Best Tropical Vacation Spots


For one of the best exotic, picturesque, and tropical vacation spots in the world, a tropical vacation to Indonesia’s beautiful Bali is a must! Bali is full of exotic tropical splendor, lush jungles and forests, sloping hillsides, volcanoes, and long sandy beaches that are complimented with gorgeous azure blue waters. Indonesia is an exotic country filled with many points of scenic interests as well as cultural points to visit. There are plenty of open air markets and shopping districts as well as local to gourmet food establishments. Lodgings in Bali range from budget minded accommodations and all inclusive hotels and resorts to luxury resorts and hotels. Aside from seeing the beauty of Bali and shopping, visitors love to take advantage of the beach where a virtual myriad of water sports such as surfing and diving below the jeweled waters as well as exploring the many lagoons and natural hot springs. Bali is a great tropical vacation spot whether you’re on your honeymoon, family vacation, or just a personal vacation.

2. The Seychelles of Africa

For pure paradise, off the east coast of Africa lies the gorgeous islands called the Seychelles. The beaches are exquisite, miles of turquoise water, beautiful coral reefs, jungles to explore, beautiful cliffs that overlook the water and beaches, and many points of absolute paradise to explore. The Seychelles transports tourists into another world! Some of the world’s best diving and snorkeling experiences can be had with a tropical vacation to the Seychelles Islands. A variety of aquatic wildlife can be discovered off the shores. Beautiful and luxurious resorts are prevalent throughout the islands that make up the Seychelles. There are also various water sports and activities, golf courses, horse riding, guided tours through some of the most exotic and rarest species of plant and animal life on earth, casino and night clubs, local bars, and restaurants that range from quaint eateries to gourmet five star cuisine. Shopping in the Seychelles is excellent as well since the islands are the economic hub of the area. There are also attractions such as the many art studios, national monuments, specialty shops, religious sites, national parks and eco sites, and so much more with a tropical vacation to the beautiful Seychelles on the east coast of Africa.

3.Gili Islands-Indonesia

Is budget keeping you from the beautiful islands of Indonesia? For a wonderful and beautiful tropical vacation that won’t break the bank, come to the beautiful laid back Gili Islands. The Gili Islands are a backpacker and scuba diver’s paradise. The serene beaches and beautiful waters are just one point of interest of Gili Islands. The picturesque landscapes as well as the virtual wonderland beneath the waters of the Indian Ocean are a must see and do at Gili Islands. There are a myriad of beach and water sport and activities, hiking through lush jungles or take a guided tours, beach side cafes, seafood shops, and no cars or noisy motorbikes to disturb your vacation. These islands are centered around being affordable and having affordable amenities such as diving. Finding lodgings are just as affordable. Guests can choose to camp out on the beaches or any number of budget friendly hotels found on any of the Gili Islands. Aside from Scuba, which is the premier attraction, there are many historical and religious points of interest to see. The climate of the Gili islands is drier and hotter than the nearby Lombok, but evenings are cool and refreshing. The rainy season lasts from November to April and October to March. However, from May to September, the Gili Islands are perfect for a tropical vacation.

4.Koh Phi Phi-Thailand

The Koh Phi Phi Islands are not only one of Thailand’s premier tropical vacation spots but was also the island used in the Hollywood movie, “The Beach”, that starred Leonardo Di Caprio. Situated in the Andaman Sea near Phuket, these islands appeal to everyone from backpackers to those seeking a romantic honeymoon to family excursions. There is a wealth of natural beauty from the white sandy beaches, rock formations, jungle landscapes with exotic flora and fauna, lagoons, and aquatic life that can only be seen on the beautiful islands of Koh Phi Phi of Thailand. Hin Khao Beach is Koh Phi Phi’s most secluded beach and can only be reached by foot while Ao Ton Sai in Ton Sai Bay is the place where action is happening! At Ao Ton Sai, lies many restaurants that cater from local Thai cuisine to gourmet seafood and international fare, bars, hotels, and guest hoses. Phi Phi Leh is the second largest of the islands and the most pristine and picturesque of all the islands of Koh Phi Phi. However, Phi Phi Leh does not allow over night stays, but the main attraction is the famous Phaya Naak Cave with its prehistoric paintings. The most picturesque beach of all the Koh Phi Phi islands is Maya Bay, and with its sheer beauty it is easy to see why when visitors on their tropical vacations choose Maya Bay as their premier destination.

5.Maldives Islands-Sri Lanka

Located in the southwest of exotic Sri Lanka lies the Maldives. The Maldives is a luxury tropical vacation destination. The Maldives have crystal clear turquoise jeweled waters and coral reefs teeming with aquatic wildlife. The Maldives is great for scuba and snorkeling. The waters are warm and are excellent for all sorts of water sports and activities while the beaches have powdery white sands that are the Mecca of sun worshippers. Maldives has had the long standing reputation of being a luxury holiday destination and with all the luxurious resorts found through out the Maldives and high end shopping that can be found, it is a reputation well earned. Exquisite resorts that provide a wide variety of amenities as well as spas are just another thing that the Maldives are known for. Aside from Scuba and snorkeling, the Maldives are full of spas, health centers, tennis courts, hiking, tours, and much more. The best time to visit the Maldives for your tropical vacation to avoid the monsoon seasons, is from December to April.

6.Mauritius -Africa

For more than just a beach vacation, journey to Africa to the beautiful picturesque island of Mauritius. Get lost in the tropical splendor of perfect beaches and extravagance. This island has so much to offer to those looking for tropical luxury. Aside from the gorgeous beaches and waters chock full of corals and marine wildlife, there are many historical sights, great cultural diversity, suspiring geographic variation, and the Mecca of shopping and restaurants. Luxury hotels and resorts as well as quaint beach side hotels can be found at Mauritius. A visit to the Grand Bay is where all the best shopping lies, water sports, parasiling, underwater walk, and where the best of Mauritius night life can be found. Triolet Shivala offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in Hindu culture with the massive Maheswarnath temple built in 1819. Le Pouce is an easy two hour climb that will appeal to any hiker and explorer. The views from Le Pouce are breath taking! Black River Gorges National Park is another favorite among visitors to Mauritius where there are many indigenous plants, birds, and wildlife. The Black River Peak trail goes to Mauritius’ highest mountain for excellent views or take the Maccabee Trail and plunge into the gorge to Black River. One of the most awe inspiring sights is the gorgeous Tamarind Falls where not one but seven beautiful waterfalls are surrounded by lush green mountains and numerous pools. Mauritius Island in Africa is an exquisite adventurous tropical vacation destination.

7. Barbados

What makes Barbados a great tropical vacation is its unique blend of British Traditions and African culture, beautiful stretches of sandy beaches and warm waters, enchanting jungles and landscapes, scenic points of interest, and the myriad of activities and experiences that can be had while vacationing to the tropical paradise of Barbados in the Caribbean. Sweeping palm trees and crystalline waters greet visitors while a whole new world awaits below the waves while Scuba diving or snorkeling along the coast at the live corals and various marine life. Boats, surfing, parasailing, and other beach and water sports can all be enjoyed in Barbados. A visit to Pelican Village is wonderful for shopping. Everything from open air markets to upscale boutiques and shops can be found here. Restaurants as well as hotels and resorts range from the budget friendly to the luxurious in Barbados. One of the favorite things enjoyed on a trip to Barbados is the deep sea fishing. Boats take vacationers out on the waters where beautiful Marlins, Swordfish, and other species can be found. The island is rich with gorgeous exotic tropical gardens and wonders such as the Andromeda Botanic Gardens and Barbados Wildlife Reserve where exotic animals can be seen. Historical points of interest include Plantation Houses at St.Nicholas Abbey where Barbados history involves the slave trade and sugar industry. North Point is a favorite picnic spot and observers point with crashing waves and dramatic cliffs that contrast against the peaceful beaches as well as a blow hole about a hundred yards east of the main path. Folkestone Marine Park is home to a sunken barge and coral reef teeming with colorful marine wildlife as well as an on shore aquarium and small museum.


A thriving colorful culture, pristine beaches, history, and beauty unsurpassed all define what Jamaica has to offer on a tropical vacation. Jamaica is great for the budget minded as well as those seeking a luxurious tropical vacation at any number of their elite resorts. Jamaican beaches are full of activities as well as is a paradise for sun worshipers. The clear warm waters are home to such activities such as: water sports, boating, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, and much more. Jamaica is also great for those who putting shopping as their number one priority with their open markets, quaint shops and boutiques, and upscale shopping. If you want more than just sand and sun, then visit the many points of interest that include: guided tours, Black River Great Morass-a swampland waterway to find alligators and birds, Appleton Rum Estate distillery, Cockpit Country-otherworldly terrain great for hiking, caving, and solitude, Falmouth-a historical Georgian town in Jamaica, Dunn’s River Falls-one of the greatest waterfalls in the region that is great for climbing and swimming, Nine Mile-birth and resting place of Jamaican famous Bob Marley, Bob Marley Museum, and Blue Mountain Peak-where if scaled by night will yield the reward of one of the most beautiful sunrises as you clear the peak by sunrise. Jamaica is also known for its night life and several bars and night clubs as well as scheduled beach parties can be found any night of the week. Jamaica is great for romantic vacations and honeymoons, family getaways, and is a great tropical vacation for anyone!

9. Saint Lucia-Caribbean

Saint Lucia is the best kept secret in the Caribbean. It makes for an excellent tropical vacation because of the exotic paradise location of Saint Lucia. It has undisturbed tropical forests and jungle landscapes, scenic Pitons; awe inspiring coastal twin peaks, and gorgeous black and white sandy beaches. Saint Lucia is not as traveled as much as the rest of the Caribbean Islands, but the serenity and less crowds make it ideal for a tropical vacation. Accommodations range from moderate to luxurious at the local hotels and resorts around Saint Lucia. Private cabanas and beach lodgings can be had as well for those wanting a more intimate island experience. Dining at any one of the small beach side cafes or at one of the more gourmet establishments, yields nothing but the finest in food choices with fresh island produce and seafood as well as international cuisine. One of the most popular activities to do at Saint Lucia is to strap on some scuba or snorkeling gear and discover the exotic and vibrant marine life below the surface. A visit to Mt. Soufrière, the world’s only drive-in volcano is popular with its scenic views. Saint Lucia is a Mecca for hikers, but it’s well advised for visitors to take a jungle trek through the natural environment of Saint Lucia. There are several trails and routes as well as guides that will gladly take you. Pigeon Island National Park, north of the Gros Islet, not only has some of the oldest buildings on the island but great views of the island of Martinique. Saint Lucia is also great for romantic cruises, great for romantics who want to take a trip around the coast at sunset. South on the island lies natural hot springs that are surrounded by beautiful tropical and exotic foliage. Saint Lucia is a virtual paradise awaiting those seeking a tropical vacation.

10. St. Thomas-Caribbean

Located in the Caribbean, St. Thomas as been a long time favored tropical vacation spot. St. Thomas is full of jungle paradise, dramatic cliffs, and yachts and sail boats dotting the sea. The only way to reach St.Thomas is by boat or plane. St.Thomas is a shopping Mecca as well as a place where people can take advantage of the picturesque sandy beaches and pristine waters. Since St.Thomas is a favorite stop by most cruise lines, there are many upscale shops as well as 5 star restaurants and high end resort hotels. Sapphire Beach, a resort, is open to the public that not only has one of the more beautiful beaches but is also home to some of the world’s most beautiful live corals and underwater wildlife. For snorkeling, Coki Beach is the place to be, where fish and corals can be seen for over 100 feet. Secret Harbour is a private resort that allows visitors and large iguanas have been known to join visitors around the property. Brewer’s Bay is a small beach next to an university and is the best place to take in the gorgeous sunsets. If you’re looking to get some serious surfing time in, a visit to Hull Bay is the place to go. Hull Bay is the only place where surfing is allowed and the waves are great for beginners as well as experts. Other points of interests are: Coral World Ocean Park at the Undersea Observatory where you can even pet a shark and hand feed a stingray. It also has a new dive operation, Sea Lion Splash, Sea Trek Helmet Dive, Shark and Turtle Encounters, Nautilus Semi Sub, and Parasailing. St.Thomas is full of beauty and is a tropical vacation that is full of adventure activities.

11.Cook Islands-South Pacific Ocean

For a more exotic flavor to your tropical vacation, the Cook Islands located in the South Pacific, are a prized destination. The Cook Islands are in close proximity to New Zealand and Australia and are less developed than that of Figi and the French Polynesia. The Cook Islands have small intimate bungalows to classy five-star resorts. The white sandy beaches and beautiful waters of the South Pacific Ocean give visitors a tranquil peaceful ambiance. The warm waters are great for swimming, diving, snorkeling, and deep sea fishing. Beautiful coral reefs and colorful aquatic marine life await to be discovered. The Cook Islands have the best seafood eateries and gourmet restaurants for dining. Things to do and see while visiting the Cook Islands on your tropical vacation are as follows: visit any of the tiny lagoons that are great for snorkeling, exploring Anatakitaki-one of many cave systems where limestone caverns are decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, Aitutaki Lagoon-complete with sand bars and coral ridges and is one of the most famous lagoons in the world, and a visit to the Black Pearl where visitors can visit the pearl farms. The locals of Cook Islands are friendly and share their culture with visitors willingly. Cook Islands are a beautiful destination for a tropical vacation.

12.Fiji-Pacific Ocean

The island chain that makes up Fiji is a paradise complete with unspoiled tropical reefs, beaches, lush jungles, and a vibrant local population. Beach goers as well as surfers flock to Fiji for its beaches and waters. The rich Polynesian history, exquisite foods, shopping, and people are the reasons why people journey to Fiji. Fiji’s various hotels and resorts range from the budget friendly to the extravagant. No matter where you stay, the service at any one of its hotels and resorts is top notch. Many hotels have all inclusive packages which is great for families. The waters surrounding Fiji are great for diving and snorkeling. Kadavu is home to the Great Astrolabe Reef, where divers take advantage of the gorgeous reefs and aquatic marine life. For those who want to indulge in their adventurous nature-hiking through Bourna National Heritage Parki is a must and hikers can cool off in one of the nearby waterfalls or streams. Surfing at Fiji is excellent. The waves call to surfers all over the world. Rent or take a guided sailing excursion aboard a schooner for sight seeing as well as deep sea fishing. Fijian people love for visitors to take part in their Firewalking and feasts where visitors can see first hand the proud culture of the islands. Fiji has constant temperatures throughout the year and no matter what time of year, a tropical vacation to Fiji is a prime destination.

13. French Polynesia-Pacific Ocean

Luxury, romance, and tropical paradise all describe the gorgeous islands that make up French Polynesia. The French Polynesia chain of islands come complete with island paradise splendor, beautiful beaches, pristine waters, luxurious hotels and resorts, local and gourmet restaurants, upscale shopping and markets, and has been hailed as one of the biggest honeymoon destinations in the world. French Polynesia not only offers its natural paradise for visitors to play and discover, but also has various spas, scuba diving excursions, various hitorical sights such as the archeological area on Huahine, dolphin cruises off the coasts of Moorea, shark and dolphin feeding trips, sunset cruises, vibrant Tahitian culture, and the Raiatea’s black pearl farm. Surfing is another favorite activity at French Polynesia and no matter whether you are a beginner or expert-the waves in these waters will not disappoint! French Polynesia is a great luxurious tropical vacation whether you’re on your honeymoon or sharing a vacation with the family. There is much to see and do here.

14. Costa Rica-South America

Come to a tropical paradise in the beautiful and picturesque Costa Rica. Costa Rica has breath taking beaches framed with sweeping palms and crystal blue waters that provide hours of water activities and sports. Tall mountains, exotic flora and wildlife, hidden lagoons, waterfalls, and lush jungle wilderness are just a few attractions that can be discovered in Costa Rica. Quaint beach bungalows to luxurious five-star hotels and resorts can be found. Rich culture as well as a flourish of shopping excursions can be had while visiting Costa Rica. The country of Costa Rica is well known also for its rural and eco tourism. Guided tours through lush jungles, locals preserving the natural ecosystems, and area resorts and businesses adapting a more eco-friendly environment. Tortuguero National Park is not only a great place to visit with your family but has a wide variety of protected species of animals and exotic plant life. Costa Rica is also home to volcanoes, rain forests, and offers guided tours as well as activities such as zip lining through the canopies, water rapid rafting, kayaking, and much more. Costa Rica also is a vibrant culture and everything from a quaint cafes to five-star gourmet restaurants can be found for some of the very best in dining experiences. Shopping in open air markets and upscale shopping districts can be found in Costa Rica as well as hot modern night clubs that spice up the night. A tropical vacation to Costa Rica is a vacation unlike any other.

15.Belize, South America

Visit the ruins of where the ancient Mayans built with a tropical vacation to beautiful and exotic Belize in South America. What makes the beauty of Belize unique is its wide diversity that compliments the beauty of the Caribbean and its gorgeous lush tropical rain forests. Cane farms, caves, banana plantations, fragrant orange and grapefruit groves, exotic plant and animal life flourishing, and mighty jungle rivers are just some of the natural beauty of Belize. Besides the gorgeous sandy beaches, hot climates, warm waters that are excellent for water sports, boating, deep sea fishing, scuba and snorkeling, and various historical landmarks, there are many shopping excursions and dining experiences. The rich culture of Belize is felt throughout the country. At night visitors can enjoy the various bars and night clubs. Belize is also a modern country and features golf courses, casino’s, museums, and much more. Belize is the total package when it comes to tropical vacations with added sites and attractions.

16. The Bahamas

One of the most popular islands to visit for a tropical vacation is the Bahamas in the Caribbean Sea. The Bahamas is an archipelago of more than 700 islands, that are great to visit any time of the year. The warm temperate climate draws beach lovers and water enthusiasts from all over the world. The Bahamas offers miles of sandy beaches, white crested turquoise waters, museums, posh resorts, beach side hotels and bungalows, guided tours through the lush tropical forests that dot the islands, deep sea fishing, excellent scuba and snorkeling, shopping, and excellent dining. Many of the hotels and resorts have all inclusive packages which is great for families as well as couples who want a romantic tropical vacation. Visitors love Paradise Island, the hub of tourism, Harbour Island where many of the best views of the water as well as is great for renting a boat or ski do to hit the waters, Grand Bahamas Island for its luxurious resorts, golf courses, and casino’s as well as shopping, and for a more secluded island experience then a visit to Abaco or Andros Islands is the place to go since they are less crowded. The Bahamas has become more aware of conservation and Eco-tours as well as many of the resorts and hotels are becoming more eco-friendly. The Bahamas is well known for its dolphin swims, wildlife treks, and open air marinas as well as its many other historical and popular landmarks. The Bahamas is the place for a tropical vacation.

17. Bora Bora-Tahitian Islands

Bora Bora is 143 miles northwest of the famed island of Tahiti in the South Pacific Ocean. The only way to access the gorgeous exotic beauty of Bora Bora, travelers must be flown in or brought in by boat. Bora Bora has a beautiful mountainous interior, surrounded by a coral reef enclosed lagoon. Tourists who love to hike, find the lush tropical jungle like forests and the hike to Bora Bora’s highest peak, Mount Otemanu, simply breath taking! Bora Bora is wonderful for scuba and snorkeling, water sports and activities, hiking, boating and deep sea fishing, and gorgeous beaches. A popular beach among visitors on a tropical vacation to Bora Bora is Point Matira, that is not only 2 miles of beach but also has coconut producing palm trees. There is more than just beach activities. Bora Bora has over the water huts that are quite luxurious and include many modern convinces, hotels and resorts that range from budget minded to luxurious accommodations, spas, sunset cruises, catamaran sails along the coastline, world-renowned shopping for local and international art as well as Tahitian pearls, perfumes, and oils, and wooden handcrafts. Bora Bora also provides excellent local to international cuisine that will enchant hungry travelers. Bora Bora is a beautiful and peaceful destination for a tropical vacation.

18. Hawaii-USA

Located in the Pacific Ocean below the United States lies the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Hawaii is one of the few places on earth that still has active volcanoes. The islands of Hawaii are full of scenic landscapes, dense exotic jungle like forests, both public and secluded beaches, warm waters and sandy beaches, and much more. Hawaii is made up of six main islands: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and The Big Island. Each of the 6 islands have something unique to offer guests. Kauai is the island of discovery with its cliffs, vast chasms, beautiful beaches, waterfalls and lagoons, and many historic landmarks and points of interest. For the best in Hawaiian luxury that includes scenic views, then Oahu is the island to visit. Oahu has been dubbed “the heart of Hawaii” and with it’s night life, it’s easy to see why Oahu is popular with tourists. For unspoiled coastlines and nature’s bounty that gives nothing but the most tranquil of settings, Molokai is the place to visit. Untamed wilderness gives a timeless feel while taking a mule ride over the awe inspiring hills and slopes.Visitors to Molokai enjoy fishing in the ancient Hawaiian fishponds. Lanai and Maui both are great islands for those looking for a combination of natural adventure as well as beaches mixed with modern golf courses, gardens, and shopping. The biggest of these is of course Hawaii’s Big Island, and there are a myriad of activities and experiences to be had! Hotels, Resorts, and the best in dining as well as shopping can be had on the Big Island. The Big Island is the youngest island but it is the biggest. There are so many natural environments that include active volcanoes at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the worlds most massive mountain, Maunaloa. Surfers love Hawaii and it’s a great travel destination for families, couples, singles, and honeymooners looking for adventure and paradise on their tropical vacation.

19.Islands of Langkawi-Malaysia

Langkawi Islands of Malaysia are a sight to behold. These gorgeous islands are home to 99 islands, tropical rainforest’s, and secluded beaches. This unspoiled paradise yields no bounds when it comes to beach and water activities, places to explore, historical and religious landmarks, mangrove reserve, and is a short distance from the popular and famous Thailand island of Tarutao. Langkawi Islands have a host of hotels and posh resorts that offer their own unique experiences that cater to what type of tropical vacation one is seeking. There are also many different types of dining that range from traditional Malaysian cuisine to gourmet international fare. Kuah town, is a hot spot for not just shopping but for night clubbing. Langawi Islands are a nature lovers paradise while some of the islands offer more modern and upscale experiences. There is so much to see and do and experience on any of the 99 islands that make up Langkawi island chain, that visitors will be extending their stays just to see and do everything on their tropical vacation!

20.Tulum, Mexico

For an ultimate beach lovers tropical vacation, visit Tulum, Mexico. The pristine blue waters, white limestone sands, and Mayan ruins that sit atop statuesque cliffs are worth the trip! Tulum is part of what is known as The Mexican Riviera and Tulum sits just 80 miles from Cancun. Aside from the gorgeous beaches and water, Tulum is home to many ancient Mayan ruins, exquisite architecture, posh resorts and hotels, lush green vegetation, and much more. Visitors to Tulum can also experience the open air shopping as well as quaint upscale boutiques for shopping, scuba and snorkeling, museums and art galleries, exquisite restaurants and cafes, freshwater pools and underwater caves systems south of Tulum Pueblo. When the sun sets, Tulum comes alive with its beach side parties, night clubs and hot spots, and local festivities. Visitors who don’t want to stay at a hotel or resort can book a beach bungalow or enjoy a night under the stars camping. Tulum has something for everyone and has enough natural beauty that makes it a favorite tropical vacation spot.

21.Tenerfife-Canary Islands-Spain

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands near Spain. Tenerife is home to the second largest tourist city, Puerto de la Cruz where over 30,000 visitors can find a wide range in accommodations. Tenerife Island in the Canary Islands chain has golden sandy beaches, warm waters that surround that provide hours of water sports, snorkeling and scuba, boating, deep sea fishing, and many other water and beach activities. Tenerfife has gorgeous breath taking landscapes and seaside views. Shopping ranges from open air market places to upscale boutiques and shopping areas. Restaurants and cafes as well as bistros offer awesome seafood and international cuisine. Tenerfife also has many spas both on Resort locations and privately owned. At night, tourists enjoy the many vibrant night spots. Relaxation while enjoying the natural paradise of Tenerfife in the Canary Islands is a perfect way to spend a tropical vacation.

22. San Juan Islands-Washington, USA.

For a tropical vacation that delivers on adventure as it does natural splendor, then journey to the San Juan Islands of Washington. Sea Kayakers from all over the world choose San Juan Islands to enjoy paddling through the waters while taking in the wildlife. While the waters may be choppy, the harbors here are gentle. The small town on the north side of the island, Roche Harbor, is home to the luxurious and historic Roche Harbor Resort. From May to October, killer whales can be spotted and many visitors either go on a whale viewing tour or charter a boat for a private sight seeing tour but whales aren’t the only thing to see, bald eagles and harbor porpoises can be viewed as well. A visit to the Lime Kiln State Park is a 36 acre day use park is great for whale viewing as well as surrounded by protected wildlife. Aside from swimming, boating and whale watching, and kayaking a visit to the awe inspiring cliffs where divers cliff dive into blue waters as well as taking in breath taking sunsets is popular with guests. San Juan Islands are a tropical vacation located within the United States.

23.Sao Miguel Island, Portugal Spain

Want a more laid back tropical vacation where you can see the sights at your leisure? Sao Miguel Island is not only a gorgeous island paradise filled with beautiful beaches, warm waters, and lush jungle like forests, but is where people go to enjoy the delicacies of the Island. Rustic, seafood, and gourmet restaurants are prevalent throughout Sao Miguel Island. Of all the Volcanic islands in the mid-Atlantic chain, Sao Miguel is the most popular and a hub for tourists. Popular destinations within Sao Miguel is a visit to its largest town, Ponta Delgada where Cozidos (a meat and veggie stew made by wrapping a pot and burying it under the soil which is heated by the natural volcanic heat) is a delicacy. Chic but affordable hotels such as Hotel Talisman is budget and all inclusive friendly. The Azores of Sao Miguel Island chain offers the best in seafood, shopping, thriving pineapple business, home to the Gorreana Tea Factory, and much more. Sao Miguel has beaches where visitors can lazy around and move at their own pace. At night, the night life comes alive in Sao Miguel’s Azores and other islands. Various night clubs and bars fill the night with a variety of music and is rich in Portuguese culture. Sao Miguel is an excellent choice for those who want a slow paced tropical vacation.

24.Guam-South America

Over 1 million visitors a year makes Guam a country in South America a favored tropical vacation spot. It is the largest island of Micronesia and the southernmost island in the Mariana Chain. Just because Guam is petite does not mean that it is not big on lush jungle paradise. This gorgeous oasis has gorgeous beaches found on Tumon Bay surrounded with warm blue water, the business hub of Tamuning where all the best shopping as well as restaurants, for history buffs a visit to the city of Agana introduces visitors to Guam’s culture and history, Guam Safari Tours transport guests through the more than 200 historic parks and attractions surrounded by Guam’s natural beauty and wildlife, and much more. The breath taking views of the beaches and surrounding waters from atop the cliffs is unlike any other in the area. Visitors on a tropical vacation can enjoy the myriad of beach and water activities and sports, adventurous hikes and trails, lagoons, waterfalls, exotic flora and wildlife, zip-lining through the jungle canopies, helicopter tours, boat charters and tours that offer diving and snorkeling as well as deep sea fishing, posh resorts and hotels such as the well known Hyatt Regency or spend an intimate vacation in a bungalow, and so much more. Guam is an oasis of tropical paradise that makes for an excellent and memorable tropical vacation.

25.Copacabana, Brazil

One of the most famous beaches outside of Rio de Janeiro lies Copacabana. Granite slabs surround the entrance of the bay, warm pristine waters and three miles of sandy beaches, best shopping centers, movie and play theaters, fashion and jewelry shops, restaurants, and hot night clubs teeming with music and awesome cocktails. Worried about where to stay? Copacabana has many hotels and resorts since its close proximity to the big city of Rio de Janeiro. There is everything from budget friendly to beach side bungalows and rental properties to luxurious upscale resorts. Portuguese cuisine as well as seafood and international gourmet restaurants are within a short distance from Copacabana. There is something for everyone. When the sun goes down, both Copacabana and Rio come alive with its beach entertainment and hot night clubs pump up the music till dawn. Relax under the sweeping palms on the beach for a lazy day or spend a day at any number of spas within many of the hotels and resorts. Copacabana in Brazil is an excellent choice for a tropical vacation.


For a private tropical vacation journey to the gorgeous Amanpulo island in the Philippines. Visitors stay in casitas that are styled in the traditional Philippine “bahay kubo”. Hillside casitas give breathtaking views of seascapes. All the casistas have a private wooden sun deck, mosquito mesh covered bedding, and some modern convinces. The natural beauty of palms, jungle wilderness, sandy beaches, and exotic coral reefs await to be discovered. The Amanpulo is renowned for its island cuisine and Kawayan Bar on a floating bamboo platform that is great for romantic private dining. Nestled in a hillside, Shigerino’s Place offers great food as well as spectacular views of the island. Charter a boat or a helicopter ride for sight seeing as well as deep sea fishing by boat. Amanpulo is a virtual paradise where guests are catered to. Whether exploring or frolicking on the beach, Amanpulo is a spectacular tropical vacation.

27.The Baths, British Virgin Islands

The Baths located within the British Virgin Islands is a tropical vacation unlike any other. It has powdery white sandy beaches surrounded by gigantic granite boulders, gorgeous cave systems with freshwater pools and grottos, majestic formations, the coral sands of Devil’s Bay Beach and Spring Bay, and hikes to the highest point of the island-Gorda Peak National Park. Three upscale luxury resorts with top of the line service and amenities await guests. For a private retreat, a stay at Biras Creek on the north side of the island that can only be reached by private boat. Budget friendly hotels and vacation homes are found at Guavaberry Spring Bay and Old Yard Village. Shopping can be found quite easily on any of the British Virgin Islands and the cuisine is classic Caribbean at The Rock Cafe and Top of the Baths-both offer exquisite views. At night, catch local musicians and entertainment at Mad Dog bar. The Baths is a unique tropical vacation destination and will make you feel as if you’re transported in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, since the British Virgin Islands was an inspiration for the prize winning classical novel.

28.Boracay Island-Western Visayas Islands of Philippines

Boracay Island is part of the Aklan Province and has been a great tourist spot for tropical vacations. Boracay has an intoxicating beauty with its white sandy beaches and sapphire blue waters that provide endless activities and water sports. Visitors get lost in the serene scenic beauty and rich culture. Boracay has luxurious resorts as well as more intimate accommodations. It is great for the budget minded. Area attractions include: Puka Beach where the near undiscovered beaches are littered with puka shells that locals make into jewelry, Baling Hai Beach is a secluded quiet cove where swimming, snorkeling, and casual dining is relaxed. An adventure awaits at The Bat Cave where gigantic fruit bats live, boat tours give visitors a view of the whole island, horse riding along the beach and through the tropical trails, Scuba diving gives tourists the chance to see the gorgeous awe inspiring aquatic wildlife and coral reefs, kite boarding at Bulabog beach, and various island spas within the many resorts of the area pamper its guests. Boracay is also a backpacker’s paradise with its many jungle trails and cliffs. There are many different restaurants, cafes, and beach side eateries where the finest in Philippine and seafood cuisine can be had. Boracay’s various resorts as well as other points on the Visayas Islands offer great shopping experiences. A tropical vacation to Boracay will have visitors coming back year after year!

29. Fernando de Noronha-Brazil

The gorgeous archipelago of Fernando de Noroha is a tropical oasis and a Natural World Heritage Site. It is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is secluded and virtually untouched with its beaches and landscape. The peaceful surroundings and natural beauty make this a relaxing tropical vacation destination. Fernando de Noronha not only has lush wilderness, but has beautiful rock formations and statuesque cliffs that over look the water. Fernando de Noronha is excellent for scuba diving and snorkeling in its crystal clear waters where a myriad of marine wildlife thrives. Things to do while visiting this island paradise are: Praia do Leo and Ba do Sancho are two popular beaches with crystal clear water and golden sands, dolphin watching, the islands are great for hiking and discovering the exotic jungles, horseback riding, deep sea fishing, various tours, and a visit to the Environment Preservation Area. Accommodations and restaurants as well as shopping can be found at Fernando de Noronha as well as in surrounding islands in the archipeligo. Since Fernando de Noronha has been claimed as a preserved environment, guests are limited to 420 visitors at a time. Fernando de Noronha is a gorgeous tropical vacation for those who want a little adventure, gorgeous paradise, and those who want to avoid the tourist crowd.

30.Martinique-Windward Islands south of Dominica

North of Windward Islands lies Martinique, an picturesque island paradise. Martinique is rich with French and Creole culture and influences. One of the main attractions in this paradise, are the lush rain forests, black sand beaches, mountainous interior, it’s a volcanic island, and the dormant Mt.Pelee. Martinique is a favorite tropical vacation because it offers something for everyone. For sun worshippers, the beaches call and the pristine waters await with a myriad of water activities and sports. For those looking for more of an adventure, tours and hikes through the lush jungles are a favorite. Tourists looking for more of a sight seeing trip, can visit the beautiful historical town of Sainte-Anne or Macuouba, and the fishing village of Tartane. The marina at Le Marin is gorgeous and many boats can be charted for fishing excursions or tours along the coast. French and Creole cuisine can be found at many restaurants and eateries as well as fresh seafood. Outdoor markets and small shops provide hours of shopping as well as patronage to local craftsmen. Martinique also has some interesting night spots with local bars. Locals enjoy sharing their history and rich culture with tourists and it blends wonderfully with the natural beauty of Martinique making it a memorable tropical vacation.

31. Grenada-Southern Caribbean

Just below St.Vincent island and north west of Trinidad and Tobago lies Grenada. Grenada is known as “The Spice Isle” and is a thriving part of the economy and exports of spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Tourists love to visit the city of St.Georges where the most picturesque and exquisite beaches such as Grand Anse Beach is located. Grenada is a small but romantic island destination. Rich in history, Grenada has many points of interest as well as landmarks. Many secluded villas and romantic inns, inclusive hotels, luxurious resorts, and rental properties can be found in Grenada. Diving excursions is a favorite while visiting Grenada. Discover massive living corals and vibrant aquatic wildlife species, and the underwater sculpture park that one of a kind where statues and sculptures can either be reached by diving or snorkeling and seen from glass bottom boats. Rich in African, French, British, and Caribbean culture, Grenada has many festivals but none rival the premier event of the Spice Mas. Several cascading waterfalls can be found on the island and secluded pools. Dining while visiting Grenada yields a virtual melting pot of experiences where restaurants and quaint cafes offer cuisine that reflects the various cultures and influences of the island. Beauty and the many attractions as well as offerings make Grenada a wonderful tropical island vacation.

32. Dominica-Caribbean Islands

Dominica is a nature lovers Mecca. This tropical island not only has pristine beaches and turquoise water, but a bounty of natural beauty. Steaming valleys and the world’s 2nd largest boiling lake, 365 rivers that make their way to the sea, national parks, lush jungles, and exceptional diving and snorkeling to a virtual underworld wonderland attracts visitors from all over the world. Hikers love the various trails and valleys that include gorges, and 4,000 foot mountains. Adventure seekers are thrilled with the rappelling/canyoning, zip lining, ATV tours, horse back riding, sea turtle watching and rainforest’s tram rides. Not everything is about nature here or lazing around on the beaches, Dominica hosts a variety of festivals such as the World Creole Music Festival, Independence Celebrations, and much more. For history buffs or for those travelers seeking some culture, there are many museums and historical points of interest. After a day of hiking, beach fun, and shopping Dominica has many spas that offer a variety of services that rejuvenate and pamper guests. Dining experiences have not only breathtaking panoramic views but specialize in everything from ethnic cuisines to gourmet European and American delicacies with a West Indies touch. Lodgings can be found at any number of hotels that range from budget friendly to luxurious, guest houses, and many rental properties. Dominica is a vibrant island with friendly locals who are proud of their culture and the natural beauty of their island home, makes Dominica a must for a tropical island vacation.

33. Zanzibar-Indian Ocean

One of the most tropical islands in the heart of the Indian Ocean lies the island haven of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is a magical tropical island vacation that enchants its visitors with its gorgeous natural beauty and deep blue waters. The beaches of white gold sands give a peaceful ambiance with the gorgeous waters that await to be explored. Vibrant and colorful plant life and exotic wildlife adorn this island paradise. A visit to Stone Town offers historical points of interest and the famed Dr.Livingstone’s House and Arab Fort. Stone Town has a thriving market place, winding alleyways, decorative carved doors, two cathedrals, and countless mosques. Spice Plantations offer visitors tours to see its many spices that are produced as well as for sale. The Jozani Natural Forest Reserve is home to the rare and endangered Red Colobus Monkey which can only be found in Zanzibar. Syke’s monkeys, small buck and bush pigs, chance to see the mysterious Zanzibar leopards, and excellent nature trails and tour guides. A visit to the sleepy fishing village on the northern tip of Zanzibar offers beaches as well as coral reef excursions as well as a turtle sanctuary. There are also many dolphin tours and giant tortoises. Zanzibar has a wealth of culture that all begins with its history as well as music. Several festivals are held throughout the year. Dining and lodgings at Zanzibar range from budget friendly to the luxurious. Foods are prepared at either Dhow Restaurant and Mangapwani Restaurant where exquisite foods are well prepared. Zanzibar is the pinnacle for any tropical island vacation.

34. Utila-Honduras

Utila is a beautiful island secured in the Caribbean. For travelers who want to not only take advantage of the gorgeous stretches of the many beaches, it is the ultimate diving and snorkeling destinations with its close proximity to the Mesoamerican barrier reef system. The diverse culture of British and Spanish heritages provides not only many historical points of interests but excellent sight seeing as well. Breathtaking sunsets, whale shark encounters, fishing at the Cays, quaint restaurants as well as bars provide unique experience with a welcoming ambiance. Hotels are located around the Harbor from “The Point” range from budget friendly to luxury private houses and inclusive resorts. There are even private tropical islands for rent. Utila is a wonderful destination for a tropical island vacation where natural beauty, aquatic frontier, and the hospitality of the locals are a good combination for a memorable vacation.

35. Pine Island-Florida

Pine Island located in Lee County, Florida and a short distance from Cape Coral and Ft.Myers is a secluded and quaint waterfront atmosphere. Pine Island is decorated with mangroves rather than sand. This untouched paradise is free from development.The island is rich in Calusa Indiana culture and many shell mounds can be found. The Randell Research Center offers guided tours. Pine Island also was a favored destination for pirates and the landing spot of famed explorer Ponce de Leon. Pine Island also features a museum where visitors can learn about the history and islands. Bokeelia is a thriving community that prides itself on its exotic produce and plant life and fishing. It also has the main shopping center, community park with pool, lighted tennis courts, and much more. Uninhibited Little Pine Island is home to 4700 acres of lands under the Natural Wetlands Protection and a host of wildlife can be seen. Intimate inns, bed and breakfasts, rental properties, and cottages give those with budget in mind a great choice of accommodations. Quaint restaurants and open air cafes offer a variety of foods. For a peaceful laid back tropical vacation, Pine Island in Florida offers serenity as well as beauty.

36.Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is more than just its sandy beaches and gorgeous warm waters of the Caribbean and North Atlantic Ocean. Puerto Rico has mountainous territory, rugged volcanic rock formations, rain forests,deserts, caves, oceans, and rivers. A tropical vacation to Puerto Rico is great for those seeking more than just fun on the beaches. Hikers and backpackers love to explore the wonders of the exotic rainforest’s and hiking up to the mountain peaks for breath taking views. Many tours and guides are available. Puerto Rico has some wonderful natural preserves and parks that visitors can take in the beauty and exotic wildlife of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico also has a whole host of bungalows, hotels, resorts, and rental properties that range from the budget-friendly to luxury accommodations. There is a Mecca of shopping to be had in Puerto Rico since it is a top tourist destination. Local open air market places to upscale shopping districts can be found here. Enjoy the myriad of eateries and restaurants while visiting Puerto Rico, the cuisine is a mixture of not only international fare but rustic local fare that reflects the culture. Puerto Rico has something for everyone, and for those who want a bit more culture, Puerto Rico is full of historical landmarks and points of interest. There is so much to see and do both above and under the water that a tropical vacation to Puerto Rico is sure to not only be memorable but keep visitors coming back!

37. Bermuda

Bermuda is an island in the Atlantic Ocean north of the Caribbean. It is a sight to behold. The first thing that visitors notice is the pink sandy beaches. The dramatic coastline that makes up the 181 islands of Bermuda offers adventure and tropical island paradise. Most of the smaller islands are uninhibited but 8 of the bigger ones are all connected by spectacular bridges that offer excellent views. Pleasant year round climates make relaxing in the sun and taking advantage of the fun to be had both above and below the water. Scuba and snorkeling reveal a beautiful aquatic wonderland where reefs and a host of colorful fish. Places in Bermuda to visit are St.George, Hamilton, and Royal Navy Dockyard for exquisite shopping, historical points of interest, lodgings that range from budget-friendly to luxury hotels, and dining.Tourists enjoy the culture of Bermuda as well. Bermuda is a mix of vibrant Africa mixed with British colonial influences. The cuisine of Bermuda reflects those deep cultural roots. Bermuda was once a famed hot spot for pirates of old and their stories can be told throughout the island. Visiting Bermuda with its lush wildlife and exotic enchantments make it a great tropical vacation destination.


Okinawa is not just one big island paradise but is made up of a few dozen small island paradises. These islands with their subtropical climate are considered to be among the most beautiful for a number of reasons, and they all begin with the spectacular coral reefs and aquatic wildlife waiting to be discovered! For the best beach experiences to be had, then Okinawa’s Kume Island, Miyako Island, and Yaeyama islands are a great choice. Their white and golden sandy beaches and beautiful waters behold limitless possibilities when it comes to things to do. Yaeyama Islands are also a great place for some deep sea fishing, whale and dolphin watching, and snorkeling. To immerse yourself into Okinawa’s culture and visit the many historical and religious points of interest, shopping,lodgings, and dining experiences then journey to Okinawa Island; the main island in the chain. There is so much to exotic landscapes and points of interest to visit that it’s great for sightseeing and hiking. Beautiful rock formations and lush vegetation create a phenomenal experience while on a tropical vacation to Okinawa.

39.Adelaide, Australia

In Southern Australia lies Adelaide with its charming serenity. This beautiful tropical paradise has not only golden sands of Kangaroo Beach to play and lazy around in but pristine waters for swimming, surfing, boating, fishing, and much more. Adelaide has an exciting wildlife environment and is a big attraction for hikers and sightseeing trips. National parks and wildlife reserves dot the area as well as lush wilderness. A visit to Opal Town, where most of the people live underground and even has underground dwellings where visitors can not only stay in a unique getaway but can view the gorgeous opals that are nestled in the rock walls. The cuisine of Adelaide consists of emu and kangaroo meat as well as Thai curries to Italian food. There are local wineries that not only provide classy dining but wine tasting tours as well. The beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and quaint things to see and do make Adelaide a wonderful tropical vacation.


Queensland is home to The Great Barrier Reef that visitors spend hours diving and snorkeling on an underwater adventure where about 2900 coral reefs teem with vibrant aquatic life. Queensland is also home to Australia Zoo, lush forests, host of shopping and dining, and smaller islands like the Whitsunday Islands where beach and water sports activities are best experienced. For those who love to hike, a visit to the Daintree Rainforest’s offers a phenomenal experience as visitors walk or zip line under the canopies and diverse ecosystem. Daintree offers river cruises as well as beaches. Kuranda Village just outside of the Daintree Rainforest’s is a village where the culture and arts can be experienced especially with a Djabugay tour guide. There is a relaxed feel as well as shopping in Kuranda Village. Just a quick trip to Brisbane, and visitors can get in touch with their inner dare devil by trying a tandem sky diving experience. Night time Queensland comes alive with a whole new feel as beach parties, hot night clubs, and traditional cultural events happen. Queensland has many options in accommodations such as budget-friendly hotels to posh resorts that are throughout Queensland. There are also house boat rentals, boat charters, and many beach bungalow style accommodations. Dining in Queensland is full of eateries and restaurants that offer a wide variety of dining experiences. The people of Queensland are friendly and welcoming to those seeking a tropical vacation to their homeland of Queensland.

41.Sicily, Italy

Located off the coast of Italy, the romantic and beautiful island of Sicily has many unique and interesting cultural and natural beauty for visitors to experience. Mountainous landscapes, thriving vegetation, white sandy beaches, and sapphire blue waters enchant guests of Sicily. This multicultural society is the place for art, history, archeology, folklore, scenery, and great food. There are a myriad of historical landmarks and points of interest such as Mt.Etna, Nebrodi Mountains, ancient ruins, and much more. Gorgeous vineyards, ancient olive groves, lemon trees, and almond orchards compliment the gorgeous scenery. There are many hotels and resorts that have extravagance while being budget friendly and all inclusive. Luxury Resorts offer a variety of in resort amenities to add to the fun in Sicily. Sicily is also a wonderful Mecca for shopping and dining. Various boutiques and upscale shopping districts are a favorite with shoppers. Since Sicily is multi-cultural, there are strong Italian, French,Spanish, and Greek influences with some German and Arab touches, the food to be found is exquisite! This beautiful island paradise is a great destination for a tropical vacation.

42.Jeju Island, South Korea

Located in South Korea lies the exotic island paradise of Jeju Island. Jeju is surrounded by spectacular emerald oceanic waters, lush jungles and wilderness, unique waterfalls, and the statuesque extinct Mount Halla and surrounding inactive craters. There are many cultural points of interest such as unique museums, fishing villages, the quaint villages where people still have Bangsatap formations to ward off evil and bring prosperity to their homes, and much more. Visit quaint shops and boutiques where local craftsmen and women sell their hand crafted wares as well as exquisite produce and gifts from the sea. JeJu Island is not over run by big businesses and most of the lodgings are local inns and small hotels. Dining while in Jeju Island guests can experience the foods that reflect the culture of Jeju. This is a sightseeing paradise as well as a wonderful exotic location for a tropical vacation.

43.Jumby Bay Island, West Indies

For a private and luxurious tropical vacation, Jumby Bay Island in the West Indies is the beautiful tropical paradise that awaits! This private resort off the coast of the island of Antigua. Surrounded by white sandy beaches, jeweled waters, and plenty of uninhabited islands to see and explore, make up what Jumby Bay Island has to offer. Visitors fall in love with the scenic beauty and find adventure with the myriad of water sports and activities. The resort itself pampers its guests with top of the line service and lavishly elegant rooms and suites. The resort has boutiques but if a shopping excursion is what you crave, take a private catamaran ride to nearby Antigua. The resort features nothing but the best when it comes to food. The Jumby Bay Island Resort features five-star gourmet fine dining as well as casual dining. Jumby Bay Island is a gorgeous tropical paradise that is as beautiful as it is luxurious for a tropical vacation.

44. Turks and Caicos

Journey to the sublime island chain of the Turks and Caicos where 40 different islands and cays lie to be enjoyed. White sandy beaches with tranquil blue waters offer a myriad of activities and water sports as well as breathtaking sunsets. Gran Turk is the historic capital where visitors can see many historical points of interests. Tourists flock to the five star hotels, gourmet restaurants, and superb spas. Beaches are uncrowded and the coral reefs offer spectacular diving and snorkeling experiences. Voted as the best beach in the world, Grace Bay Beach beckons visitors with its charm and beauty. Turks and Caicos is great for visitors who want to explore the different islands with their own offerings of scenic hikes, trails, and points of interest. At night, Gran Turk Island is the premier spot for entertainment with its spicy night clubs, bars, and year round festivities. Shopping offers a unique experience as well with everything from quaint boutiques and open air market districts to upscale shops. Turks and Caicos is a spectacular tropical vacation destination.

45.Avearahi, French Polynesian Islands South Pacific

Avearahi is a small lush island located within the lagoon of Ranigiroa that can be reached by a scenic boat ride from the luxurious Hotel Kia Ora. There are five secluded and romantic thatched roof bungalows that insure that guests leave the modern life behind so they can explore and frolics in this tropical paradise wonder. Sandy beach and hammocks provide lazy sunbathing days, gorgeous waters that are great for fishing and diving or snorkeling, and stunning gardens with exotic plant life set the mood for this quiet tropical paradise. Since this island is a private getaway, visitors will find that the beaches are uncrowded and the Hotel offers many exclusive tours. Avearahi’s Hotel Kia Ora provides everything for its guests including exquisite meals. For shopping, a quick island trip to the more populated French Polynesian Islands is a great day excursion. For those looking for a secluded, less traveled, and luxurious island style tropical vacation, the island of Avearahi and the Hotel Kia Ora are the destination to take.

46. Island of Sardinia-Italy

Considered to be one of Europe’s finest tropical islands, the exotic wonderland of Sardinia is an undiscovered and uncrowded jewel. Sardinia is off the coast of Sicily and is not frequented often by American tourists. Tranquil and slow paced life of the small villages, beautiful unique pink sandy beaches(most of them private), and green undulated hills make this an exquisite tropical island vacation. Each village and town offers its own unique lodgings and dining experiences. Local charm and hospitality is unsurpassed on the island paradise of Sardinia. Beautiful vineyards and wineries, the archeological park of Pula in Nora, various art galleries throughout, natural wonders such as bird watching and scuba diving among the granites of Gallura, the caves of Sulcis-Iglesiente with its stalactites and stalagmites, the red desert of Gallura, various antique destinations of Barbargia, and much more to be explored and discovered in Sardinia. Warm sea breezes during the day and cool nights make for great strolls along the beaches, hills, and villages. Various festivals that honor ancient traditions take place throughout the year. Sardinia is a unique tropical island vacation.

47.Solomon Islands-Melanesia-Pacific Ocean

The Solomon Islands has gorgeous golden beaches lined with palm trees, crystal blue waters, breathtaking views, vibrant coral reefs and marine life, and is located south east of Papua, New Guinea. The Solomon Islands are covered in Rainforest’s, and to hikers and those seeking adventure the exotic plant life, steep hilly slopes, and numerous waterfalls and peaceful lagoons give a peaceful and romantic ambiance. Solomon Islands has long been praised for its beauty and the hospitality of the people that call the Solomon Islands their home. Village shops and open markets give visitors a chance to patronage the hand crafted goods and participate in many village activities as well as festivities. The people are very committed into preserving the traditional way of life and respecting the old customs,traditions, and their dedication to their unspoiled paradise. There are five wonderful hotels that are budget friendly and where hospitality is top notch. Whether it’s a day spent playing and resting on the beach or water fun to a day spent touring the local villages and other islands that make up the Solomon Islands, or a hike through the exotic rainforest’s, the Solomon Islands is a tropical vacation that has something that appeals to everyone.

48.Paupa, New Guinea

Just north of Australia lies the paradise known as Papua, New Guinea. This is a tropical vacation that offers more than just golden beaches and clear emerald waters where visitors can discover an underworld unsurpassed. The lush jungles and rainforest’s are complimented by lagoons and picturesque waterfalls. The people of Papua, New Guinea offer hospitality as well as a tremendous cultural experience. Papua offers cultural events, diving excursions, hiking, surfing, bird watching, cruises, fishing, and many historical points of interests such as sunken shipwreck dives from World War II. There are numerous adventures to be had here. Lodgings range from budget-friendly hotels and rentals to luxurious five-star resort hotels. Shopping in Papua, New Guinea range from market places to upscale shopping districts. National parks and attractions provide various activities and sights to be seen. Dining depends on whether visitors are in the mood for traditional New Guinea delicacies to gourmet dining. At night, several hot spots as well as cultural events are held. Guests can feel free to charter a boat or helicopter ride to see the many islands that surround Papua, New Guinea. For a fun filled tropical vacation that has something for everyone, travel to Papua, New Guinea.

49.Easter Island-Chile

One of the most isolated places on Earth is Easter Island. A triangle of volcanic rock make up the islands. Much like the ancient Incas and Mayans, the history of the origins of Easter Islanders is a mystery. Guesses from ancient Peruvian descent to extra-terrestrial influences have been thrown out about this ancient Island. Easter Island is famous for its stone head formations called Moai, but Easter Island is a tropical paradise as well. It is one of the most unique places that one will ever visit. The open air museums showcase the lost culture and the Rapanui people are among the most friendly to encounter. The landscape is breathtaking with its volcanic craters, lava formations, beaches, and pristine blue waters. There are many historical as well as archaeological points of interest at Easter Island. The Rapa Nui National Park showcases the natural beauty in its preservation of ancient cultural remnants of an abandoned desert-dwelling people. Lodgings on Easter Island have several options such as the five top rated bed and breakfast inns and the three luxurious hotels. Dining on Easter Island exposes visitors to traditional cultural cuisine was well as restaurants that feature entertainment for its dinner guests. Easter Island is full of beauty, serenity, and mystery that appeals to any traveler looking for a unique tropical vacation.

50.South Padre Island, Southern Tip of Texas

Located on the southern tip of Texas in the United States lies the tropical splendor of South Padre Island. This tropical vacation destination is great for families, couples, and singles. There are numerous sandy beaches, sand dunes, and shops as well as restaurants. South Padre is also home to Sea Turtle Inc. to aid and protect the Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle. Volunteers meet with visitors and educate them about the Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtles and the importance of conservation. A family trip to the Island Dolphin Research and Sealife Center is where guests can learn about dolphins in the wild as well as the sea life. Various tanks and aquariums allow visitors to not only see exotic marine wildlife but visitors can hold urchins, starfish, live snails, and other creatures. Visitors can feed octopus, moray eels, hermit crabs, sea horses, and much more. See the Port Isabel Lighthouse State Historical Site and watch the sunset from atop. The famed sea artist, David Wyland has painted murals of beautiful Orca Whales where visitors flock. There is a golf course, wild life refuge, Gladys Porter Zoo, and much more to see at South Padre Island. At night, the various bars and night clubs feature delicious foods, sublime cocktails and brews, and an impressive entertainment scene. A tropical vacation to South Padre Island offers something for everyone.

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