you and your spouse can enjoy some “adult” time over a fabulous dinner.

There are some resorts that have child care, too. This allows the kids to have plenty of age appropriate fun and the adults to have some fun on their own, too. Then you all can come together for various activities, too. You can play miniature golf or go swimming in the heated pools. You can take skiing lessons or take a spin on the ice in ice skates. There are a number of activities to do so that you won’t ever be bored.

Theme Parks

Walt Disney World is located in sunny Orlando, Florida, as is Universal Studios. For anyone who thinks a theme park is just for kids, they have obviously not taken a trip down the log flume at Universal Islands of Adventure or felt the heat from the Mummy Ride and Universal Studios. There is action packed fun for days between the parks for kids of all ages. Many snowbird travelers make their way down for many months of the year.

Many of the hotels around the area have childcare, which allows parents to escape the young ones for a little while. You can head to the Universal City Walk where there are many different night clubs or escape to Downtown Disney for a gourmet meal and an evening stroll. The kids will love meeting all of the characters. From Mickey and Snow White at Disney to Scooby Doo and Popeye at Universal, there are so many ways to capture a young child’s heart.

There are a number of theme parks beyond Orlando, too. There is the Six Flags theme park in Atlanta, though depending on when you go, it may not give you much relief from the cold of where you are originally from. The further South you go, the more you can enjoy year round sunshine.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean Sea has many islands of sunshine where you and the family can enjoy a few days, a week or even longer. There are several Sandals beach resorts that you can take advantage of where you pay a single price and have everything covered for the entire time that you are on the island. This includes food, drink and all of the entertainment you could want.

There are ways to bond as a family, including going swimming in the various pools of the resort or splashing around in the gorgeous sea. You can also plan a snorkeling trip to see all of the tropical fish or take a submarine trip down to the bottom of the sea to find out what is going on.

When it comes to fun for each age group, there are plenty of things to do as well. The younger kids can enjoy such themes as Sesame Street, where they can meet all of their favorite characters. Teens can join various groups and have some fun for their own age. And parents can visit the spa, enjoy yoga on the beach and even dance the night away to the sounds of tropical music.

When you opt for the pre-paid packages, it makes your vacation very affordable. You can eat as much as you want and enjoy all of the entertainment you wish to partake in and never worry about the total bill – because you’ve already paid it.

The Criteria for Choosing a Vacation Destination

There are hundreds of places that you could potentially go for your winter vacation with the family, so you must set some criteria on how to narrow down the choices.

First, consider where you live. Do you want to stay locally or go somewhere exotic? If you want something that is completely opposite of where you live, then pull out a map. Go in the complete opposite direction. If you live north, look south. If you live east, look west. This will help you to choose a place that is different from where you normally go.

Now, look at everyone’s ages. The vacation is only going to be fun if the whole family is having fun. You don’t want to exclude anyone from a week’s worth of enjoyment, so no matter where you go, it should have something for everyone. If you have kids under the age of 3, you need to consider that they have different needs than everyone else. If you want to have some fun without them from time to time (and there is nothing wrong with that), then you need to look for a place that has childcare. More and more places do, so it won’t be difficult to find.

Teens will also need a little extra TLC. They get bored and don’t want to be stuck with their parents for the entire vacation, so make sure that there is something fun especially for them. Cruises and resorts usually have teen related activities and groups so that all of the other teens there can get together and have their own fun. It is still supervised but at a level that they can stand – and you can appreciate.

As long as you have a balance for everyone and the destination is agreed upon, everyone will enjoy their winter vacation. Just be sure to remember to get many different travel insurance quotes for your vacation.

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