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Swim With Dolphins on Vacation

Below you will find a list of different places you can take a family vacation and be able to have an awesome experience swimming with dolphins. Some of these places you can actually swim with the dolphins in their natural habitat and other locations are at a particular location. For instance:

  • Dolphin Expeditions

Dolphin Expeditions

They offer a 1 week, live aboard and inclusive eco –friendly wild dolphin swims in Bimini, in the Bahamas. Their main focus is to protect and teach respect for the dolphins in their own habitat and do their best to give their guests an experience they will never forget. You need to make sure and bring with you the following things on your expedition. Such as bathing suits several if possible, shorts, t-shirts, 2 towels any type you wish big or little with dolphins on them or not, sun hat to keep sun off face , and a pair of sunglasses, and also if you wish to bring a dressy outfit you may for the night out. While also not necessary you can bring a disposable camera that will allow you to take pictures underwater, light blanket or sleeping bag for sleeping on deck if you wish. For more details on the dates and any other information you may need to know you can contact the Dolphin Expedition by e-mail or phone , but due to their operating in the Bahamas and being out with the dolphins most of the time the best way is to email them. The reason for the existence of Dolphin Expeditions is to help make your dolphin dreams come true. The price for 1 week on a Dolphin expedition is $1457.00 per person and they will match the price of any other Bahamian Wild Dolphin Swim Organization.

You can contact them at:

Dolphin Expedition
Bimini 1-242-359-8060 or E-Mail:

  • The Kahala Hotel & Resort

Kahala Hotel and Resort

Dolphin Quest, Oahu

The Kahala Hotel & Resort is known throughout the islands for its rooms and suites and for the innovation of its restaurants. It’s Hawaii’s reining resort and is set on a secluded beach. The luxurious oceanfront resort also has a fabulous tropical garden and their own private lagoon with their own residential dolphins. The Kahala Hotel and Resort has a 26,000 square foot natural lagoon that is home to many playful Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. The Dolphin Quest offers daily educational programs where you can experience up close and understand the beauty they hold. The encounter gives you the chance to have an unforgettable view of the lives of dolphins in an environment that takes fun and inspiration along with education and blends them all together for an exciting adventure.

You can contact them either by phone or email for any information or questions that you may have.

Dolphin Quest, Oahu
Contact: +1 (808) 739 8918 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +1 (808) 739 8918 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or +1 (808) 739 8888 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +1 (808) 739 8888 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Toll Free: +1 (800) 248 3316 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +1 (800) 248 3316 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

  • Sea Life Park

    Sea Life Park

    Sea Life Park is on Oahu‘s windward coast and is about 30 minutes away from Waikki at scenic Makapuu Point. Where you can get up close and personal with a fantastic array of marine life and make discoveries about the inhabitants of our aquatic world. You can watch the performances or wade right in with the wildlife. The Dolphin Swim Adventure is a once in a life time chance where you can get to swim with a dolphin. You must be at least 8 years old to participate and have swimming ability. This interactive program gives you hands-on experience with dolphins. As you get to watch them swim by you underwater while you snorkel, and have your picture taken with a dolphin giving you a kiss. Other interactions include grabbing on and getting a belly ride from a dolphin. You’ll feed them, get splashed, and in general just have a great time interacting with them and learning about their anatomy. Children ages 8-12 must have an adult participating in the interaction with them in order to do the dolphin adventure (one adult per child 8-12). The Dolphin Royal Swim is the most extensive dolphin interaction that Sea Life Park has ever offered. There are some more exhilarating activities including a behavior where two dolphins push the participant’s feet lifting you out of the water and giving you a thrilling ride across the pool. Minimum age of participation is 8 and swimming ability is required it also gives you a hands-on experience with dolphins.

    Contact at: Toll-free 1-877-678-7333 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-877-678-7333 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or 1-808-876-7777 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-808-876-7777 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    • Panama City Beach, Florida

      Water Planet USA

      Water Planet USA

      Water Planet is dedicated to support the protection of an area of nature, a species or a region. Their purpose is to prepare their guests to an intense experience and adventure and let them have contact with the wildlife and ancient tradition and culture. The purpose of their educational dolphin swim program is to bring awareness to the delicate balance of the marine life that surrounds us. They also show you how to swim alongside with the dolphins in the wild and then they will take you out in the Gulf of Mexico where your encounter will usually take place.

      You can contact them at:

      Water Planet
      203 Greenwood Drive
      Panama City Beach, Florida 32407
      Boat Dock address:
      5709 N. Lagoon Drive
      Panama City Beach, FL 32408
      Local: (850) 230-6030 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (850) 230-6030 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
      Toll Free: (866) 449-5591 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (866) 449-5591 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
      They have a variety of different programs for you to choose from and they are as follows:
      1 Day Dolphin Swim Program – The price is $98 (US)+ tax per person.
      3 Day Dolphin Swim Program – The price is $430.00 (US) + tax per person
      1 Week Dolphin Swim Program – The price is $750.00 (US) + tax per person prepaid.
      Special Need Children Programs – Option # 1 is the Harmony Program
      Option # 2 is the Serenity Program
      You can get more details on these two options when you call or e-mail them for information.
      Bahamas Expedition – $1,495.00 (tax included) per person (tax included). Bahamas departure tax is $15.00 extra.

      • Blue Dolphin Tours

        Blue Dolphin Tours

        During a Blue Dolphin Tour you will get to experience the wild bottle-nosed dolphins in their natural home. Unlike large boats that can carry up to 150 people they carry only 6 passengers including any children. Your captain will let you know the best way for you to interact with the dolphins, for instance swimming parallel with the dolphins rather than swimming toward them or trying to reach out for them. Blue Dolphin Tours do also offer small groups and personal tours for a great and exciting wildlife adventure. You may also while on your tour get to see other wildlife including birds, underwater creatures and herons. Another great place you can enjoy is the Shell Island for a souvenir of a sanddollar and beautiful shells. Snorkel in the grassy flats and explore what the St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico have to offer.

        The price for a Blue dolphin Tour is as follows:
        $49.00 per person or $249.00 to have the boat all to yourself up to 6 people
        Long Trip Specials: only 99.99 extra @ 8:00am or 4:30pm

        Blue Dolphin & Tours
        3605 Thomas Drive
        Treasure Island Marina
        Panama City Beach, FL 32408
        Local: (850) 236-FINS or 236-3467

        • Gulf World Marine Park

          Gulf World Marine Park

          The Golf World Marine Park is a place for the whole family to be able to enjoy and have lots of fun together while also experiencing things such as the daily live shows featuring dolphins, sea lions, reptiles and tropical birds. You can explore fascinating exhibits showcasing penguins, flamingos, sharks, alligators and much more. Let the adventure begin as you get to learn about and see the new addition to the birth of 2 Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. You can swim with a dolphin and experience the amazing playfulness these mammals have inside them as you swim along and play together. Your experience may include a dorsal fin pull around in the dolphin habitat, a dolphin kiss, a dolphin handshake, and if you listen closely you can hear the wonderful underwater sound that these awesome mammals make. This program is a two segment program. You will first learn about dolphin conversation and familiarizes you with the dolphin senses. Then you will be put in the water eye to eye and face to face with the dolphins. When you “Swim With a Dolphin “encounter you also get an all-day pass to the Gulf World Marine Park. You have to be at least 5 years old and 48 inches tall to participate.

          The price is as follows:

          Age 5 & up is – $150.00 for 60-90 minutes which includes 20-25 in educational class, 10-15 minutes in the locker room, 20-25 minutes in-water session and make sure that you bring your bathing suit and towel.

          • Atlantis, Paradise Islands, Bahamas

            Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas Dolphin

            Dolphin Cay

            Dolphin cay offers an intimate and a one of a kind experience. It’s 14 acres and 6.6 million gallons of crystal clear seawater and it’s one of the largest marine habitats and dolphin rescue and rehabilitation facility. In Shallow Water you can wade in waist deep waters and get an up-close and personal and have a playful experience with a new dolphin friend as you hug and get to kiss this amazing creature. Or take a dive in Deep Water and experience the world where you can snorkel and ride right along with the dolphins with a hand-held water scooter as they race you across the lagoon. This experience will begin with an orientation and will include 30 minutes in Paradise Island’s deep water lagoon. You can enjoy all day access to Dolphin Cay private beach. You can experience what it’s like to interact with exotic marine animals during the Ultimate Trainer for a Day Program where you can walk alongside professional animal’s trainers and aquarists as you get to interact with dolphins, sea lions, sharks, and rays. There is much to experience when you become a Trainer for a Day including a customized dolphin and sea training session and a dorsal tow and signature Dolphin foot push.

            Reservations /Book Online or Call 1-888-877-7525 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-888-877-7525 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or 954-809-2100 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 954-809-2100 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

            Atlantis Marina
            Bahamas Call 1-242-363-6068
            Bahamas Fax 1-242-363-6008

            • Orlando, Florida

            Disovery Cove Orlando

            Discovery Cove

            Discovery Cove features multiple levels of exploration from shallow waters to deeper swimming adventures. Discover an all-inclusive day resort experience that’s the Dolphin Swim Experience. You get to have a one- on- one dolphin encounter that will live with you forever in your heart. You will learn about how they communicate and their behavior while you wade in the dolphin lagoon. You will get the opportunity to swim 30 minutes interactive adventure. Then, taking the adventure one step further, guests interact with their dolphin in deeper water for an exciting dorsal fin tow ride back to shore. Children must be at least 6 years old to swim with dolphins. Children ages 6-12 must be accompanied by a paying adult who also is participating in the dolphin swim experience.

            Contact them at 1-877-557-7404 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-877-557-7404 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or

            • Cozumel, Mexico

            Dolphin Discovery

            Dolphin Discovery

            Swimming with the dolphins is a beautiful adventure especially when you get to do this while they are in their natural habitat. The dolphin Discovery Cozumel facilities are located inside the Chankanaab National Park the swim with dolphin program lets you and your companion free to stay in dolphin discovery where you can enjoy all the activities that they have to offer. The Dolphin Royal Swim program is the most dynamic of all swim with dolphins programs. Dolphin Discovery Cozumel will give you an experience to talk about for the rest of your life. They will conquer your heart before you even get into the water. They will give you a handshake, kisses and will pull you with their dorsal tows to give you a speed ride! After that, the dolphins will push your feet to raise you up the water surface.The Dolphin Swim Adventure in Cozumel will bring you as close to the dolphins as you ever imagined. You will immerse yourself in their world through a snorkeling mask and you will discover the special bond between you and them. They will say hello with their fins, kiss you, sing for you, take you for a ride on their belly and you will be able to swim in the Caribbean waters while they jump or play with you.

            Contact information
            By E-mail:
            Toll Free USA: 1-866-393-5158 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-866-393-5158 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
            Toll Free Canada: 1-866-793-1905 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-866-793-1905 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
            Toll Free Mexico: 01-800-727-5391
            Reservations: +52(998) 193-3360 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +52(998) 193-3360 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
            Direct Line: +52 (998) 193-3350 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +52 (998) 193-3350 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

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            Kids Stay and Eat Free

            Everyone want’s to save a little money and get something for free. Below is a list of resorts where kids can stay and eat for free.

            • Cayman Summer Splash

            Visit the Cayman Islands during the Cayman Summer Splash from May 1 and September 30 and experience the Cayman. Kids not only stay, eat, and play free but they also have a chance to attend the Cayman Island Sea School for free. You can visit the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park where kids get in free with a paying adult admission. You can eat at Margaritaville where kids eat free with paying adult or Chicken Chicken where kids eat off the kids menu free with paying adult. You can also visit the Cayman Turtle Farm where kid’s admission is free with a paying adult. The Sea School 2011 is free to all Summer Splash participants and is where you can experience the Cayman’s underwater world.

            Come join the fun during the Cayman Summer Splash

            • Aston Hotels & Resorts

            Aston Hotels & Resorts has 25 resort properties spread all over throughout the Hawaiian Islands, they offer a variety of accommodations for all families tastes and budgets. A family vacation to Hawaii is now more affordable for families with kids, because of the program where kids stay, play and eat at Aston for free. When you arrive at Aston families with children under 12 will receive an “Aston Kids Stay, Play & Eat Free “identification card for each child. The child can then present the card to the participating attractions, retail outlets, and restaurants to receive the free promotional offers which are exclusive to those families staying at Aston Hotel & Resort. For instance you can go to the Ali’i Kai Catamaran Cruises where you will receive one FREE children’s dinner with one PAID adult dinner. Or how about taking the family to Atlantis Submarines where you get one FREE children’s admission for one PAID adult admission (child must be at least 36″ tall) and many more attractions and restaurants throughout the Hawaiian Islands to choose from.

            Family fun at the Aston Hotel and Resort

            • Omni Resort Cancun, Mexico

            Omni Resort is located just 9 miles away from Cancun airport nestled between the Mexican Caribbean Sea and the Nichupte Lagoon on a large strip of white sandy beach. Omni is a great resort choice for families wanting to visit Cancun and enjoy the convenience of having their meals, drinks, non-motorized water sports and entertainment at their fingertips.  When families choose to stay at the Omni and pay for an ALL Inclusive plan, then kids age 5 and under stay, play and eat for free. While staying at the Omni Cancun Resort they offer their guests a choice of 3 pools with waterfalls a Jacuzzi bar and restaurant open on the resort’s tropical beach front.  There is also for families who choose the all-inclusive plan when they stay they can get a complimentary non-motorized water sports at nearby Aquaworld and there is a shuttle service provided. There is addition to that a gym and spa and 2 lit tennis courts that guests can enjoy. There is a fee for the spa service.

            The Omni Resort in Cancun Mexico

            • Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort Montego Bay

            The Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort Montego Bay has a wide variety of room sizes, ranging from standard to superior and deluxe rooms, and spacious one-bedroom suites. Families can dine at one of the many on-site restaurants, and enjoy a long list of family fun that is available during your stay at the Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort. You and the family can enjoy activities that include catamaran and sunfish sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, motorized sports, an arcade and game room for the kids to enjoy and much more .The resort offers supervised activities for children 6 months to 12 years, and children 12 and under stay and eat free with a paying adult.

            The Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort in Montego Bay

            • Comfort Suites Paradise Island

            Comfort Suites Paradise Island is not too far away from the Atlantis Resort and Casino, and offers families a variety of accommodations and activities. The hotel features at total of 228 junior suites and offer a free continental breakfast each morning. The place is clean and they serve breakfast outside by the pool. You have a nice selection of breads, hard boiled eggs, cereals, pastries, fruit and more.  Guests have full access to the facilities at the Atlantis Resort and Casino including swimming pools, water slides and river rides, spa, Kids Club, Dolphin Cay and Aquaventure. Many of the restaurants you will find at the Marina Village along with an assortment of dining options at the Atlantis Resort.

            The Comfort Suites Paradise Island

            • Hotel Hershey, Pennsylvania

            Hotel Hershey is about a five min away trip to the Hershey Theme Park and there is a free shuttle service that runs every 10 to 15 minutes, if you don’t want to drive there. The original hotel was built 75 years ago and has expanded to 230 guests rooms since. It has a Mediterranean feel with indoor and outdoor pools. Their expansion also introduced 10 cottages that have the most premium of what the hotel has to offer. They offer kids Stay, Play, and Eat package for kids 17 and under and not only do they get to eat free every morning they get to get into the Hershey Park free of charge.

            Sitting area at the Hotel Hershey in Pennsylvania

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            Best All Inclusive Family Resorts

            Finding a holiday package which allows you to spend time with your family away from home should be fairly easy. Pick a destination which will suit the number of family members you have, their respective age groups and, most importantly, your budget.

            These first 3 resorts are especially great for those looking to have a Caribbean vacation:

            Breezes Trelawny Resort & Spa

            Located in Jamaica, this family-friendly resort has the option of hosting you in either its cottages or rooms in its 7-story winged building. This particular resort, which is just one of many under the Breezes brand of hotels or superclubs, is located in the north coast of exotic Jamaica.

            Activities which you and your family can expect to enjoy are:

            • Water sports like wind surfing, glass-bottom boat rides, kayaking and many more
            • A relaxing and refreshing swim in one of their three pools or an exhilarating ride in their adult sized water slide which measures 82 feet!
            • Land sports like mini golf, rock-climbing, tennis etc.
            • Delicious food at their multiple restaurants
            • Or dance the night away at their late-night piano bar or Bubbles Disco which has earlier hours so your young ones can also enjoy themselves.

            There are also many kids programs such as infant care up to age 12 years or after-hours baby sitting

            The Breezes Trelawny Resort and Spa in Jamaica

            Divi Village All Inclusive Villas


            If you are visiting the scenic little island of Aruba which lies in the Southern Caribbean Sea near Venezuela, then you should give these amazing and luxurious villas a chance. Their all-inclusive suites are located right next to the beach for a magical view of the beautiful waters and you get to enjoy:

              Their spa and massage centers
            • Internet access for your communication needs while away from home
            • A bar and lounge
            • A fitness center so you can still keep up with your workout routine
            • Water sports
            • Pre-planned fun activities for your children
            • And much much more

            The initial one-off payment you make gives you access to the use of all Divi Aruba and Tamarijin Aruba All inclusive facilities such as free gold in the afternoons and a relaxing drink or some mouth-watering food at additional bars and restaurants.

            The beautiful Divi Village all inclusive Villas

            Meliá Caribe Tropical

            A holiday spent in the Dominican Republic would probably be best spent at this luxurious and reputable resort located in the eastern part of this country on the amazing white sandy beaches of the world renowned Bávaro Beach.

            They have special family suites which hold up to five persons and have all the amenities you need to enjoy your stay there. Out of the Sol Meliá chain of resorts and hotels, Melia Caribe Tropical is dedicated to serving families and, with this in mind, has facilities to ensure all members of your family enjoy their stay.

            Kids programs such as:

            • A couple of Flintstone-themed clubhouses and play areas, a club named The Roca Flash Club to cater to the needs of older kids with rock climbing or pool games among many more.
            • An arcade
            • More outdoor activities for everyone such as an inflatable water slide and trampolines.

            Enjoy extras such as:

            • A shopping trip to a well-equipped mall that’s located a short walking distance of only 5 minutes
            • Free trolleys so you can take some time and explore the entire property

            Here is a bonus. If you have kids below 4 years of age, there are no charges for their (2 kids) stay at this beautiful resort while those up to 12 years of age are only charged a reduced rate.

            Sunset at the Melia Caribe Tropical

            Kona Village Resort

            Whenever you imagine yourself on an island getaway, Hawaii is one of those places that just come to mind regardless of who you are. On your visit to this dream destination, you should stay at Kona Village Resort’s authentic thatched bungalows.

            The most memorable part of this resort for many guests is the personalized service from both staff and the management itself. You are sure to feel at home as you enjoy activities included in the package like:

            • A fitness room
            • Entertaining educational programs such as stargazing
            • Land and water/beach sports
            • Two unforgettable luau
            • Kids activities such as swimming and many other pre-planned games
            • A nutritious array of savory dishes in their buffet which are sure to keep your taste buds tantalized
            • Tours to surrounding areas to keep you busy

            You are sure to enjoy the company of your family as this resort is secluded and allows you all the time in the world to reconnect.

            Sunset at the Kona Village Resort in Hawii

            Woodloch Pines Resort

            This is a holiday resort located only three hours away from The Big Apple and still manages to give you a break away from the hustle and bustle of this extremely busy city. It lies in the Poconos lake region and if you are looking to find a reputable and popular family resort, then look no further as Woodloch Pines is the perfect resort for you. Enjoy:

            • Water sports like bumper boating, water skiing, sailing etc
            • Kids activities like playing in a kiddie pool, sprayers, frog waterslides etc
            • A sports and fitness complex
            • Go-carting , bicycling, shooting range etc
            • Land sports like tennis, racquetball, basketball, baseball etc
            • And many more.

            During winter, you are still bound to enjoy your stay at Woodloch Pines as you can go ice skating over the frozen lake or enjoy the resort’s man-made snow from special equipment. Other winter activities include snowmobiling (extra charge), holiday craft shows and a visit from Santa and Rudolf to make the kiddies happy.

            This is definitely a great save for those travelling on a budget as it saves you flights if you are within the New York area.

            View of the pool area at the Woodloch Pines Resort

            Moon Palace Golf And Spa Resort

            Yet another location for holiday favorites is the alluring and dreamy group of Cancun beaches which attract thousands upon thousands of visitors each year.

            Moon Palace Golf And Spa Resort is located in the south shore of Cancun and offers a free shuttle to its guests from the resort itself to the larger Cancun hotel zone to allow you to explore and enjoy the sights as much as possible. You get to enjoy whirlpool tubs in your guest room plus satellite TV, mini-bar, a safe for your valuables etc.

            You get to enjoy:

            • Two well-equipped fitness centers
            • Sports such as basketball, golf and tennis
            • Water activities such as swimming, non-motorized water sports etc
            • Bars and restaurants for your day and night entertainment.
            • Laze the day away in one of their outdoor Jacuzzis or two large swimming pools

            This first class hotel offers you and your family all the luxury you deserve while allowing you to take your mind off such tasks as your dry cleaning or laundry and room service. You can also attend to unfinished business at their business centre and enjoy high-speed Internet.

            Evening time at the Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort

            Paradise Guest Ranch

            Enjoy a cowboy themed holiday with your family in Wyoming, Buffalo at Paradise Guest Ranch where you are hosted on one to three-bed roomed cabins located on a ranch that lets you have a taste of sweet nature as it should be.

            The initial payment you make goes towards catering for all meals and a multitude of activities such as:

            • Nature hikes
            • Camping overnight out in the nearby woods
            • Horseback riding
            • Crafts
            • And even bicycling

            There are kids programs which cater for children aged six and up such that they are both entertained and educated while out on Paradise Guest Ranch.

            What a better way to relax than to get back to the good old fashioned way of life as cowboys used to do it than by visiting a ranch located smack in the middle of cowboy country.

            The Paradise Guest Ranch

            Disney’s Boardwalk Villas

            Located right next to “The Happiest Place on Earth”, Disney’s Boardwalk Villas is sure to be a favorite with your kids. There is no shortage of activities to be enjoyed with:

            • The Villa pool where you can go for a refreshing swim
            • A 2-hour cruise that incorporates a scavenger hunt
            • An exhilarating water slide that measures 200 feet long
            • Carnivore themed activities with jugglers, mimes and musicians.
            • Fine dining at an array of exotic spots with sea food, Greek food, and even a sports bar plus dancehall for those who love to move.
            • Show off your skills at the piano club which features interactive sessions for guests

            One of the most notable sights to be had is that of the Disney Boardwalk district which comes alive at night with shining lights that illuminate shops and eateries and roadside performances by circus-themed entertainers and old-fashioned chance games.

            You can pick from one to three-bed roomed villas for you and your family’s comfort and enjoy an exclusive and secluded community centre that is sure to be a favorite with the entire family with games such as ping pong, PS2, air hockey, Wii and a pool or explore your artsy side for an extra fee with some pottery painting and tie-dye activities.

            With all the activities available, it sure does seem like you won’t have enough time to enjoy all that Disney’s Boardwalk Villas has to offer and you may have to come back again!

            The Disney's Boardwalk Inn and Villas

            The Tyler Place Family Resort

            Set in the unspoilt woodlands of Vermont, this resort is another winner for all nature lovers as it lets you escape from the stress of city life.

            Stay in an authentic country cottages or carriage house and enjoy the outdoor and indoor heated swimming pools.

            One of the main activities offered at this resort is biking which takes you into the woods and meadows and even allows you to cross the border over into Canada for some more sightseeing!

            The kids program ensures that your children are both entertained and educated with the very young ones spending time at the playgrounds or inside with crafts and finger painting. Also, enjoy:

            • Wall climbing
            • Land sports such as tennis, soccer and softball
            • Trampolines
            • Water sports such as kayaking and rafting
            • Hiking and camping
            • And one of the main sports which are not be found in many resorts, archery

            The one outstanding thing about The Tyler Place Family Resort is the way they have managed to plan and organize activities with such precision in order to ensure that you do get to have fun while keeping to a schedule that sees you make the most out of your family vacation.

            The Splash Pad at the Tyler Place Family Resort

            Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls

            Known as one of the natural wonders of the world, the great Niagara Falls is a breathtaking sight! Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls is located a couple of miles away from the Falls themselves but offers yet another amazing water experience with its massive indoor water park that measures an impressive 103,000 square feet! You and your family will have more activities than you could ever imagine at your disposal at this water park.

            Other activities include:

            • A carnival- style themed arcade
            • A spa
            • A kids club where children can engage in crafts
            • Mini-golf

            The guest suites hold up to 8 persons which is definitely an added advantage for larger families while the separate kids rooms each have different themes to added effect.

            Dine with your family at a wide range of restaurants and eateries which allow you to take back food to your room in case you need a snack later. The best part is that you get a fridge and microwave inside each guest suit so you can keep as much food as you like for you and your family. Then have a perfect end to the day with a Forest Friends show for the kiddies plus a nightly story session to top it all off on every single night.

            The wave pool area inside the Great Wolf Lodge in Niagra Falls

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            Best Indoor Water Parks

            There was a time when water parks could only be enjoyed in warm weather. Residents of cold climates had to wait for summer to arrive or spend the money to travel to warmer climates. With indoor water parks, however, you can now enjoy the rides, rivers and waves all year long. Here are some of the best parks you can find, as well as what makes them so tempting to visit.

            • H2Oasis

            Anchorage, Alaska is home to a water park that can be enjoyed all year long. Visitors to this water park don’t have to travel far to enjoy 84 degrees and the joy of a water park. H2Oasis offers swim lessons, water exercise courses and water therapy sessions. This water park doesn’t have its own accommodations, but the Millennium Alaskan Hotel and Hilton Garden Inn are nearby for people wishing to spend the night. A miniature golf course next door allows people some variety in entertainment for those days when they are ready to dry out. There are also times set aside for the lazy river to become a river walk. Walking through the water of the slow-moving river is excellent exercise for people of all ages. Many people choose to spend time relaxing in the whirlpool spa after their invigorating walk.

            H2 Oasis Indoor Waterpark

            Some water parks have slides, some have wave pools, and some take it to the next level with water coasters. Visitors don’t have to settle for gravity drops at H2Oasis. They can enjoy a thrill riding a water coaster that takes them 43 feet into the air and 505 feet across the park in comfortable, fast inner tubes. Other cool rides include a children’s area, water cannons, and a 575 foot lazy river. An enclosed body slide is 23 foot high and 150 long while an open flume slide takes guests through 368 feet of turns and excitement.

            • Avalanche Bay

            Boyne Falls, Michigan gets cold, but the summertime entertainment doesn’t have to end. Vacationing families enjoy the largest indoor water park in Michigan year round. Offering convenient overnight accommodations at their resort and spa, it is an all-inclusive resort. Avalanche Bay is more than an indoor pool with slides and rides; it’s a true escape with designing that transports you to a Swiss-Austrian village in the wintertime, even though the temperature is maintained at a comfortable 84 degrees. When you’re ready for entertainment on dry land, this resort also offers an arcade and dining.

            While other parks have wave pools, Avalanche Bay has regular avalanches. 800 gallons of water pour down the mountain as people play safely on various levels and bridges with dumping buckets and water sprays. This truly unique water park also offers the Rip Zone, an area for people to practice their surfing skills or enjoy the thrill of going on a water board. The Vertigo Slide sends riders careening into a huge bowl where they are then flushed into the pool. Rock climbers can take their sport to the next level as they climb South Wall, a 25-foot tall rock climbing wall that has water spilling down it as you are climbing. The lazy river, 4-lane racing slide, and rope net above the Haute River add to the interest and fun.

            Visit The Avalanche Bay for some family fun

            • Kalahari

            The Sandusky, Ohio water park transports visitors to the heart of Africa at this African themed resort. In addition to a massive, indoor water park they also offer shopping, indoor mini-golf, a spa and salon, the “Big Game” arcade, pottery painting, a fitness room and a range of family activities. Rooms and suites are available so guests can stay for a few days and enjoy all this resort has to offer.
            In addition to the fast and exciting Zip Coaster, Kalahari also has a surf-simulator known as the FlowRider. 5-foot waves allow guests to practice their balance even when the weather outside is frightful. Parents love the cabana rentals where they can relax with private attendants, fresh linens, televisions, refrigerators and docking stations. They kids can enjoy vacation in their style while Mom and Dad truly kick back and relax.

            The Kalahari Waterpark Sandusky Resort

            • World Waterpark

            One of the largest water parks in the world is actually located in a mall in Edmonton, Alberta. This 5-acre water park in Canada has more than 20 activities for people to enjoy. Hot tubs and a Caribbean theme transport visitors out of Canada to the warm tropics in a water park that has activities for adults and children alike. When visitors are ready for a break from the waves the mall has plenty of entertainment including shops, an amusement park, a bumper-boat adventure and an aquarium. Hotels located in the mall turn this shopping trip into a true vacation that the entire family will enjoy.

            The Raging Rapids ride is a fully enclosed slide that adds strobe-lights to the darkness as tube riders speed through to the pool below. The Tropical Typhoon sends riders spinning in dizzying circles before they enter the splash pool while bungee jumping from the world’s tallest permanent bungee tower adds a new level of excitement to the world of water parks. Lovers of wave pools will want to visit the world’s largest one, found only at this water park.

            The World Waterpark in the Edmonton Mall

            • Caribbean Cove

            Temperatures in Indianapolis, Indiana fall drastically in the winter, but the temperature at Caribbean Cove is balmy and warm throughout the year. The largest indoor water park in the state of Indiana, it is located inside the city’s Holiday Inn North. Filled with games, rides and entertainment, it’s the ideal vacation spot anytime of the year. Other activities include an arcade, dining and the indoor recreation center located in the Holiday Inn.

            The Aqua Whiz tube slides send riders careening down 40 feet and more than 267 across the park, outside the building and then safely back inside. The Super Flume slide is a daring adventure ride that sends riders careening over 388 feet in a spiraling frenzy through the park. Two body slides are available for thrill seekers to race down while youngsters can enjoy activities and a wading pool at Kastaway Kidz Island.

            The Caribbean Cove Indoor Waterpark in Indianapolis

            • Key Lime Cove

            Gurnee, Illinois also has an indoor water park that will transport visitors to the sunny tropics. Located near Chicago, this water park is inspired by the Florida Keys, home of the famous key lime pie. The atmosphere is relaxed, the rides are plentiful and the fun never ends at this indoor water resort. Lazy floats area available for relaxing and the kiddie pool is perfect for smaller swimmers.

            In addition to slides, rafts and a wave pool, Key Lime Cove also features an interactive play structure where games abound and mini waterslides will keep the kids entertained for hours. The kids can climb, run, jump and spray other people in between trips down the slides. People who ride the Hurricane Vortex know how it feels to be whipped through the air as tube riders are whipped through a swirling vortex before being dropped off in the Lazy River.

            Key Lime Cove Waterpark in Gurnee Illinois

            • Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Indoor Waterpark

            The cold and snowy north doesn’t have a monopoly on indoor water parks. This indoor park in Galveston, Texas protects visitors from the dangerous rays of the southern sun. Located only 50 miles from Houston, this park is in a convenient location for visitors to the Lone Star State.

            Unlike the lazy river found at most parks, the Schlitterbahn has the Torrent River. Waves are added to a river for an exciting trip around the park. The Guada-Loopy Tube Chutes take riders through a white-water journey filled with unexpected turns and twists as they travel through the dark. The Boogie Bahni allows bodysurfers to enjoy waves that never fade and the Dragon Blaster takes riders uphill as well as downhill. What really makes this park unique, however, is the fact that the roof can be opened for indoor or outdoor fun.

            Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Indoor Waterpark in Galveston Texas

            • Silver Rapids Indoor Waterpark

            Kellogg, Idaho offers a massive indoor water park. Rent a cabana with all the comforts of home or enjoy the exciting rides that are located throughout the park. Part of the Silver Mountain resort, this water park is the largest in the state. Available only for guests of the Morning Star Lodge, it features a wide range of thrill rides, relaxing rides, and family friendly activities.

            The Flow Rider allows guests to body board or surf in water that is moving at 35 miles an hour. The Cub Cove is more than a simple wading pool with slides; it’s an interactive spray deck with water fountains, misters and bubblers that will keep the little ones entertained throughout the day. Take the temperature up another notch by hopping in the Warm Springs. It’s not as steamy as a traditional hot tub, but the water is warm, comfortable and perfect for the whole family. Another unique attraction is the crossing. Located next to the activity pool complete with basketball hoops, the Crossing features floating lily pads that travelers must navigate in order to reach the other side.

            The silver Rapids Indoor Waterpark in Kellogg,Idaho

            • Water Park of America

            The Radisson Hotel Bloomington, located near the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN is one of the largest water parks. Featuring a spa, restaurants, an arcade and wireless internet, this water park provides entertainment for the entire family. Accommodations are available through the Radisson Hotel. Located next to the Mall of America, dry entertainment is never far away.

            One of the park’s key features is a massive, 10-story waterslide for rafts that sends whole families careening around curves and down drops for an impressive mile. Water basketball, enclosed tubes, racing slides and floating balancing logs add to the entertainment.

            The Water Park of America

            • Massanutten Resort

            Warm temperatures and eight impressive attractions are waiting for you in McGaheysville, Virginia. Shaped like a pyramid with a glass ceiling, plenty of natural light flows into the temperature controlled water play land. In addition to the water park, visitors can also enjoy golf, the arcade, shows shopping, fishing, mountain biking and many other local activities at this resort.

            The center of the park is dominated by Massanutten Meltdown, a playground featuring water falls, water cannons and a giant tipping bucket. Blue Ridge Rapids is more than a lazy river; it’s an exercise in avoiding waterfalls and other sprays. The water comes from all angles for a ride that’s fun and exciting. The Pipeline allows visitors to surf in the first and largest FlowRider found in the state of Virginia.

            Water parks are fun for kids of all ages, and their parents can’t help but relax and have a good time. Body slides, tube slides and speed slides can be found alongside Flow Riders and Lazy Rivers. Indoor water parks can transport you to exotic locations, even when the snow is piling up outside. Enjoy bungee jumping and thrilling rapids before retreating to your cabana while the kids keep playing. Visiting an indoor water park will provide entertainment for the entire family.

            The Massanutten Resort

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