50 Best Romantic Vacation Destinations

If your looking for romantic vacation ideas then you have came to the right place. There are many romantic vacation packages and destinations for you to choose from. We want to help you choose the best romantic vacation for you. View our list below of some of the top locations to take a honeymoon or enjoy a romantic getaway for two with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

1. New York City, New York

New York City has long been hailed as one of the premier romantic places in the world. The city is teeming with many things to see and do that cater to lovers who are looking for a romantic getaway in the Big Apple. New York has a myriad of restaurants that range from mom and pop all the way up to five star gourmet restaurants by world renowned chefs. No visit to New York City would be complete without a stroll through Central Park or hiring a carriage ride to tour the beautiful iconic park that spans over a large section of the city. Hotels such as the Plaza have suites that create a haven for couples who want to indulge in luxury. Nothing can compare to New York’s nightlife with places such as Broadway, Lincoln Center, Rockefeller Center, and its various night clubs. Just like in the movies, lovers often make a night time visit to New York’s Empire State Building to view the skyline. Another romantic stop that is a favorite of lovers, is the Central Park Boathouse where couples can take advantage of the cafe there as well as paddle and rowboats on the lake. Aside from it’s many shopping opportunities, there are also the museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art where couples love to spend hours looking at classic and noveau art pieces. Last but not least, New York also offers Spirit Cruises where couples on their romantic New York getaway can take a tour on a first class cruise around the waters of New York City that even comes with on board entertainment and meals. New York is a great destination for a romantic getaway.

Romantic skyline of New York City

Horse and Buggy ride through Central Park



The Windy City is a common destination in the United States for travelers who are looking for romance! Chicago is not just a town for attracting businessmen, architects, and engineers. The city has much to offer in the lines of romance! There are world class restaurants next to deep dish pizza joints and hot dog stands can be found all over. Aside from the various restaurants and food experiences, Chicago also offers excellent shopping especially on its Magnificent Mile which is compiled of many boutiques to take in. Chicago is also host to museums, attractions such as Millennium Park, Museum of Science and Industry, John Hancock Observatory, Shedd Aquarium, Willis Tower(formerly known as Sears Tower), and the experience of Navy Pier. If none of that catches your fancy, then how about a taking chartering a helicopter for a bird’s eye view of the enchanting city, sound? Another attraction to Chicago is the hotels and Bed and Breakfast establishments of the area. Motels and hotels range from affordable to themed accommodations, to the sophisticated luxurious five star hotels. Chicago doesn’t go to sleep when the sun sets, the energy of the city of Chi-town comes to life with it’s variety of nightlife hot spots. In Chicago’s Loop, most of the city’s large-scale theaters can be found. It is a city that has something for every couple whether it’s merely sightseeing and shopping, an art trip, or to visit the night clubs and theaters of Chicago.

The Romantic Buckingham Fountain in chicago, Illinois

The Navy Pier at night

3. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Located in Ontario, Canada lies one of the Wonders of the World, Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls has been the favorite place of couples, honeymooners, and lovers everywhere! To see these majestic waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls, is an unforgettable life experience and it is no wonder why couples flock here every year. Niagara Falls is picturesque and very little has changed since tourism to these works of nature were discovered. Tourists to the falls can not only view the falls from a safe distance but can also take a boat ride at the base of the falls where rainbows abound. Couples can also take advantage of the restaurants at the Niagara Falls observatory. There is also lodgings such as hotels, camping, and Bed and Breakfast establishments. Located near the falls is a local winery, casino, museum, various hotels and bed and breakfasts as well as rentals, Bird Kingdom attraction for bird lovers, various tours such as Royal tours that offers a helicopter tour of the falls and surrounding areas, Skylon Tower that not only offers stellar views but fine dining, botanical gardens and butterfly exhibits, and much much more! There is something that will appeal to any honeymoon or romantic getaway at Niagara Falls.

Romantic Sunset in Niagra Falls

A Royal tour through a rainbow at the Niagra Falls

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

Come visit the city that never sleeps and discover romance in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada. You don’t need to wait for Valentines Day to indulge in the romance that Las Vegas has to offer. One of Las Vegas’s prime attraction for couples is their vast elegant spas in many of the resort hotels. Visitors love the pampering and the easy access to some of the finest dining experiences around. Aside from the vast gambling establishments, a stop at MGM’s Paris Las Vegas is a favorite with romantics with their "Red Room" suites that offer amenities such as in room Jacuzzis and small pools, 42" Plasma HDTVs, Eiffel Tower and scenic views, and their luxurious spas. Las Vegas delivers on entertainment as well with music and shows all over the city. Las Vegas is home to some of the greatest amusement attractions as well such as the Insanity atop the Stratosphere Casino and Hotel, The Inverter, Disk ‘O’, Sky Jump, and other thrill rides. Las Vegas also has a variety of golfing as well. If you’re looking for something a little less hair raising, then try the Gondola boat rides at Las Vegas’s Venetian Resort and Hotel or take a chartered Helicopter tour that gives breathtaking tours of Las Vegas. Las Vegas is also home to the famous Little White Chapel for those seeking to have a unique wedding or renew vows. No matter what you and your special someone are looking for, Las Vegas has it!

Boat rides at the Venetian Resort and Hotel

The Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada

5.Maui, Hawaii

For the ultimate in paradise, Maui is a nature-lover’s dream getaway. Maui has lush exotic points of interests as well as some of the best beaches in the world. Tropical jungle trails, whale watching, and cuisine are just a few of what makes Maui a romantic destination. Maui, Hawaii is also home to more than a dozen championship golf courses as well as resorts and hotels. Maui is great for shopping and the culture of this island paradise is an experience in itself! Nothing is more romantic than a Hawaiian sunset or a trip on a helicopter overlooking the island. Maui is also known for its spas that has skilled staff that knows how to pamper couples. Horseback riding through some of Maui’s beautiful trails or a visit to Maui’s many lagoons and waterfalls make a romantic getaway a vacation in a virtual paradise and is sure to keep the romance flowing. Not too many things compare to the beautiful night skies of Maui, Hawaii, and there are many secluded spots as well as guided star gazing tours available. The night life of Maui is filled with open air night clubs and nightly events in many of the resorts and hotels as well as island wide events provided by the local people of Maui. Since Hawaii is known for its volcanoes, a favorite is to ascend to the Haleakala Crater, a 10,000 foot dormant volcano where couples can catch the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. In the tropical waters, scuba and snorkeling opens up a romantic underwater paradise with couples discovering the beautiful corals and 400 species of fish that can be found as well as sea turtles. Many visitors take in the water sports and para-sailing adventures. Couples love to explore the local unique towns and products of Maui, Hawaii that adds to the ultimate romantic getaway in Maui, Hawaii.

The Hana Turquise Lagoon in Maui Hawaii

Horseback riding through the Tropical Jungle Trails in Maui Hawaii

6. Napa Valley, California

When visiting California, a trip to Napa Valley is a must! Napa Valley is California’s wine country and although there are many resorts and hotels, Napa Valley is filled with rustic to luxurious Bed and Breakfasts that romantics adore. Napa Valley is home to some of the most beautiful natural scenic country around, and home to over a dozen wineries, many family owned. Daily tours and tastings as well as 5 star gourmet cuisine restaurants are available here. Napa Valley is also home to Calistoga Spa, that is well known for not only it’s holistic benefits but a favorite with honeymooners and couples. Golf, recreational sports, antiques, air ballooning, Eco-tourism, farmer’s markets, parks and beaches, and shopping are all things you will find at Napa Valley, California. There is virtually something to suit every occasion and every one’s tastes. Napa is also home to Art districts and a cultural museum. Napa’s night life consists of Silo’s Music Room and Uptown Theater Napa. Located in Calistoga, Safari West is a 400 acre wildlife sanctuary where visitor’s can experience Africa at every turn and it’s all located in Napa Valley, California! Napa Valley is to California what Tuscany is to Italy.

Calistoga Spa in Napa Valley California

The Meadowood Hotel in Napa Valley California

7. San Francisco, California

San Francisco is not only the home to the San Francisco Zoo, but it’s turn of the century charm with it’s cable cars, seascapes, and restaurants are enough to be considered a romantic getaway worth taking! Fisherman’s Wharf not only offers some of the best views of harbor boats and vivid blue waters, but is also home to the Aquarium of the Bay with over 20,000 marine species as you walk through crystal clear tunnels. Embark on a Hornblower Cruise and not only see San Francisco from the bay, but indulge in gourmet cuisine. Pier 39 is an open air festival marketplace located at the wharf with two levels of fun filled attractions and unsurpassed shopping. If you’re looking for entertainment, look no further than Teatro ZinZanni which enchants its evening patrons with blends of European cabaret, spectacle and music with a five course gourmet dinner. San Francisco is great for romantic getaways because there are so many naturalistic sights and attractions as well as intimate lodgings that range from bed and breakfasts to Resort style hotels. San Francisco has various nightclubs and lounges that all offer something different to suite everyone’s tastes. Local tours and whale watching charters are a favorite with visitors to San Francisco as well.

The Hornblower Cruise at sunset

Sunset in San Francisco California

8.Sandals Resort, (located in Antigua, Bahamas, Jamaica St.Lucia)

Sandals Resorts have prided themselves on not just being a great beach paradise getaway, but they specialize in providing romantic getaways for couples. Whether you choose Sandals Resorts located in: Antigua, Bahamas, Jamaica, or St.Lucia, a getaway to the Caribbean islands would not be complete without a stay at Sandals. They provide luxurious accommodations with beautiful views of white sandy beaches, tropical paradises, and crystal blue waters. Most Sandals resorts in addition to providing rooms and suites that are first class, provide spa treatments, gourmet cuisine and candle lit tables for two, intimacy, a variety of beach and water sports, and they will help you find those special secluded spots for romance! Sandals Resorts in the Caribbean Islands is the choice by couples everywhere when they are planning a romantic beach getaway! Discover the Caribbean with your special someone with a beautiful romantic getaway that starts at the Sandals Resort!

The sandals Resort is a romantic getawy

Paradise in the blue waters of the Caribbean Islands

9.Cancun, Mexico

Cancun may be known as the party central for most spring breakers and tourists, but Cancun, Mexico is also known as the place for romantic getaways! Romantics flock to the pale sandy beaches of Cancun and the blue jeweled waters of the Gulf of Mexico, but they also flock to the exotic locale that makes up Cancun. Aside from the beaches, night clubs, restaurants, and resort hotels; Cancun has so much to offer. Visitors coming for a romantic getaway to Cancun can experience the lush exotic richness of the land as well as venture underwater to discover the beautiful corals, fish, and marine life. Cancun’s majestic Mayan ruins are a big draw to tourists and couples a like. There is nothing like being with the one you love while standing on top of one of the 7 Wonders of the world. There are many places, special spots within Cancun such as secluded lagoons in lush jungles off trails that no romantic couple can refuse to visit as well as private beach cabanas on secluded areas of beach. Shopping in Cancun and surrounding areas and open air markets can be found and the locals are a great resource to find intimate settings. Cancun has been ranked on the top fifty romantic getaways by the Travel Channel for 2011.

The gorgeous beach of Cancun, Mexico

Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico

10. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is well known as being the Big Easy and for its Mardi Gras, but it’s also well known for being an epic love affair for couples looking for romance. New Orleans French Quarter provides not only a historic nostalgia, but is complimented with local jazz clubs, intimate eateries, and shopping. New Orleans is also home to places like the Garden District where lovers love to stroll by old antebellum homes that add to its charm. The city is famous for its street musicians and artists and no street corner down on Bourbon Street is without them. Tours of the St.Louis Cathedrals and horse drawn carriage rides throughout the city and Jefferson park are on any romantic getaway itinerary. A getaway to New Orleans would not be complete without visits to Emeril’s, Cafe Du Monde, or the French Market. Take a bayou tour through New Orleans bayous or charter a boat to do some fishing. The possibilities are limitless in a city like New Orleans. New Orleans has timeless hotels such as Hotel Monteleone, Maison Dupuy Hotel, Chateau Bourbon Wyndham Hotel. New Orleans also has intimate bed and breakfast inns. New Orleans also has the best to offer when it comes to culture and art and many museums and historical points of interest will ensure that your romantic getaway is memorable!

The roof top pool at the Hotel Monteleone

Horse and carriage in front of the Maison Dupuy Hotel in New Orleans

11.Paris, France

No place on the planet has been more renowned for romance and passion than Paris, France. Paris is filled with an rustic, nostalgic, and equal mix of modern that makes a romantic getaway an experience you’ll never forget! Tourists as well as couples flock to the city of love, and their usual first stop is the Eiffel Tower. The cafes, bistros, and 5 star gourmet cuisine restaurants are another hit with romantic couples. Paris is home to many historical points of interests, and it’s easy to charter a boat ride down the Seine for a waterside tour of the city. Hotels range from the very elegant and luxurious to the rustic inns and bed and breakfast establishments. One can even rent Chateaus and private rental properties. Paris is also the fashion capital of the world, and shopping in Paris has a myriad of shops and boutiques. Paris, France is also known for it’s art, and the world famous Louvre Museum is full of world famous original prints and sculptures of fine art by masters such as Degas and Van Gogh. Parisian night life wouldn’t be complete without visits to the Moulin Rouge, Ballet de l’Opera national de Paris Rain, and Tosca. Paris also has tours to its famous vineyards and wine country and garden tours where some of the most beautiful gardens are kept. Paris is full of attractions and points of interests for any romantic getaway.

Pyramid at the Louvre Museum

The Eiffel Tower in Blue in Paris France

12. Venice, Italy

Venice is known for it’s city that is built upon the water. This historical city that is known for it’s gondolas, water taxis, and water buses is also known for its beautiful architecture and history. Romantics flock to Venice to take scenic boat rides down the Grand Canal to visit St.Mark’s Square, the heart of Venice where museums, views of the basilica, and the bell tower can be seen. The beautifully Italian mosaic tiles church is unlike any other. Intimate little restaurants provide candlelit tables either indoors or out and a night ride on a gondola gives all the ambiance of romance! When staying at Venice, villas can be rented or you can stay with your someone special at the luxurious Gritti Palace. Take a ride through Venice’s countryside or travel by horse along it’s coastline or visit its many fine rustic vineyards. Venice also offers various bars and night clubs as well as theater attractions. Venice offers rich cultural experiences with an equal dose of modernism. It is the perfect European destination for travelers who want a romantic getaway.

Take a ride in a gondola in Venice Italy

The Gritti Palace in Venice Italy

13. Athens Greece

One of Europe’s most sophisticated and popular capitals, Athens, Greece is not only a vacation stop, but it is the the destination of romantic getaways. Rich in culture and history, Athens provides picturesque seascapes that showcase the beautiful waters and coastlines of the Mediterranean, remote beaches, islands, bright marketplaces, and a places where beauty abounds. Athens has some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts that offer spas that pamper their guests and restaurants that provide the very best in Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Greece is considered to be the cradle of civilization and its historical landmarks such as the Acropolis and where great scholars such as Aristotle once walked. Athens is the epitomy of Grecian beauty and the locals pride themselves on proving that their city is not only a vacation tourist spot, but a great getaway for romance. Athens has some of the most beautiful beaches and secluded island paradises and has a host of sights to see as well as attractions to visit. Athens is home to national Gardens such as the Temple of Zeus, where the Rain forest comes to life. A popular among couples is taking a cruise around the scenic islands of Athens and Greece. Night life of Athens includes festivals throughout the year, night clubs, and theater attractions. Make Athens, Greece your next romantic getaway.

View from Parthenon of Athens Greece

The Beach at Athens Greece

14.Hayman Island, Whitsundays, Queensland Australia

On Hayman Island, in the mysterious rugged continent of Australia, sits a virtual island paradise that was made for romantic getaways. Hayman Island sits right next to the Great Barrier Reef, where some of the worlds most exotic and spectacular coral reefs and species of marine life thrive in the crystal blue waters. Sandy white beaches, lush jungle like areas, and plenty of sun are just a few of the attractions ot Hayman, Island. Hayman Island is also known for its boating and water sports, and it is just one of 74 islands that make up the Whitesundays island group. The Hayman Resort that sits on this beautiful island is nothing short of luxurious and spares no amenity to ensure its guests have a 5 star experience! The cuisine at this resort is world class and is the -perfect example of romantic indulgence. A beautiful large lagoon surrounds the hotel that over looks tropical vistas and the gorgeous sandy beaches. Enchanting little boutiques and shopping can be found at Hayman Island as well as killer sunsets and romantic strolls on the beach. There are also hidden secluded areas throughout Hayman Island, such as intimate small lagoons and some even come with waterfalls that add to the romantic ambiance that Hayman Island is filled with.

The sunny Hayman Island Resort

Beautiful beach at Hayman Island

15.Guangxi Province, China

Experience the mysteries of the Orient with a romantic getaway to China’s Guangxi Province. Guangxi Province has a subtropical climate, lush landscapes, and unrefined majestic mountain ranges. There are colorful caves, pagodas, and even a royal complex in the capital of Guilin ready for any couple visiting the area to explore. To really experience the sheer picturesque stunning scenic views of Guangxi Province, drift leisurely down the Li River towards Yangshuo. For a rich experience in Chinese culture, be sure to pay a visit to the dramatic Longsheng rice terraces and sample the region’s famous rice noodles and other traditional local fare that the area is well known for. A trip to Guangxi Province is not without it’s hotels ranging from 5 star accommodations to romantic little hide-a-ways. The colorful and alluring landscape is a romantics playground and there is so much to see and do in Guangxi Province in China on your romantic getaway! Guangxi Province is a place where the modern world falls away and the natural hidden beauty of Guangxi Province takes over and the locals are more than happy to provide its visitors with plenty to see and do as well as experience.

Ulong River near Yangshuo in Guangxi Province in China

The Guilin Caves in Guangxi Province China

16. Costa Rica

Natural rainforests and exotic landscapes make this travel destination a must for any romantic getaway. Aside from the beauty of Costa Rica it is also hailed as one of the top eco-friendly places to visit. A trip to Irazu and Poas volcanos is a must see. These stoic wonders of nature will give any couple a variety of memories to hold on to. La Paz Waterfall and the Butterfly Gardens evelope its visitors with romance and artistry to enhance the ambiance of setting the right romantic mood. Costa Rica also provides its visitors with tours through its Braulio Carilo National Park through rainforests where lovers can zip line through the treetops or by taking a rafting trip through beginner and intermediate rapids. The wildlife of Costa Rica can be found at the Corcovado National Park where big cats, monkeys, and turtles of Tortugero can be seen as well as a stop in Moteverde Cloud Forest where vast numbers of orchids grow. No matter what you are looking for, Costa Rica has it from it’s exotic rainforests to its gorgeous beaches. Costa Rica has a number of resort hotels that offer spas and even private hut style lodgings for those who want to be more intimate and secluded. Shopping and local cuisine are superb as well.

The romantic La Paz waterfall

Take a romantic stroll through the Butterfly Gardens of Costa Rico

17.Tahiti, French Polynesia

Tahiti is the largest island in a cluster within the archipelago of Society Islands in the southern Pacific Ocean. Deep valleys, clear streams, and high waterfalls are why Tahiti is more than just a picturesque destination for romantic getaways. Tahiti is also home to some of the world’s most pristine beaches that are known for those wanting some "private time" on their romantic getaway. If staying at one of the resort style hotels is not what you are looking for, Tahiti offers thatched-roof hideaways high above turquoise crystal clear lagoons that have all the amenities of a first class hotel room. Romantic cruises around the island are available as are boats to rent in the event your romantic getaway demands a bit more one on one. Aside from the limitless shopping, restaurants and local culinary fare, there are many activities to take advantage of. Various water sports, spas, and Polynesian entertainment can be experienced in Tahiti. This island wonderland is great for families but it’s main focus is being one of the romance capitals of the world!

The Bora Bora Islands in Tahiti French Polynesia

The InterContinental Resort in Tahiti French Polynesia

18.Santorini, Greece

One the list of most romantic vacations is the Greek island of Santorini, Greece. There is not one place whether its in one of the fine five star hotels at Santorini to the quaint villas where beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea can’t be seen. Aside from the shopping and exquisite food offerings from local restaurants, Santorini’s beaches along with their black volcanic sand are experiences that speak to the romantics in all of us! Santorini also offers it’s romantic getaway visitors something unique, swimming in the Volcanic hot springs as well as its myriad of spas. Take a trip through Santorini’s wine country or a horseback ride through the beautiful rugged rustic countryside of Santorini. Santorini, Greece is also known for its many incredible villages that are perched high atop 300mile high cliffs and the views are unlike any other. Santorini is also famous for its night life. Fira is the most popular place in Santorini that has some of the best clubs around. If you’re looking to be a bit more adventurous, stop at Oia for it’s lively nightlife scene. Oia is a world known place for just married couples and it’s full of romantic cafes and bars with breathtaking views. When visiting Greece, make sure Santorini is where you visit on your romantic getaway.

Santorini Greece at sunset

The Andronis Luxury Suites in Oia Santorini Greece

19.Aspen, Colorado

No matter what time of year you visit Apsen, it is a haven for lovers. Aspen is also the hub of vacation spots for A-listers and celebrities. Aspen is a ski lovers dream with it’s many ski resorts that have powdery white snow and slopes for every skill level. From the very quaint to luxurious, accommodations are there to fit whatever cozy hideaway you have in mind for you and your someone special! Enjoy and taken in the breathtaking views of rugged countryside, meadows, majestic mountain ranges, and lakes. Aspen is a perfect romantic indulgence in getaway destinations. Depending on the time of year when you visit, there are horsebacking at the Lazy 7 Ranch, camping, romantic carriage or sleigh rides, and a host of pubs and clubs. Aspen is throughly modern, but it still holds that nostalgia of "the good ‘ole days". Music festivals frequent the spring and summer while many winter festivals and events such as Sundance Film Festival is held here. Aspen, Colorado of the United States is a romantic getaway that will lead to more getaways to this virtual woodland paradise.

The inside of the Lazy 7 Ranch in Aspen Colorado

Maroon Bells Lake in Aspen Colorado

20. Tuscany, Italy

This region of Italy is famous for it’s romantic countryside, it’s exquisite food and wine, and historic sights. Tuscany offers more than just it’s beautiful surroundings and countrysides. For the ultimate romantic getaway artinuary, try a European Spa visit or visit Castel Monastero where guests get to take cooking classes designed by Chef Gordon Ramsay, and get to eat their creations. Terme di Saturina is a spa vacation and romantic getaway located on the coast that offers thermal pools for relaxation. To take in historical sites, then no Tuscan visit would be complete without a visit to Florence to see the famed artist Michaelangelo’s David and works by Ponte Vecchio and Duomo. Florence is also known for its great hotels such as Hotel Savoy, Grand Hotel Villa Medici, and Gallery Hotel Art. Romantics as well as all tourists also visit the city of Pisa to gaze at one of the Wonders of the world, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Tuscany offers it’s romantics beautiful vineyards to visit, rolling hills full of beautiful countrysides to drive or horseback through, and markets and shopping.

Castel Monastero in Tuscany Italy

Hotel Savoy in Florence Italy

21.Cambridge Beaches in Bermuda

Cambridge Beaches in the sunny tropical island of Bermuda is a favorite destination for island themed romantic getaways. Cambridge Beaches not only have secluded and private beaches but it also has five resorts as well as fine dining offerings. Bermuda is only 2 hours from New York, and this makes this romantic getaway a conveniently easy one. If the beaches or resort pools have you feeling a little bored, Cambridge Beaches also offers spas, bike and moped trails, myriad of water sports, fitness facilities, Underwater Exploration Museum, and Ascots. Local pubs offer a more intimate dining experience. Cambridge Beaches also offers golf courses, tennis courts, fishing, Sea View Gardens, kayaking, and visits to Mangrove Bay to see some of Bermuda’s waterfall and exotic island terraces. Bermuda’s Cambridge Beaches is the place to go on a romantic getaway where you don’t want to spend most of the getaway trying to get there! Bermuda is also home to many historical points of interests where you can get wrapped up in the beauty of the culture while visiting Cambridge Beaches in Bermuda.

Cambridge Beach in Bermuda

Sailboating on Mangrove Bay in Bermuda


Romance is the name of the game on the island of Aruba. It is an enchanting paradise with undisturbed beaches shaded by palm trees. Secluded coves and surreal seascapes are just part of the draw for lovers looking for the perfect romantic getaway. Couples at Aruba can feel that they are in a world all their own while surrounded by the beautiful beaches and nature’s beauty. Aruba offers sunset sails on luxury catamarans, cocktails at the beach bar, moonlight dinners at any of the great resorts at Aruba, nightlife that includes Latin dancing and casino, pubs and party boats, Spa treatments, and watersports that include scuba and snorkeling. Aruba even offers for those wanting to get away from the beach, horseback riding, hiking, and even helicopter rides around the island. Local resturants go from cafes to five star cuisine in Aruba at any number of establisments and resort hotels. Shopping can be done at any of the locations within Aruba. This island paradise also considered very eco-friendly and everywhere in Aruba has being environmentally concious. Aruba is different from the usual Caribbean island because of it’s landscape and vegetation. Divi-divi trees, that are unknown to any other Caribbean island dot Aruba. Aruba is also home to 80 nationalities and the culture is everywhere in Aruba. Local art, music, resturants, and even celebrations throughout the year can be enjoyed in Aruba on your romantic getaway. Aruba has so much to offer lovers searching for that perfect romantic getaway.

The Riu Palace in Aruba

Take a romantic walk along the Palm Beach in Aruba

23.The Solomon Islands-Pacific Island Archipelago

In the heart of the Pacific lies The Solomon Islands, also known as "The Islands Lost in Time" and "The Last Frontier of the Pacific" because they are virtually untouched by the modern world. The Solomon Islands are the perfect romantic getaway because of all their private and secluded ammenities as well as intimate attractions of the Solomon Islands. Marovo Lagoon is the longest lagoon in the southern hemisphere, if not the world. It was nominated for the World Heritage listing as "the eight wonder of the world". Not only is the lagoon picturesque with it’s crystal clear waters, but is a favorite place for divers to discover the exotic marine life and corals. It is also a favorite among couples. Very few experiences top a visit to an actual thriving rainforest, and a stop at Uepi Island in the Solomon Island chain not only is a barrier reef island covered in lush rainforest, but it has a sandy beach flanked by warm waters of the lagoon on one side and a deep marine abyss on the other. Uepi Island has a grand but intimate resort on it’s island providing not only the experience of luxury but provides an authentic cultural experience as well. Uepi island has diving and snorkeling, sea kayaking and even expeditions with an experienced tour guide, wakeboarding and tubing, glass bottom paddleboarding, fishing, jungle trails to explore, and coconut crab walks that take you into the jungle by canoe at night. Cuisine of the Solomon Islands has the very best that the Pacific has to offer as well as dishes that reflect the culture of the islands. Make The Solomon Islands your lovers playground with a romantic getaway to this virtually untouched paradise.

Take your loved one kayaking in the Solomon Islands

The Marovo Lagoon in Solomon Islands

24. Coconuts Beach Club and Resort Upolu Island, Samoa

Somoa is a nation located in the Pacific Islands and on the island of Upolu, at the Coconuts Beach Club and Resort, lovers on romantic getaways are catered to. Coconuts is famous for its Overwater Fales (bungalows) that have all the luxury of a first class hotel room, yet retaining it’s island feel. Spend lazy days on the beach or watch the sunsets from your Fale. Upolu Island is rich in Samoan culture and no visit is without being exposed to the thriving Samoan culture where every night there is something to see and do with the local people of the island! The food is out of this world, literally! Five star cuisine mixed with foods that reflect the Samoan culture served on candle lit tables, beachside cabanas, or even in your very own Fale envokes romance.If pampering is what you’re wanting, you and your someone special can find all the pampering you can handle at Coconuts Beach Club and Resort’s Coco Beach Spa. You can enjoy massages, facials, waxing, pedi and manicures, wraps, and other Spa services here. Coconuts also offers tours and excursions to: hidden beaches, tours of Aleipata Coast, Mountains and Piula Cave Pool, waterfalls of Samoa, Apia city tour, Manono Island tour, Togitogiga National Park Tour, and lots of shopping to be had here. Coconut Beach Club and Resort of Upolu Island, Samoa offers year round entertainment and activities to suit everyone, especially couples. This island resort is also a popular wedding destination for lovers on a getaway who want to take that next step. Coconuts has several wedding packages complete with photographers ready to capture your special day!

cape Tribulation in Coconut Beach Resort

Waterfall in Samoa

25.Turtle Island, Fiji

Turtle Island is a 500 acre private island resort which is part of the Yasawa group in the Republic of Fiji. This is the perfect romantic getaway if privacy is what you seek with luxury included. Turtle Island has activities for its guests that includes scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, horseback riding, hiking through it’s lush jungles, exotic vegetation, sea kayaking, private beach picnics, and every couple gets their very own dedicated manager who is there to see to all their needs. There are fourteen areas (fourteen bures-or managers) that are spacious and decorated with handcrafted furnishings and fittings. The managers or bures as they are called, are far enough away so that you will feel as if the island is yours and yours alone. For those who want to up their luxury, there are Grand lodgings where the rooms have king-size four poster beds, jacuzzui, an outdoor shower, and a veranda with a queen-sized chaise loungers. The cuisine of Turtle Island is not only the best of island fare but is served at a communal table where guests can come together to be social or you can opt for more private and intimate settings. Whatever you want or need, can usually be found to make your romantic getaway experience perfect.

Sit on the pier by the water in Turtle Island Fiji

Have a romantic dinner on a patoon in the Turtle Islands Fiji

26.Shere, Surrey

Ever thought of taking a romantic getaway to England, but you wanted to avoid the hustle and bustle of London? Shere, Surrey is just 30 miles from London and has impressive romantic credentials. This little gem was the location for the movie, "The Holiday" that starred love birds Jude Law and Kate Winslet. It’s a quaint little town with classically beautiful architecture, pubs, intimate inns, the stunning views of North Downs and Box Hill, England’s largest Vineyard, and local food that is rustic and memorable. You can visit the local boutiques and shops or take a drive to London, which is just 30 miles away. For a bit of nostaligia and history, journey to the nearby town of Ledbury for it’s famous Tudor architecture and literary connections and one of the most romantic points of interest to visit, Eastnor Castle. Eastnor Castle is the dramatic setting of the Malvern Hills just six miles from Shere and Ledbury. It’s surrounded by a beautiful deer park, arborteum, and picturesque lake and is the favorite wedding destination of many. Shere,Surry of England is a great romantic getaway if you’re looking for something close to London, without the hustle and bustle.

The White Horse Pub in Shere Surrey

The Eastnor Castle in Shere Surrey

27.Edinburgh, Scotland

It’s no wonder why Edinburgh is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Whiskey, bagpipes, tartan kilts, ancient castles, and early Medieval to massive cathedrals are just part of the allure of Edinburgh. Stunning rugged and rustic landscapes of rolling hills, mountainous areas, carved out streams, and mirrored lakes are just some of the beautiful landscapes of this romantic city. Edinburg is loved for it’s hills and it’s famed Arthur’s Seat(the tallest of Edinburg’s seven hills), but it’s castles at sunset are a must for couples everywhere! Edinburg streets are drenched in history and has a thriving cultural scene. Scenic villages offer all sorts of shopping and eating experiences and depending on what you are looking for, many tours of both Edinburgh and Edinburgh’s Lothians region. Edinburgh is also the home of some of the world’s most prestigeous golfing as well. If you are looking for a romantic getaway that is a break from island paradises and busy cities, and something more about natural and cultural beauty steeped in history, then Edinburgh, Scotland is your romantic getaway option! Edinburgh and its people are proud of their heritage and throughout the year there is always some festival or fair celebrating it. Make Edinburgh, Scotland your romantic getaway when visiting the United Kingdom.

The Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh Scotland

Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh Scotland

28.Stockholm, Sweden

One of the most romantic cities in Europe is Stockholm, Sweden. This beautiful city is known to offer its visitors opportunities to try out kayaking, hiking, water sports, and scenic trips through the countryside. Stockholm is home to a Royal Palace that is open for tours as well as the Royal Opera House. One of the favorite activities in Stockholm aside from mountain climbing trips is the skating. Every season, skaters flock to the iced lakes and waterways as well as the annual ice festivals that take place right on the ice. Some of the best ice carvers carve out sculptures. International delicacies and local fare are a big hit with tourists as well as romantic couples. Hotels that range from rustic cottages and hostels to five star grand hotels give couples a variety in lodgings. There are also many historical and art oriented points of interest in Stockholm. Stockholm has a wonderful and vibrant night life, where the whole city is lit up and comes to life with its music and cultural scene. The city is over 700 years old with roots deep in Viking ancestry with scenic views of the Baltic Sea. Stockholm is also home to some of the best shopping experiences around. Tours of Stockholm’s historical sites are: Skogskyrkogarden(woodland cemetery), Drottningholm Palace, and the remains of Viking settlement Birka. For art and culture travel to Skeppsholmen Island and Gamla Stan. For beautiful morning or evening strolls, Royal Djugarden Park is full of parkland and forest that is also full of things to do that can take up to several days to explore and experience. Stockholm, Sweden has the Ericsson Globe which is a giant golf ball shaped arena that dominates the skyline in the southern part of Stockholm. It’s indoor sports and entertainment facility surpasses its real function, and romantics love the SkyView just as lovers do the Eiffel Tower!

The sky View is another way to be romantic over looking Sweden

Take a boat ride through Stockholm Sweden

29.Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is the epitomy of southern charm, hospitality, and history. Charleston is one of the most well preserved cities in the United States. What makes this the perfect romantic getaway is that visitors instantly feel transported to a different era. Strolls down cobbled streets past magnificent churches, grand antebellum mansions, and beautiful gardens enchant couples as well as tourists. For the couples that have a deep love of history, Charleston has old plantations and numerous historical museums with a dedication to the Civil War and Old South. Charleston may be encompassed by tradition, but it has a modern flare. Fine dining featuring gourmet Southern cuisine and stylish boutiques and shops line the streets of downtown Charleston. Charleston is full of first class hotels as well as bed and breakfasts that offer their own set of luxurious ammentities. Entertainment can be found virtually everywhere in Charleston. There are a range of theaters, museums, arts, and even wineries. Hop on an old fashioned paddle wheel boat for a river ride to Fort Sumpter National Monument and tour the famous old fort. Charleston has one of the most picturesque harbors in the United States. South Carolina Aquarium that his host to many interactive exhibits and programs as well as marine species that includes: loggerhead turtles, stingrays, sharks, crocodiles, alligators, and much more. The night scene at Charleston is breathtaking as the sun sets over the harbor and city, however it’s nightlife is thriving with various theaters, bars, and night clubs. Charleston, South Carolina knows how to cater to the romantic in all of us with a romantic getaway to its city!

Take a horse and carriage ride through Charleston,South Carolina

Take a stroll through the Magnolia Plantation with a loved one

30.Nova Scotia, Canada

A visit to Nova Scotia, Canada for a romantic getaway is a visit to a town that offers everything from reconstructed fortress towns to seaside vineyards overlooking the world’s highest tides. There are literally over 200 museums and historical sites as well as theaters and art galleries. Depending on what time of the year you go, there is some sort of event going on. The scenic countryside views alone are worth the getaway to beautiful Nova Scotia. Seaside Inns and bed and breakfasts offer couples a wonderful and enticing romantic getaway. Nova Scotia has more than 1,300 resturants that offer seafood, fresh produce, local wine and much more as well as intimate settings. Nightlife begins in Halifax at many of the Nova Scotia bars and pubs. Charters for fishing or just for touring around the island are a big draw as are: ATV courses, Kayak adventures, Limo tours, Nature Safaris, Bird Island boat tours, Whale watching tours, hiking, coastal adventures, and so much more to see and do in Nova Scotia, Canada. Nova Scotia is where the acclaimed book series and movie series, "Anne of Green Gables" was written and shot, and it’s easy to see why with the picturesque coastal sea faring island of Nova Scotia. The locals are friendly and want you to have the best romantic getaway possible when visiting their island.

Sailboating in Nova Scotia Canada

Take a boat tour of Bird Island

31. Ring of Kerry(Iveragh Peninsula) Ireland

Of all the beautiful lands and interesting places on the Emerald Isle, the Ring of Kerry is one of two of the most romantic spots for a romantic getaway that Ireland has to offer. The Ring of Kerry is part of the mystical and unspoiled region of Ireland that has attracted visitors and most of those honeymooning or in love couples for hundreds of years. It’s breathtaking beauty is beyond comparison. It is a natural hub for outdoor pursuits including golf, watersports, cycling, hiking, fishing in freshwater rivers, and scenic views. The Ring of Kerry has some of the finest beaches in the Rossbeigh area in Europe that provide a lovely seaside adventure. This place gives amazing insight into the ancient ancestory of Ireland with its many historical points of interests such as Iron Age Forts and Ogham Stores, Old Monasteries, and a landscape that was carved out of rock by the last Ice Age. While in Kerry, visit the cities of Killarney who is famous for its Blarney Stone and castles, Ross-Maine where Kerry’s beautiful beach shores lie, the scenically beautiful Caherciveen that brims with history, see the natural wonders of The Skelligs, or visit Kenmare, Waterville, and Caherdaniel cities that have something to offer it’s tourists and romantics. Falling in love with Irleand is easy, falling in love on a romantic getaway with Ireland’s Ring of Kerry, is fated!

The shore line of the Ring of Kerry in Ireland

The Ring of Kerry along the perimeter of Iveragh

32. Blancaneaux Lodge, Belize, South America

Want a romantic getaway that is off the beaten path? Something unique that will be memorable? Look no further than the Blancaneaux Lodge in the South American country of Belize. Located in the San Ignacio’s Mayan Mountains, the Blancaneaux Lodge is a lavis jungle excursion. This place has style, and it should because it’s owned and operated by Hollywood and world renowned director, Francais Ford Coppola. The lodge is far removed from civilization, but there’s no such thing as "roughing it". When you stay at the Blancaneaux Lodge, be prepared to have meals prepared from spreading organic gardens and prepared by a team of world class trained chefs. Romance abounds with a trip to the Waterfall Spa that is both luxurious and eco-friendly. Frolic through the jungle paradise on foot or a by bike to hidden rock pools that lead to Big Rock Falls or just relax by the freshwater infinity pool. The Blancaneaux Lodge also provides tours to ancient Mayan ruins that include a 4WD off road excursion to the Mayan citadel Caracol and a canoe trip through remote Mayan caves as well as horseback riding adventures. This romantic getaway is complete with secluded cabanas with extravagant romantic king sized four poster beds, jacuzzis, and bathing facilities for two.

A nice romantic getaway spot the Blancaneaux Lodge

Big Rock Falls in Belize

33.Kruger National Park, South Africa

No romantic safari in the wilds of South Africa would be complete without a stay at Kruger National Park. The Royal Malewane’s 6 suites promise a superb wildlife experience. The resort features both indoor and outdoor safaris, private plunge pools, and a wood deck with a thatched gazebo where you can observe wildlife over breakfast. Kruger National Park has experienced guides and trackers that during the day will take you to get close to Africa’s Big 5-buffalo, elephant, rhino, leopard, and lions. When the sun goes down, enjoy a meal al fresco near an animal watering hole with delicacies and wine pairings that is custom to your tastes. Imbue your romantic getaway with more adventure by taking a hot air balloon ride, spending a day at a nearby wildlife rehabilitation center, or playing golf. No matter what you are up for, Kruger National Park in South Africa can deliver for a unqiue romantic getaway.

The Lukimbi Safari Lodge in Kruger National Park

The Plains Camp in Kruger National Park

34.Boonsboro, Maryland

The Inn Boonsboro was created for romance, and it’s no surprise with world famous romance writer, Nora Roberts as owner and proprietor of this gorgeous inn located in Boonsboro, Maryland. Each of the rooms at the Inn Boonsboro is themed for classic lovers of literature such as “Pride and Prejudice”, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, and even a room for the star crossed lovers from “The Princess Bride”. Each room comes with a king sized bed, elegant parlor, and oversized copper and mosaic soaking tub that is fit for a princess and her prince! The rural town of Boonsboro is a small picturesque town that echos the colonial history as well as is in close proximity to the Appalacian Trail that is a favorite with hikers. It offers its visitors cultural and historical points of interest and a variety of shopping excursions. When staying at the Inn Boonsboro, take in the local culture and visit the C&O Canal Towpath and Harper’s Ferry Historical Park. The picturesque beauty along with the intimate artistic design of the Inn Boonsboro is a coveted romantic getaway that is a must.

The Inn Boonsboro created for romance in Maryland

Take a walk along the C&O Towpath in Boonsboro Maryland

35.Blackberry Farm Walland, Tennessee

A romantic getaway wouldn’t be a romantic getaway without the scenic views of the Tennesee mountains. Blackberry Farm is a 65 room mountain resort that lies in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. Blackberry Farms is luxury accomidations at its finest with antiques, fireplaces, and verandas. Watch the sunrises and sunsets over the beautiful mountains of the Great Smoky Mountains in Walland, Tennesee at Blackberry Farm. There are plenty of activities to keep two love birds busy such as hiking, canoeing, croquet, tennis, mountain biking, seasonal outdoor swimming, and bonfires. Blackberry Farm is also home to some of the best fly fishing, food, and wine events, carriage and wagon rides, horseback riding, sporting clay shooting, and pampering spas. No matter what time of year you visit Blackberry Farms for your romantic getaway, Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee is the ideal setting for a romantic weekend retreat with all its ammenities. Dining experiences take down home southern cooking and adds a fine dining twist to it. Romantic indoor or outdoor dining experiences as well as moonlit strolls under the stars add a story book feel with the one you love.

The Blackberry Farm is an awesome inn with a great view

Yallerhammer Picnic Pavilion at Blackberry Farm

36.Sonoma County, Sonoma California

One of the most romantic destinations for couples who want to experience California’s wine country come to Sonoma County. Sonoma is complete with landscapes of the Pacific Ocean, Lake Sonoma, the Russian River, statuesque Redwood forests, and picturesque hills of grape vines make this destination exquisite for romantic getaways. There are a variety of hotels, inns, quaint and luxurious bed and breakfasts that are quite remarkable in Sonoma County. Aside from the various wineries located here, there are spas that pamper their guests. Shopping and food experiences flourish here in Sonoma County ranging from boutiques and shopping malls to outdoor markets to fine dining resturants. Couples love to ride horseback through Sonoma’s wine country as well as go on wine tasting tours. Sonoma County is at the heart of wine country! Sonoma County is also home to farmer’s markets that have their own fruits, cheeses, chocolate, lavender, and honey to enjoy. Many of the farms allow you to pick your own fruits and flowers. For wine lovers looking for a romantic getaway, Sonoma County located in Sonoma, California 30 miles north of San Francisco, is the perfect getaway!

The Ferrari Gardens in Sonoma California

Take a ride through the Redwood Forest in Sonoma California

37.Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

The beautiful Pocono Mountains are located in the northeast corner of Pennsylvania, and have long been a favorite romantic getaway and place for honeymooners. Two hours away from the city of Philidelphia and New York City, is filled with scenic views and a myriad of activities and attractions. The Pocono Mountains are large with roughly 2,400 square miles for lovers to explore. The Delware National Recreation Area is the area’s only national park that offers hiking, horseback riding, and cross country skiing and in the summer, there are various beaches along the Delaware River. Accomodations range from campsites to resorts. Backcountry camping is permitted along the Appalacian Trail. For a trip back into time, visit the Millbrook Village off the Old Mine Road, a community designed in the late 19th century style with homes and other buildings reflecting that era. In the summer tour guides in Millbrook Village dress in time period clothing and offer tours of their beloved village. Additional seasonal activites in the Pocono Mountains are: skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports can be found with powder white snow, Golfing is availiable in spring through fall as weather permits, and depending on the weather nature hikes through the scenic landscapes and dense forests are a favorite with visitors. At the Caesars Poconos Resort hotel they offer three couples only locations within the Poconos that has the world’s only 7 foot tall champagne whirlpool bath and private heated pools for two.Poconos also has a quaint bed and breakfast, The Black Walnut that not only a beautiful Tudor style building but has beautiful luxurious rooms that have excellent scenic views on their 160 acres. The Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania is a welcome destination for a romantic getaway!

Small Waterfall in the Pocono Mountains

Horseback riding in the Pocono Moountains in Pennsylvania


Couples love the wild wilderness of Alaska. Regardless of whether you are looking for a quiet bed and breakfast to cozy intimate lodges, or five star hotels, Alaska has it! Alaska offers romantic getaways that include with a visit to Kodiak, Alaska, an adventure cruise where you can see bears, assorted native birds, and whales thrive in Alaskan wilderness and waters. Enjoy whale watching for Humpback, Orca, and Fin whales while seeing rookeries full of Puffins, Kittiwakes, and majestic Bald Eagles. The Adventure tours don’t stop there-you can get a chance to see Brown bears on a bear viewing cruise as well as otters, foxes, sea lions, and rare waterfowl and ducks. There is some of the best salmon fishing in Alaska and whether you charter a boat or try one of the exclusive fly fishing boat tours. Aside from the many things to do in Alaska, there is no short changing the natural beauty that this state is known for. Breathtaking views of snow capped mountains, thick wilderness, beautiful waters, and rugged outdoors are what make Alaska a great place for romantic getaways. The cuisine and food offerings of Alaska are many, ranging from local rustic foods to gourmet cuisine. Discover romance in Alaska!

Take a romantic cruise through Alaska

Bald Eagle fishing in Alaska

39.Walt Disney World Orlando, Florida

While on the path to creating the perfect romantic getaway, discover your inner child with a romantic getaway to Walt Disney World in sunny Orlando, Florida. Aside from the spectacular amusement parks and sights of Walt Disney World, Disney has added several features to their franchise that is for couples and honeymooners only! Disney now offers a Walt Disney Cruise that tours the islands of the Bahamas.The cruises are built with luxury in mind and don’t short change on the on board shopping or gourmet cuisine prepared by world class chefs.The Disney experience for romance also includes spa treatments and even offers private fireworks cruises, where you can really have sparks that fly for just you and your significant other on this romantic getaway. Cinderella and her Prince Charming, never had it so good as with a couples romantic getaway package from Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida!

Fireworks at Walt Disney World

Elephants at Walt Disney World

40. Mangiss, Bali Indonesia

Just south of the equator, Bali enoys a warm and tropical climate year round. It can be cool in Bali’s mountainous regions but all in all Bali is a virtual lovers’ paradise! While visiting Mangiss, romance is a top priority at the Amankila Resort that overlooks the Lombok Strait in East Bali. This resort offers stellar views and a beautiful three-tiered pool. The suites are luxurious and extravagant while reflecting the region’s culture and surroundings. The seascapes enchant visitors to visit the white sandy tropical beaches of the region and snorkeling as well as scuba diving are a favorite here. Gourmet cuisine that not only infuses local foods and traditions is what is offered here as well as shopping in boutiques and open air markets. Water sports, swimming pool, spas, and tours through some of the most breathtaking landscapes around. Mangiss of Bali in exotic Indonesia is a lovers romantic getaway that will provide life long memories and keep lovers coming back no matter their age!

Amankila Hotel in Manggis Bali Indonesia

Surfing in Lombok Indonesia

41.London, England

There are very few romantic destination getaways that compare to a visit to London, England. London has so much to offer in its historic but modern city. Get lost in Herrod’s, London’s largest shopping center or take tours to see London’s Cathedrals, Big Ben, and of course Buckingham Palace. Take a boat trip in the waters that run right underneath the famed London Bridge or take a scenic ride through London’s countryside. London is alive and thriving both day and night and the possibilities of what to do are endless! Lodgings include hotels that range from the very quaint to the luxurious five star hotels of London. There are nightclubs and bars that always have something for everyone and the theater scene is unbelievable. London is the alpha city of the world. There are the finest museums and art galleries to be found in London as well as over 7000 resturants to choose from. There are over 400 music venues and even the famous Abbey Road made famous by the Beatles. Portobello, Camden Market, Brick Lane, and Notting Hill are some of London’s favorite marketplaces where just about anything can be found. London is also full of quaint little villages such as Kensington, Hampstead, and countless others that are favorites with couples. London is an exquisite place to go for a romantic getaway!

The Tower Bridge in London England

The Buckingham Palace in London England

42.Bahia, Brazil South America

Bahia is full of sexy beach escapes and lush tropical hideaways. The area is blissfully secluded and authentic with perfect stretches of sand, fishing enclaves, artisan villages, and well preserved colonial picturesque towns. Lodings in Bahia are pousadastyle that range from rustic to resort style. The culture is rich in Bahia and everything from things to do, places to see, the cuisine, and even lodgings reflect the Bahia Afro-American culture. Vibrant villages and towns add to its beauty and charm. There are also many historical points of interest to view. Activities in Bahia inlcude lively night life, colorful carnival, beach and marine fun, hiking and tours through the lush tropical landscapes, water sports, and shopping. Bahia is a perfect South American romantic getaway for those who want an unique getaway experience in breathtaking Brazil.

The Bahi Brazil beach sand dune palm tree

The Bahia de Caraquez Hotel in Bahia

43. Martinique, French West Indies

Martinique may be a small island, but it is big on countless romantic getaway opportunities. Picturesque seaside views and majestic mountains dress up this small island with beauty unsurpassed. While visiting Martinque take in scuba diving to many of the dive worthy shipwrecks and discover Martinique’s marine life in crystal clear waters. Sailboat rentals and charters give couples a sea faring experience off the cost of the Martinique. Other activites include hiking along the famous Route de la Trace, that is the best way to explore the landscape of Martinique,watersports, parasailing, sandy beaches, and much more. The beautiful and wonderous island is also home to rainforests, waterfalls, towering tree-fern and bamboo forests, plantations, and the exquisite Balata botanical Gardens. Martinique also offers a variety of accomodations such as modest hotels and villas to resort style hotels. Spas and world class cuisine can be found here in this jewel of the French West Indies. Martinique of the French West Indies is a must for honeymooners and romantic getaways.

The Martinque French West Indies

You can see the reflection in the water from the Majestic Mountains

44.Estonia Europe

The Eastern European country of Estonia is the Capital of Culture. A romantic getaway to this rustic and scenic country includes concerts, rooftop film screenings, kayak adventures through the Tallinn Bay, and bike tours that crisscross through the Old Town. Estonia has an old world charm for a new age with its cobblestone streets and architecture that gives an uncanny resemblence to the Middle Ages. The cuisine of Estonia can be best sampled in eateries like Vanaema Juures and stop over to indulge their sweet tooth at Raepteek, Europe’s oldest pharmacy and birthplace of Marzipan. Romantics love the simplistic way of life in Estonia. Accommodations of Estonia go from rustic bed and breakfasts, inns, rentals, and exquisite hotels that keep with the Estonia charm. Walk the streets or visit the local villages for exciting night life and music. For a romantic getaway that puts culture first as well as romance, visit Estonia for your next romantic getaway in Eastern Europe.

The Jagala Falls in Estonia Europe

Take a cruise on the Tallin Bay

45. Trat Islands, Thailand

Thailand is an exotic paradise where tourists flock to well known cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai, but for those who want more of a secluded romantic getaway, Thailand’s islands of Trat are a must. The chain of Trat islands includes the premier spot of Soneva Kiri, the new Six Senses Resort. This resort has 42 beachfront, hillside, and clifftop villa suites with their own mini spas on the isle of Koh Kood. Couples here can experience jungle treks to hidden waterfalls, snorkeling and diving adventures to reefs off Koh Mak and Koh Rang Lek islands, sunset and sunrise cruises, and stargazing clinics hosted at the island’s own observatory. Many like to charter or rent a speedboat to Mai Si’s cultured pearl farms and early morning visit to Bo Rai’s market for shopping where Siam ruby vendors set up shop. For the ultimate in intmate escapes, X2 Koh Kood, a Klong Chao beach hideaway housing is comprised of 14 villas with their own private butler who is ready and willing to pamper you. Make the Trat Islands of Thailiand your romantic getaway.

Crystal clear blue water and sany beaches of Trat Island

Bangkok Thailand at night

46.St.Petersburg, Russia

Home to the Winter Palace and St.Paul’s Cathedral, St.Petersburg, Russia is a city all its own when it comes to architecture, history, and romance. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, Russia began overhauling its cities and had a desire for the world to know its treasures. St.Petersburg is rich in culture, history, beauty, and is a favorite with most cruise lines. The city doesn’t just have historical points of interest, but has luxe accomadations as well. The night life of St.Petersburg is vibrant and has something for most tastes. Their night clubs are filled with a variety of entertainment and music. St.Petersburg also has many museums and art galleries to visit as well as carriage ridges through their city and sleigh rides through the country side. Depending on when you go, the Russian Ballet often tours through St.Petersburg as does the famed Russian Circus.During the spring and summer, the center of St.Petersburg has many parks that inlcude historic gardens, extensive leisure parks, and cultural attractions. St.Petersburg also offers a wide array when it comes to shopping as well as a well mixture of old world craftsmen. There are over 300 different types of eating establisments that offer not only rustic and gourmet Russian cuisine but also internation fare as well. St. Petersburg is the pearl of Russia with its scenic views and culture and easily sets the mood for any romantic getaway.

Exterior of the Winter Palace on the Neva River

Horse and carriage in St.Petersburg,Russia

47.Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca,Mexico is a state rich in Zapotec ruins, colonial architecture, rustic cuisine, and untouched beauty that has notes of the past. Oaxaca is made up of nine protected bays that cover 20 miles of pristine coastline. The region has one of the largest ecosystems which includes the Botazoo Ecological Park that is home to 120 species of birds, ancient pyramids, and Class VI and V rapids along the Copalita River. Couples love the pastorial scenic views and tropical environments for romantic getaways. Oaxaca has everything from village markets to upscale boutiques for shopping. There are plenty of exclusive hotels as well as secluded villas.Oaxaca is great for romantics who want a getaway that isn’t over flooded by tourism and maintains its nostalgia. The proud people of Oaxaca are proud of their culture and throughout the year have festivals and events that celebrate it. Oaxaca, Mexico is a lovers’playground when it comes for romantic getaways.

The Santo Domingo Church in Oaxaca Mexico

Waterfall in the Copalita River

48. Sicily, Italy

The island of Sicily beholds some of the most amazing scenery of Italy and it’s cuisine is top notch. New upscale resorts as well as intimate villas are just some of the reasons for making beautiful Sicily your romantic getaway destination. Sicily is almost completely surrounded by the turquoise pristine waters of the Mediterranian Sea and offers boating, fishing, beach fun, water sports, and snorkeling and diving in some areas. Visits through citrus and olive groves, and volcanos introduce visitors to the beautiful Sicilian landscape. Sicily like most of Italy has a myriad of historical and cultural places to visit as well as unique shopping experiences. Sicily is truly the gage of Western Civilization and is one of the world’s first multicultural societies. Couples love visiting the wineries of Sicily as well as artisan districts as well. Sicily also offers mini cruises to its islands as well as private charters. Lovers can walk hand in hand through the streets, take advantage of car and motorbike rentals. The beauty alone enchants visitors seeking an authentic Italian romantic getaway when visiting Sicily.

The Cefalu sea coast in Sicily Italy

Mt.Etna in Sicily Italy

49.Miami, Florida

Miami is more than just its stunning beaches and myriad of night clubs. Miami is the destination of many A-listers and celebrities as well as those seeking luxury. Miami located in Florida, is home to some of Florida’s best views and wildlife. It is also well known for its museums, aqauriums, amusements, and theater. Miami hosts a variety of hotels, resorts, rental properties, and beach front villas. The foods of Miami range from regular fare to five star cuisine. Spas and shopping are prime targets for visitors no matter what their getaway plans entail. The night life in Miama consists of various night clubs and even casinos. If your looking for something more active, then look no further there are water sports, boat rentals, tropical excursions, golf, and other sporting attractions. Miami, Florida is not only a premier vacation spot but is great for a romantic getaway.

Downtown Miami Florida at night

Biscayne Bay in Miami Florida

50.Fez, Morocco

Fez Morrocco is a medievel city that’s soul is planted in the exotic and romance department. A stay at the 17th century palace, Riad Laaroussa, is a bed and breakfast experience in luxury. Couples love the romantic dining settings where they can feast on the very best Moroccain cuisine. Fez is a desert escape where lovers can take advantage of the hidden oasises and pools. The shopping in quaint marketplaces provides a unique experience for travelers. Over 30,000 artisans fill the streets every day selling everything from tiles to handworked leathergoods. Visitors to Fez can take camel rides through desert country to see the exotic landscapes that surround Fez that Morocco is famous for. The night life of Fez ranges from a selection of night clubs to cultural events held throughout the year. For a different type of exotic romantic getaway, Fez in Morocco is the place to take your someone special.

The fountains of Fez Morocco

The Riad Laaroussa in Fez Morocco

51.Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is famous for more than one of its favorite Food Network stars, Paula Deen. This picturesque Old South city is teeming with beauty and nostalgia. Savannah is the epitomy of Southern grace. A stay at the Ballastone Inn, an Italianate mansion three blocks from Savannah’s famed Waterfront, has canopied beds and rich furnishings. Shopping like the foods of Savannah are rich and numerous. Savannah also is known for its artistry and its art districts. Visitors can delight in down home cooking and the best in seafood fare. Looking for entertainment, Savannah has everything from jazz to alternative bands to the blues. Savannah, Georgia also has many historical points of interests as well. Romantics fall in love with Savannah’s picturesque homes and neighborhoods as well as the beautiful landscapes. When planning your next romantic getaway, visit Savannah, Georgia.

Forsyth Park fountain in Savannah Georgia

Wilmington Plantation Condos in Savannah Georgia

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