Inexpensive But Luxurious Vacation Ideas

Despite being in a global recession you can still enjoy the vacation of a lifetime and keep it within budget. Often if you just dig a bit deeper into the World Wide Web you will find a bargain holiday in a luxurious destination and resort that squeezes nicely into your vacation budget. Here are our top 10 cheap yet surprisingly luxurious vacation destinations:


Costa Rica is famous for its affordable vacations in a luxurious environment. It is one of the world’s most popular vacation spots and offers picturesque beaches, opulent resorts and tasty cuisine. You can enjoy a deluxe vacation in Costa Rica by choosing an all-inclusive vacation. All-inclusive trips are easier to budget as you will have paid for the majority of your expenses before you even arrive. In fact, the only other costs you should have are souvenirs and added activities.

United Kingdom

If you are interested in visiting classically charming villages, picture worthy coastlines and big sky wilderness, then you won’t find a prettier part of the United Kingdom than Cornwall. A good and cheap way to enjoy the beautiful county is by VW camper van hire, you’ll be able to drive quaint harbours and popular beach resorts with your surf boards on the roof and then travel to one of the Cornwall’s most luxurious campsites offering coastal views all with your bed, oven, beers in the fridge and boards on the rack in one VW camper.


When you are in need of a stress-reducing beach vacation, then southern Florida will accommodate you perfectly. For a cheap vacation, visit during the high season, which is from April to December. Southern Florida will also treat you to dozens of breath taking beaches for the day-time along with a lively nightlife for the evening. You will also find plenty of budget friendly activities such as snorkelling, delicious restaurants and historical monuments.


Your budget will go far in Thailand especially if you visit the city of Bangkok. The popular tourist destination offers famous sightseeing destinations such as ancient temples, sheltered hillsides and pristine rainforests. Thailand will enables you to discover several different vacations in one destination as you can relax on a white sandy beach or discover unique plant life by taking a nature hike.


With hotel rates as cheap as $20 for a standard room and meals that are under $10, your vacation budget will go a long way in Venezuela. Nature is plentiful and includes Angel Falls, which is the world’s highest known waterfall. A visit to Caracas will pamper you with its variety of art and culture. You can spend your evenings salsa dancing at one of the city’s many nightclubs after a day spent snorkelling or lounging on a sandy beach.

Dominican Republic

As a top Caribbean destination for many visitors, you’ll find that the island’s affordability and luxury places it on your travel list. You’ll find plenty to keep you busy with activities like horse riding and golf. Friendly locals will also help you discover pursuits that fit within your budget such as a reasonably priced eco-tour, which will take you to eye-catching natural wonders on the island.


A cheap vacation is waiting for you in Argentina. With access to elegant cafes in Buenos Aires, tango dancing and inexpensive fine dining, you’ll appreciate how affordable luxury can be. You’ll also find low-priced hostels and guesthouses that are just a luxurious as the higher priced hotels in the area. Eating and drinking is cheap in the country, so your dining expenses will be minimal compared to other destinations.


The historical city of Tallinn is a remarkable site and home to one of the best preserved medieval cities throughout Europe. Nature comprises 50 per cent of Estonia, and you can discover the countryside through a self-guided tour. In addition to natural forest landscapes, you’ll find coastal areas with sandy beaches and private islands for a quiet day spent alone or with your loved ones.


Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries closest to the North Pole. The country presents Mother Nature at her finest, and you’ll keep your camera busy taking pictures of waterfalls, natural geysers and dormant volcanoes. Iceland’s capital city is Reykjavik, and you’ll be charmed by the city’s warm ambiance and historical monuments.


Tangiers is the summer capital of Morocco and will allow you to experience an exotic destination within your travel budget. It’s easier to explore the city by walking, which will save you on transportation expenses. Furthermore, Tangiers has affordably priced clothing, and the Archaeological Museum will introduce you to the ancient world.

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