Our Disney World Vacation

Hi my name is James, my wife’s name is Maria and our child is Amanda. You’ll be able to guess who we are in the photo’s :) . I’m going to share our Disney vacation experience and offer you some time and money saving tips if your planning on taking a Disney vacation.

My Disney Vacation Package Selection on Disney’s Website:

Magic your way package

  • I chose to stay 11 days

My family decided on Dec 17-28. Choosing this time of the year to stay at Disney was a bad idea. So make sure while planning your Disney vacation to check for peek times. We left 3 days early because from Christmas to New Years Day is Disney’s busiest time of the year. And it was Super Crowded! Long wait’s! Elbow to Elbow crowds… Because of this mistake and us leaving early I lost money on extra plane tickets, the dining plan I purchased and I had to wait 2 months to get my money back from Disney for my nights we didn’t stay. So check for peek times! But the extravagant Christmas parades, lights and great weather didn’t make it too bad!

  • I selected the dining plan

Choosing the dining plan seemed like a great idea for us at the time. So I chose to go with it because you can’t add it on later. So the thought of saving big money on dining was great. Boy was I wrong.  If I had to do it over again I would not select the dining plan.

Here’s why:

1.) There was a Walmart that was only a 15 min ride away. You can buy water, snacks and food to make your own meals.

2.) If you buy merchandise or just a pop in one of the Disney shops you will get a receipt. On this receipt will be restaurant discounts.

3.) I left 3 days early and didn’t get a return on the dining plan portion of my package even though I wasn’t there and didn’t use it.

  • I chose the park hopper option.

This is not really necessary because there is so much to do at just one of the Disney theme parks. However, if you feel like going from park to park in one day this is great!

  • Where we stayed

We chose to stay at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas Resort.

After making all my selections the grand total for this Disney vacation package cost me around $13k for my wife, child and I.

Things we did on our Disney vacation

I’m not quite sure where to start on this one because there is so much to do at Disney. So I’ll start with where we stayed The Disney Boardwalk Villas resort and continue on.

After arriving at the airport in Orlando and hopping on our Disney transportation to the resort we finally arrived at the Boardwalk Villas resort in Orlando. This is the huge chandelier that’s hanging at the front entrance lobby.

It was close to Christmas time when we went so the lobby had a holiday feel to it.

Here’s a picture of my kid sleeping. The reason why she’s sleeping in a chair on the balcony is because we arrived before our room was to be ready and it took over 6 hours to get in our room. We was tired and very frustrated! So don’t think if you show up early at your resort that they will get you in a room right away.

Here’s a couple things about our room. It was like a upscale 1 bedroom apartment. It had a jacuzzi, roomy balcony, kitchen, couch that turned into a bed, a king size bed, two televisions, big walk in shower.. it was awesome!

Boardwalk Villas Room

Boardwalk Villas Kitchen Area

Boardwalk Villas Bedroom

That’s just some of our room. I wish I had more pictures of it because it was a great room! We loved the big walk in shower and jacuzzi. But we also loved the view from the balcony.

Disney boardwalk villas pool view

After we got a little sleep and got settled into our room we went and walked around the Boardwalk for a little while.

Disney's Boardwalk Villas

Disney's Boardwalk

Here’s my child and I taking a look at the Boardwalk Map.

  • Things to do on the Boardwalk

They had bike rentals, fishing charters, boat rides, restaurants, swimming, shopping, indoor arcade, fitness center and of course a very cool boardwalk to walk and look around.

  • One of the great things about staying at the Boardwalk

It’s within walking distance to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If you don’t want to walk you can take transportation to any of the theme parks by waiting at one of the many bus pick up spots if you are staying at a Disney resort.

Epcot Disneyworld

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Here are a few restaurants and hot spots on the Boardwalk.

  • The Big River Grille & Brewing Works.

This is the restaurant we mainly ate at. You can have some of they’re in house brewed specialty beer and a nice steak. It was kinda cramped up eating there but it was a pretty good selection of food. Like steak, ribs, sandwiches. Good all American kind of food. I gotta tell you though. If you eat outside of this place be prepared for seagulls to come swooping through after your food. Seagulls are everywhere on this boardwalk.

  • ESPN Club

The ESPN club is mainly a sports bar. I know how could you have guessed that. It’s a really friendly atmosphere and has lots of cool sports memorabilia on the walls. And of course you can watch the game on one of there many TV screens. Heck they even have television screens playing the game in the bathroom.

Some other restaurants they have on the boardwalk include:

  • Kouzzina by Cat Cora.

You know the Iron Chef Cat Cora’s restaurant. We didn’t eat there but I’m sure it’s great food. Be sure to make reservations though.

There’s also a pizza window with great pizza and other various food carts and vendors all over the place. Not o mention you’ll have local restaurants stuffing flyers under your hotel door every day of the week.

  • Jellyrolls

This is an awesome bar where the entertainment is pianos. These guys could play anything. They take requests and play the songs on the piano. Nice, upbeat atmosphere!

Choosing to stay on the Boardwalk was a great idea. We loved it!  It was an exciting, upbeat atmosphere within walking distance of 2 parks, great waterfront view, transportation to and from and Disney park and or Downtown Disney and lots of restaurants and activities.

After exploring the Boardwalk for a little while we




















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