Texas Weekend Getaway Ideas


Austin is more than one of the music capitals of the US, it is a vibrant city with much to offer for a weekend getaway in the great lonestar state of Texas. Aside from the myriad of music festivals, Austin borders the picturesque Colorado River that is excellent for an outdoor getaway as well as the perfect site for fishing and white water rapids. Lady Bird Lake, named for President Johnson’s wife is perfect for hiking and biking. Lake Travis is another popular destination with its beautiful scenery that nature lovers adore and romantics flock to. Golfers love Austin for its 10 premier golf courses and clubs that have been designed with degrees of difficulty and designed by world renowned pro-golfers. A weekend getaway to Austin wouldn’t be complete without sampling the many restaurants and food establishments that range from comfort foods to gourmet cuisines. The Mandola Estate Winery and Lake Austin Spa Resort not only offers tours and exquisite luxurious accommodations, but five star dining as well. Austin is also being a top contender in the world of arts, and the Austin Museum of Art is a wonderful destination where both local and well known artists show their works of art. Blanton Museum of Fine Art, Harry Ransom Center, Mexic Arte Museum, and Long Center for the Performing Arts are just a few hot spots for great art and performances. Austin is not short of its historical points of interests and there are many tours available at the State Capitol building, LBJ Library and Museum, Bob Bullock State History Museum, Texas Governor’s Mansion, Driskell Hotel, Texas State Cemetery, Austin History Center, Elisabet Ney Museum, and the French Legation Museum all are great for history buffs. Austin has a vibrant and thriving nightlife as well and there is something for everyone’s tastes in Austin. Austin, Texas is a great destination for everyone for a weekend getaway.

2. San Antonio,Texas

Beautiful picturesque San Antonio is located in the heart of the Texas’ south plains. San Antonio is also a great Texas Weekend Getaway destination for not only its beauty but for much more. San Antonio is home to the Alamo, where hundreds of visitors stop each year to see where Texas hero, Sam Huston and others took their stand against the Santa Ana. Depending on what time of the year you visit San Antonio, the city itself, holds many festivals and parades throughout the year. Aside from San Antonio’s spectacular views, there are many golfing clubs and courses that offer a variety of attractions such as beginner courses to expert and fine dining. Another great attraction is the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum. The Buckhorn Saloon and Museum where more than 4,000 items that include “Old Tex” a longhorn steer with an 8 foot 9 inch spread of his horns. This Saloon and Museum shows visitors what it was like in the old wild west days where gunfighters walked. Another noteworthy attraction is the Guinness World Records Museum & and Ripley’s Haunted Adventure. San Antonio is home to many historical and art museums as well as shopping districts that range from handcrafts to high end. Quaint cafes to gourmet eating establishments all reside within San Antonio. There are several resorts, upscale hotels, budget Inns and motels, and Bed and Breakfast establishments that offer various services to guests. San Antonio is also home to the Six Flags Fiesta Amusement Park and Sea World which is great for families. Whether you are a single visitor, a couple looking for a romantic weekend getaway, or a family destination San Antonio has something for everyone.

3. Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas, the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest in the United States. This city is great for a weekend getaway for its myriad of things to do and see. Houston is an industrial and financial hub of Texas. Houston not only has some of the best colleges and universities in the state. Houston has the world’s largest indoor air-conditioned pedestrian tunnel system, a seven mile system of underground tunnels and skywalks with mini strip malls and restaurants. Houston is full of everything from camping and RV parks, bed and breakfast inns, budget friendly lodgings, and posh chic upscale hotels and resorts. There are many attractions in Houston such as the various museums and historical points of interest, various chic golf clubs and courses, parks, guest ranches that offer unique experiences, a large scale aquarium and zoo, gardens, Gulf Coast tours and boat chartering that can provide hours fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, gorgeous beaches, and a host of nightclubs and bars as well as concert venues. Houston is also a shopper’s paradise with its quaint boutiques to upscale department stores and high fashion galleries. Visitors to Houston don’t need to feel they have to keep up with the typical tourist attractions that Houston has to offer. Take scenic and romantic hot air balloon or Paradigm Helicopter Ride above the city or take an old fashioned riverboat ride along the Gulf. An excellent destination while visiting Houston, especially for families is a trip to the Space Center where tours and excitement is around every corner where famous astronauts not only trained but took famous space shuttle explorations. Houston,Texas is a great Texas weekend getaway.


Another great Gulf Coast town is Galveston,Texas. Galveston is a great weekend getaway in Texas for families and those wanting an full range of activities on a fun filled weekend. Start by visiting the beautiful and exotic Flower Garden National Marine Sanctuary where 14 federally designated underwater areas protected by the NOAA program. Visitors can snorkel and see the gorgeous marine life. For amusement park fun, then Moody Gardens is the place. Moody Gardens has a 4D theater, a Rainforest Pyramid with a variety of exotic and endangered plants and animals, the Aquarium Pyramid where they have an actual Penguin Encounter, lazy river at a beautiful beach, golf course and hotel & spa, and splash pad for kids. Galveston prides itself on its coastal atmosphere and its beaches are sublime. Gaveston also has a classic Grand Opera House, Seaport Museum, many historic points of interest, shopping, and a variety of restaurants that feature everything from casual dining to exquisite gourmet cuisine featuring some of the best seafood. The Entertainment district is where live music plays both day and night and where all the best hot spots for nighttime fun can be experienced. Galveston,Texas is the place to go for a Texas weekend getaway.


Grapevine is located in the prairie and lakes region of Texas and is a great weekend getaway especially for couples. Grapevine was named for the sought after Mustang grapes that are native to the area, and is considered Texas premier wine country. Grapevine has many Bed and Breakfast Inns, chic hotels, and even some great camping grounds. The scenic beauty and serene waterways make Grapevine an enchanting place to visit. Aside from the vineyards there are golfing clubs, a vintage railroad museum, arts and theater, an old fashioned shopping district with modern touches and inventory, trails, a spa, Great Wolf Lodges Kid’s Spa and activities, Glass Cactus nightclub where vibrant music plays, Gameworks, and a large antique mall. For a quiet getaway weekend in some of the most beautiful and fragrant country, Grapevine is the ultimate weekend getaway in Texas!

6.Dallas, Texas

For not only a town that is rich in culture and history as well as sports, Dallas offers so much more in a weekend getaway. This city has countless museums that range from historical to pop culture to sports, a shopper’s Mecca, a myriad of eateries and restaurants, Zoo that houses over a thousand animals, Reunion Tower that takes visitors up 55 stories, thriving arts district, historic points of interest, famed Gilly’s bar made famous by country crooner Mickey Gilley and Urban Cowboy starring John Travolta, open air and farmer’s markets, State Fair, the Dallas Aquarium, Six Flags Over Texas-one of the biggest amusement parks in the United States, and much more. Dallas is a diverse and thriving city. It’s the Big Apple of Texas with it’s various sky scrapers, night life, business and industry, and lavish hotels such as the Hotel Palomar. There is something for everyone here in Dallas and visitors often need more than just a weekend to see and do everything while visiting Dallas,Texas.

7. Abilene, Texas

Abilene is where the frontier life is celebrated.. This town is famous for its pioneer heritage, rodeos, and music. For those seeking a custom frontier experience, Abilene is the city to visit. There are museums, galleries, a zoo, live theater, and hospitality like no other.Lodgings range from the budget friendly to the luxurious in Abilene. For those who want to experience the great outdoors, Abilene has a state park as well as the beautiful shores of Lake Abilene and Fort Phantom Hill Lake. There are wildlife refuges, hiking and horse trails, 3 marinas and 1 reservoir perfect for fishing and boating, and the beautiful Lyndon B Johnson National Grassland reserve. Abilene has several festivals and parades throughout the year as well as music that reflects not only Abilene’s frontier heritage but also popular venues as well. Abilene is a colorful city with a laid back feel that is great for family vacations as well as weekend getaways in Texas.

8.Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth is the city where cowboys were made! The Wild West’s humble beginnings began here in what is known as Fort Worth. This thriving city is not only known for its cultural attractions and history but for its reputation as one of the nation’s best places to work and live with its growing economy and friendliness. Fort Worth has several places to shop that range from boutiques to high end shopping, myriad of restaurants and eateries, budget friendly as well as luxurious accommodations, museums, Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, Rodeo, Arts, Zoo, botanical gardens, historical homes and points of interest, Texas Motor Speedway, and more. Fort Worth is the only city with a cattle herd drive that happens twice a day. The city at night has several hot spots where some of the hottest music and entertainment can be found when the sun goes down. Fort Worth is also home to the world’s largest honky tonk, Billy Bob’s Texas where all the great legends take the stage and live bullriding. Come see where the Wild West began and where cowboys were made with a weekend getaway to Fort Worth, Texas!


George Strait sang about it, and after a visit to scenic picturesque Amarillo,Texas, it’s easy to see why this beautiful city located along the Texas Panhandle lives up to its reputation as being one of the favorite destinations in the United States. This city was first settled in 1887, and because of the color of the sub soil in the Amarillo Creek, the city was given its name. In the early days, most of the houses were painted the yellow color to show pride in Amarillo. Amarillo is a trip to the old West. From its many museums and diverse culture, Amarillo has something for everyone. It has historical points of interest for those who adore history. The gorgeous landscape offers plenty of activities for those seeking refudge in the great outdoors. Attractions such as the Palo Duro Canyon State Park, TEXAS Legacies, Cadillac Ranch, Digital Space Theater, the Big Texan Steak Ranch& Opry where the brave can enjoy a 72 ounce steak dinner, historic Rt.66, theater and dance companies, and much more are just a taste of what Amarillo has to offer those on a weekend getaway to Texas.

10.El Paso, Texas

Located on the western tip of Texas, is the vibrant and colorful town of El Paso. This is a town that is the largest international metroplex in the world and blends cultures and traditions of the historic old west with Mexico and the heritage of Native Americans. The landscape is breathtaking with its canyons, Rio Grande River, hills, and trails make it an outdoor lover’s paradise! Visitors love canoeing and white water rafting, rock climbing and bouldering, biking, hiking, and camping. El Paso is the boot capital of the world, and with the exquisite craftsmanship, it’s easy to see why. Various malls and outlets as well as craftsmen offer limitless shopping excursions. Dine on rustic El Paso cuisines that fuse traditional Mexican food, Native American, and classic to gourmet Texas fare that El Paso is famous for. El Paso is an epicenter for the Arts as well. There are ten galleries as well as many historical and cultural sites to explore. Families love El Paso for its many family oriented centers including 1 amusement park and Wet and Wild Waterworld. For adults, there are casinos, night clubs and bars, and vineyards. El Paso,Texas is a great weekend getaway for everyone.

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