50 Best Beach Vacation Spots


1. Balneario de Boqueron, Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

Long ago this beach was a hideaway for pirates who were rumored to have hid their treasure in nearby caves, however today the Boqueron Bay Beach is a premier spot for beach goers as well as a native endangered birds that are protected by the Babo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge. The Boqueron Bay Beach has white sandy shores for over a mile and crystal blue waters that makes it the oasis in the southeast of Puerto Rico. It has been bestowed the Blue Flag beach award for its beauty as well as being the most cleanest and most environmentally friendly of beaches. The Boqueron Bay also is home to treasures of baby sea shells unlike anywhere else. This also makes it a top family tourist spot. There are many shallow clear water like pools for small children to play in as well as see little schools of fish on clear days. Lifeguards, picnic tables, convenient parking, gazebos, facility accommodations, cafeteria, children’s playground, restrooms, and beautiful statuesque palm trees that provide cool shade for naps and cover from the sun are just a few of the amenities that make this beach a great vacation spot.

Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico








Sunset at Boqueron Bay Beach

Cabo Rojo Beach Clear Blue Water

2. Kirra Point Australia

Kirra Point is aptly named the Surfer’s Paradise. It has no competition as being Australia’s premier surfer’s vacation spot! It is on the Pacific coast where the waters are warm and calm and filled with waves for every skill level. Surfer’s Paradise at Kirra Point also has a variety of nighttime activities that include bars, restaurants, and shopping. It is the Gold Coast’s most infamous beach producing challenging waves for the more skilled surfer as well as ankle biting waves for the beginner. The Oceanway offers beautiful walking and view platforms for those who prefer to stay on dry land. Kirra Point located in Australia is a popular vacation spot whether you’re a surfer or just wanting to spend a day at the beach! The Kirra Point beach is located on the East Coast, where some of the best swells are as well as views of scenery. Among the bars, restaurants, and shopping it is quite easy to find surf instructors and rent water equipment whether it be surf boards or scuba equipment since the waters are rich with marine wildlife. There is also water sport rentals and plenty of volleyball courts. There are fishing charters as well as whale watching cruises. Some beach amenities are bungy jumping, mini golf, and even a few swings at one of the more stylish golf courses. Kirra Point has something for everyone!

Kirra Point Australia

3. Costa Del Sol, Andalucia, Spain
Costa Del Sol offers more than just simple vacations and holidays as there are many fun activities and exciting adventures that can be done here. With a number of exceptionally beautiful and attractive Costa del Sol villas, your getaway would surely be enjoyable and memorable. Indeed, it is a paradise on earth!

Costa Del Soul is the coastal haven in Andalucia, the southern region of Spain. The beautiful beach of El Bajondillo, La Carihuela, Puerto Banus, La Fontanilla-which is flanked with black sand, and Costa Natura are all beautiful beaches that offers the vacationer something different! The beaches are all gorgeous with the beautiful blue-emerald jeweled waters and is nothing short of tropical paradises in this region of Spain. In Puerto Banus, the marina is legendary for its million dollar yachts, world class cafes, restaurants, and bars. This is the late night party scene of the Mediterranean. La Fontanilla is a black sanded beach that has one of the best pedestrian promenades of all of the beaches in Costa Del Sol. It is smaller than the El Bajohndillo, but beautiful none the less. There are amenities at Costa Del Sol such as: Parador de Malga Golf nestled between Malaga and Torremolinos, Hotel Atalya Park is Estepona, and some of the best markets in all of Spain are located at Costa Del Sol. The Costa Del Sol has been delighting beach goers for decades adn the golden Mediterranean coast is home to some of the best golf in the world and entertains more than two million visitors a year. So if golf is your thing and you still want a beach vacation, consider the Costa Del Sol of Andalucia, Spain.

Costa del sol Andalucia Spain

4. Portete Beach, Costa Rica-Caribbean region

The Caribbean got your fancy? Look no further than the Portete Beach of Costa Rica located in the Caribbean region. Portete Beach is located close to Limon. It is a great spot for swimming and sunbathing. Portete Beach is also a wonderful place to try out snorkeling. Thousands of species of fish and beautiful corals reefs can be found at Portete Beach. The waters are warm and mild. There are also beautiful pine clad mountains that add a gorgeous touch to the scenery. If you’re a surfer, then this beach offers a great experience for surfers because it has some of the best waves in the world. It is close enough to Playa Bonita, an area known for bigger waves, so no matter your skill level Portete Beach is great for not only a couples vacation, family vacation, but also a surfer’s paradise! Portete Beach’s list of amenities start with the well known restaurant, Le Dauphin which has some of the best cuisine in the area. Portete Beach is also known for its romantic and cozy bungalows and hotels. There is also excellent shopping in the local bay city that provides a unique experience for vacationer.

La Portete Beach

5. Hulopoe Beach, Manele Bay, Hawaii

In the United States the top beach destination is located in Manele Bay, Hawaii. It is home to the Hulopo’e Beach. Manele Bay is located on Hawaii’s Lana’i island and is considered to be one of the world’s most perfect stretches of sand. In addition to the beautiful sandy beach at Hulopo’e Beach, there is the crystal blue waters and white crested waves that provide swimming, surfing, boating, and water sports. Another diamond in Manele Bay’s crown is the beautiful resort hotel that overlooks the bay, that provides a designated marine preserve filled with some of the most exotic and most colorful fish in the world as well as Spinner Dolphins. The snorkeling and diving experiences in seventy degree water, here are considered to be the finest in all of Hawaii! Hulopo’e Beach is great for any vacation destination whether its for a honeymoon, family vacation, vacation for couples, and even great for buisness trips. Manele Bay has great resturants that range from fine dining to cafes, exquisite and unique shopping, and great lodging such as the Four Seasons Resort.

Manele Bay

Hulopoe Beach Lanai Hawaii

6. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach located in South Carolina is the premier vacation hub in the United States. Not only is there an extensive stretch of silky white sand, but Myrtle Beach is a beach vacationers dream come true with it’s shopping, amusement and water parks, restaurants, live entertainment, and an array of bars. Myrtle Beach is on the top destinations in North America for fishing, swimming, sunbathing, sailing, and surfing. There is so much to do and see at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. It is not only a great destination for the beach lover, but a great vacation for the family or couple-the possibilities to do here are near endless! There are literally so much to do here, most vacationers either go for extended stays or have to come back to do and see everything that Myrtle Beach offers! They have something for everyone no matter the age! Myrtle Beach located in on South Carolina 60 mile Grand Strand, is the ultimate vacation for anyone! It is the ultimate for family beach getaways and vacations!

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach SC

7. Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii

Located on the Koahola Coast of Big Island, Hawaii, is the post card for Hawaiian beach vacations! It has an abundance of white sand, palm trees, and some of the clearest and most jeweled blue waters that the crescent shaped beach has to offer! It is one of the most popular places for sun worshippers, water sport lovers, and families that are wanting the Hawaiian beach experience that includes safety and sandy fun! This beach is at the top when it comes to visiting a beach that is chock full of natural beauty and relatively low on resort-class landscaping. The Westin Mauna Kea Beach Hotel or the Westin Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel maintain the Kauna’oa Bay beach as well as provides all access! Both resort hotels made keeping Kauana’oa Bay’s natural picturesque beauty a top priority while giving vacationers and guests a unique beach experience. Surfers, water sports, boating, and especially swimming are popular at the Kauna’oa Bay beach. The Big Island, as it’s called in Hawaii, offers not only the beautiful beach and resort hotels, but offers the tourist endless shopping as well as a wide variety in restaurants and bars to visit.

Kauna'oa Bay Hawaii

8. Laguna Beach Orange County, California

No vacation to California would be complete without a stop to it’s number one beach destination, Laguna Beach. Located in Orange County, Laguna is one of California’s most stylish and modern beach towns. It is culturally rich, but it’s biggest draw is Laguna Beach. The water is generally clean and calm, however occasionally the Pacific tends to be cool with strong tides. Clean, white, and warm sands, the Laguna Beach is perfect for long scenic walks, volleyball, or for lazy carefree undwinding on a blanket! Laguna Beach is a beach goer’s type of vacation because besides the beautiful beach and the rich culture of Laguna, there is also the fabulous shopping and cuisine. Resturants from mom and pop stands all the way to five-star restaurants can be found at Laguna of Orange County located in California. Aside from the picturesque beauty of Laguna Beach, the calm waters, the sandy fun, shopping, and resturants-there are many more reasons for making Laguna Beach your next vacation destination. Surfing as well as other watersports are popular as is going to see the Pirate Adventures at the Youth Theater in Laguna. Lots of hotels from five star hotel resorts to beach side private bungalow’s are just a few of the things that make Laguna a special place to visit.

Laguna beach california

Laguna Beach

9. Coronado Beach, California

Famous not just for it’s beautiful and expansive beaches, Coronado Beach is also famous for the Hotel Del Coronado, that opened in 1888. Coronado Beach is not only great for single travelers, couples, but it is also a great family beach vacation spot. Located in San Diego County, the Coranodo Beach has the widest expansive of sand of any beach in the area. There is room for just about any activity imaginable! From the surfer to the swimmer, to the pedestrian to the whale watcher; there are just so many things that this beach offers vacationers! The park also offers a dog beach, to the north where the dog lover can unleash their four legged friends to run in the sand as well as frolic in the waters of the Pacific. Families enjoy swimming, water sports, biking, bodyboarding, fishing, and there are even boating trips that offer whale watching at certain times of the year. Aside from the world famous Hotel Del Coronado, there are shopping advantages as well as a variety of cuisines to try. There are also outstanding parks as well as children’s areas and convenient parking. Spending a vacation at San Diego beachfront hotels is the closest thing to spending a vacation in paradise itself.

Coronado Beach California

10. Venice Beach, California

One of California’s most famous beaches is the Venice Beach. Aside from sand and surf, the Venice Beach offers a 3-ring urban street circus, artists, basket ball courts, weight lifters area, sand sculptors, and much much more! It is a great beach vacation for anyone! There are also various lodgings, boardwalk shops, fast food stops, flea markets, as well as other sights to take advantage of while visiting Venice Beach! Venice beach is not only famous for its weight lifters, but it is a prime destination to surf lovers everywhere. There are always competitions and events being held at Venice Beach and for those who aren’t great lovers of water, it is also home to some of the premier skate boarding and X-gamers as well! Venice Beach is also a popular attraction to many celebrities as well. Venice Beach also provides a unique entertainment experience as well, especially when the sun goes down. There is nothing that Venice Beach has left out when it comes to providing a great beach vacation to its visitors!

Venice Beach Resort

11. Clearwater Beach, Clear Water Florida

There is more to Florida than Orlando’s Disney World and other amusement attractions. Clear Water Beach located in Clear Water Florida, straddles the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the calm waters of Tampa Bay. This beach offers its visitors activities such as sunbathing on white sandy beaches, beach volly ball, renting fishing boats, dolphin-watching cruises, parasailing, a mainland museum and aquarium, home to the spring training of the Philadelphia Phillies, Superboat Championships, and the Ironman competition. Clearwater Beach is fun for all ages and offers specific amenities to all sorts of beach vacations. Lodging ranges from beach cottages and condos to resort style hotels. Clearwater is also home to some of the best restaurants in Florida, offering everything from fast-food to gourmet cuisine. Clearwater Beach also offers a variety in entertainment from family based fun like museums and aquariums to the Sea Screamer-Clearwater’s premier family attraction. There are also a variety of entertainment for adults with an assortment of bars and clubs that offer something unique and different. Clearwater Beach located in Clearwater,Florida is a beach vacation one cannot pass up!

Hilton Hotel Clearwater Beach Florida

12. Key West, Florida

Down in what is known as the Florida Keys, lies Key West, Florida. It has been dubbed a Floridian Paradise home to Jimmy Buffet as well as Fort Zachary Taylor State Park. It’s sand is white and stretches for miles. Visitors to this beach can soak up the sun’s rays, indulge in blue pristine waters, rent snorkel gear, a 2 person glass bottomed kayak, take advantage of the bike trails, or take advantage of the many picnic spots. The Key West also has some of the best shopping and tourist attractions in all of Florida. Aside from the beautiful beach, tourist attractions, and entertainment, the food that can be found in Key West is some of the best in all of North America! The Key West Beach offers more than a trip to the beach, it offers an experience unlike any other in Florida! Lodgings of Key West range from fine motels to grand resorts to cozy cottages and rental properties. World class fishing is another premier attraction at Key West Beach. Many visitors to Key West take advantage of the beautiful barrier coral reef. The barrier reef at Key West is the only one in North America. Aside from the beach, there are many tourist attractions such as museums, aquariums, touring the homes of American authors such as Ernest Hemmingway and Tennessee Williams, and visiting the famous Mallory Square at sunset. Key West located in Florida, is a must for any beach vacation!

Keywest Sunset

Courtyard Key West Waterfront Hotel

13. The Jersey Shore, New Jersey

Before there was Snookie, Pauly-D, The Situation, and MTV’s cast of “Jersey Shore”, there has been the popular summer seaside tradition of the Jersey Shore beaches and boardwalk attractions. From the more refined area known as Spring Lake for those wanting a more quiet dressed down vacation to the Island Beach State Park that is home to the famous Seaside Heights, that has rolling dunes and dense forests to explore as well as various wildlife, or for a 18 miles of fine silky sand found at Long Beach Island where there is never a shortage of activity-the Jersey Shore is a beach lovers destination! No matter if you’re just looking for a beach get-a-way, a romantic beach excursion, or a family beach vacation, any of these spots that make up the Jersey Shore is a win-win! So if you’re in the mood for a quiet get-a-way, then Spring Lake is where you want to be and a stay at the newly refurbished Breaker’s Hotel is a great place to stay. For more of a natural setting, where you can ride bike trails as well as hike, Island Beach State Park is ideal. For fun in the sun and wild nights, Long Beach Island that is home to Beach Haven, Ship Bottom-which is great for families, or if you’re looking for some waves to surf, Long Beach Island is the place to be! No matter which you choose, The Jersey Shore in New Jersey, has a wide array of beach vacation opportunities!

Jersey shore beach

Jersey shore beach spot

14. Eastern Mediterranean Beaches Hvar Island

One of the most beautiful beach vacation spots in the world, are the beaches found along the romantic, rocky Dalmation Coast located in Croatia. Hvar Island is not only known for it’s vibrant party scene that feature open air clubs, but has azure blue waters and sandy beaches to take advantage of. Hvar Island is also home to not only the infamous upscale club spot called, Bonj les Bains beach club, but is located in a part of the Mediterranean rich in culture and beauty. The landscape is dotted with a beautiful rocky coastline and is a favorite among romantics. Hvar Island is also home to open air cafes and five star restaurants as well as wonderful accommodations that range from villas to resorts. Hvar Island also is home to the Snosori spa, that provides guests with a meditative walk and natural splendor.

Hvar Island

15. Santorini Island, located in Greece

Santorini is famous for it’s spectacular scenery and views. It is the crown jewel in the Grecian chain of islands known as the Cyclades. The island sits at the mouth of an ancient underwater volcano, that creates a crescent like shape. The beach here has black pebbles and striking red sand that only enhances the scenery here. Santorini Island is home to not just Perissa and Perviolos, the longest sandy stretch of black beaches, but also the red sand shores and cliffs of Red Beach. To the beach vacationer, Santorini Island is a gem in itself with it’s unique beauty, beautiful jeweled waters of the Mediterranean, and amenities such as: hotels, shopping, and cuisine.

Santorini Island Beach

Santorini Island

16. Mykonos Island, Greece

Mykonos Island is not only famous for it’s beauty and beaches that give stunning views of the Aegean Sea, but it’s night life is unsurpassed anywhere. Mykonos Island is home to the massive outdoor club, Cavo Paradiso that sits atop a 150 foot cliff near Paradise Beach. Visiters to Mykonos enjoy the open air clubs as well as the live DJ’s that pump out the club beats to hundreds of visitors each year! Every night there is always some sort of bacchanalian celebration going on! Aside from the club attractions and shopping, Mykonos is rich in history and culture that adds to the allure and beauty of the Island with it’s beaches, Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach. During the day, beach vacationers enjoy the beautiful waters, the cliffs, shopping, and food. However, at night-Mykonos comes to life offering a wide variety in club style entertainment.

Mykonos Beach

17. Elli Beach and Faliraki-Rhodes Island

While Mykonos might be the party capital of the Greek islands, Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands that is rich in history, medieval architecture, and clean beaches. At the Northern tip, Elli beach is a balance of sophistication and fun. It is one of the best places for a Greek Beach Family Vacation! It offers not only access to clean beaches and sunbathing but also offers a casino and aquarium. For water sports like windsurfing and scuba-diving, Faliraki is the destination that is at the southern point of Elli beach on Rhodes Island. However, aside from shopping and the exquisite Greek Island cuisine, Rhodes Island offers beachside taverns to fill up the night life fun.


Elli Beach

18. St. Tropez, France

In the heart of the French Riviera, lies St.Tropez. This is a beach that is made for the jet set crowd and some of the most famous celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Paris Hilton. The harbor is filled with million dollar yachts, and A-listers enjoying the local cuisine, and clubs. St.Tropez is even home to the infamous Nikki Beach Club, the mecca on the VIP scene with Champagne fueled parties. If exhibition is the fancy, then there is the Plage de Tahiti, where nudity is the norm in St.Tropez. St. Tropez is nothing short of extravagance with a touch of beauty and class with both it’s beaches and social scenes. St.Tropez is one of the most sexiest beach destinations in the world and has been a favorite not just among celebrities but among couples as well. The seaside towns that surround St.Tropez offers not only high fashion shopping but the highest standards in culinary experiences. St.Tropez brings back the nostalgia of sex appeal with it’s shady cabanas, endless beaches, and stunning women in teeny bikinis first made famous by beach bombshell and beauty, Brigitte Bardot.

St Tropez Beach

19. Cannes, France

Aside from Cannes, being host to one of the world’s most premier film festivals, it is also home to picture perfect beaches and exclusive resorts. The beaches are divided into 32 sections with a mixture of both public and private access. The Promenade La Croisette is the fashion district that runs alongside the sea filled with expensive boutiques and restaurants. It is the pinnacle of destinations for the wealthy and those begging for a more upscale experience. Two of the most glamourous hotels are the Hotel Majestic Barriere and the white towering high rise of the Hotel Martinez that has an extensive private beach as well as water-sports center. Aside from the beautiful beaches, resorts, shopping, and restaurants, Cannes also offers up the opportunity to rub elbows with the elite! It’s not wonder why Cannes has been listed as one of France’s most sexiest beaches to visit, with it’s Hollywood crowd and picturesque beaches.

Cannes France

20. Monte Carlo Beach, France

In the heart of the French Riveria, located at the far end of Monaco, is the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel that overlooks the Monte Carlo Beach. The resort itself had an overhaul to showcase its Matisse-inspired fescoes and high tech amenties. The beach area is not only timelss, but a jewel of France that sits on the Mediterranean Sea. You will find rows of striped cabanas filled with sunbathers and plenty of beach activity as well. Monte Carlo Beach is also home to water sports, entertainment for families, and even a heated sea water pool. Monte Carlo is not only rich in history and culture, but is also home to Monaco’s Royal Family and Casino nightlife. Some of the best chefs in all of France can be found at Monte Carlo, since the culinary experience goes hand in hand with a beach vacation to Monte Carlo Beach. Monte Carlo Beach is a French destination not to be missed! There is something for everyone, and is a wonderful destination for couples who are looking for more than just fun in the sun and wishes to take part in the night life of the clubs and casinos that Monte Carlo has to offer.

Monte Carlo Beach Hotel

21. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Nothing compares to the scenic views of the Amalfi Coast located in Italy. Beach vacationers going to the Amalfi Coast is greeted with a scenic drive on a beautiful coastal road. The breathtaking views of jagged cliffs with blooming flowers is only one draw to this beach paradise. The seaside villages that have rustic architecture that dot the landscape add to the picturesque Italian views. While staying at the Hotel Santa Caterina resort, visitors can walk down a winding garden path to a private beach and take the elevator that has been carved into the rocky cliffs adding to the experience as well as providing convience. The Postiano beach, once the retreat of Roman nobility and ancient Greeks not only has a private area but also two public beaches. The secluded Fornillo beach located at Spiaggia Grande has stretches of sandy beaches that meet the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean. The Il San Pietro Di Postiano Hotel is an experience in luxury with its private beach cove that is sought after by sun bathers everywhere as well as swimming. The Amalfi Coast in Italy is one of the premier attractions of any Italian beach vacation!

Amalfi Coast Italy


Jamaica is known for it’s tropical paradises but it is also well known for its music, culture, and clubs. A Jamacian beach vacation to any of Jamaica beaches is sure to be a first rate experience. Reguardless if you’re looking for a beach get-a-way, a place to take that special someone, or even a family vacation-Jamaica has something for everyone! A visit to Jamacia’s Montego Bay one can find the singing legend, Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, which is a Jamacian landmark that provides great food, local lagers, and margaritas. Aside from the clubs and eateries that can be found here, the stunning views of the sea and the endless miles of sand is what beach goers look for. There is so much to do here, that the possibilities are endless. If the club scene is your thing, there are not only many on beach open air clubs, but hot spots such as Silks Disco, Time ‘n Place, RIsky Business, Alfred’s Ocean Palace, and BiBiBips, which are all famous for their clubs and live music. Jamacia also has many points of interest for the family vacation such as museums, aquariums, charter boat cruises, shopping, and activities such as parasailing. One of the most beautiful islands in the world, Jamaica is a destination worth visiting!

23. Barbados-Caribbean islands

One of the best destinations for a beach vacation is a stop at the southern corner of the Lesser Antilles, in Barbados located in the Carribean. It’s different coasts offer beaches that rance from powdery sand and crystal blue waters to perfect swells of the eastern Atlantic coast. Barbados is a place where surfers as well as naturalist come but there is something for everyone here in Barbados. For surf, windsurfing, kite surfing, and other water sports, Silver Sands beach is the destination for you! Silver Sands beach has been internationally recognized as a world-class beach for these kinds of sports. Crane Beach is one of the more beautiful beaches in Barbados. If luxury and elegance is your thing, then look no further than the historic and beautiful Crane Beach Hotel. Crane Beach has been named one of the 10 best in the world by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. The waves at Crane Beach are perfect for beginner surfers or body surfer. It also offers sheltered swimming close to shore. There are many beaches that are great if you’re just looking for scenic views but if you’re looking for a great place to snorkle and discover the beautiful coral reefs or diving off a pirate boat, then Folkestone Beach is a great stop. No matter what your intinuary may be, Barbados offers many ammenties when it comes to each of its beaches!

Barbados Island

24. Puerto Morelos, Mayan Riveria Puerto Morelos Mexico

The premier Mexican beach get-a-way is located in the heart of what is known as the Mexican Riveria, located in Puerto Morelos. Puerto Morelos has warm welcoming beaches with its smooth natural sand and azur blue jewled waters. A reef surrounds the beaches of Puerto Morelos, and is protected by a natural park that provides views of tropical fish, dolphins, turtles, and corals. It is one of the best places to snorkel and scuba. Puerto Morelos has a few resorts that are all 5-star. Each of these resorts have private beaches along Puerto Morelos with their own ammenities. The main beach of this Mexican gem, is home to some of the best shopping and eateries in the town that surrounds the main beach. The people are warm and friendly and take pride in the beauty of not only their culture but their beach at Puerto Morelos as well! This is a beach vacationers paradise!

Puerto Morelos

25. Playa Del Carmen, South of Cancun Mexico

South of Cancun, Mexico lies the Play Del Carmen, a beachside city that has grown and has become a primary tourist destination. Not only are the beaches surrounded by warm jeweled waters and miles of sand, but has some of the best shopping and eateries in all of the Mayan Riviera! Playa Del Carmen has La Quinta Avenida, easily translated to “Fifth Avenue”, which is a main pedestrian throughway that is packed with a variety of restaurants, boutiques, luxury shopping, and nightlife. Many resorts such as the 5-star Mandarin Oriental, are not only beachside, but every room has a picturesque view of the water whether it be one of Play Del Carmen’s intimate and gorgeous lagoons or the crystal blue Carribean. Aquatic activities, resorts from the very affordable to the luxurious, soothing spas, and a vivacious nightlife is what can be found here at the Play Del Carmen beaches.The Playa Del Carmen has something for everyone and offers nothing but a luxurious beach vacation experience!

Playa Del Carmen

26. Xcaret, Mexico-Mayan Riviera

If you’re looking for more than just sunbathing or frolicking on the beach, Xcaret is the destination for you! Xcaret not only offers perfect sugary white sands, warm water, shady palm trees, and inner tubing in calm waters, but offers much much more! Xcaret is an eco-archaelogical park that overflows with rich culture, nature, and adventure! Xcaret has tours of archaelogical sites, wine tasting at one of Xcaret’s wineries, night life consisting of dance clubs and theater, and the local cuisine. Adventure seekers can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, diving in the underground rivers, exploring the coves of Xcaret lagoon, taking it easy by floating down Paradise River, or for the very brave-a guided shark tour. Xcaret has accomidations that range from modest hotels to luxurious 5-star hotels to rental properties such as cozy villas and bungalows. Xcaret has so much to offer and has enough to be diverse enough to appeal to any type of beach vacation.

Xcaret Cancun

27. Akumal, Mexico Mayan Riviera

Akumal is not only home to some of the must stunning and breathtaking beaches on the planet, but a beach vacation to this destination offers a true aquatic adventure! Akumal beaches have offshore reefs that protect the pearly white silken sand and filter warm water currents through the coastal caves and subterranean rivers. This natural refuge is a popular place to see sea turtles at Akumal’s Half Moon Beach. For a truly amazing aquatic experience, Akumal offers the Akumal Dive Shop that has everything you need for a great scuba and snorkeling experience at the off shore reefs. It is a truly natural beauty that has resorts that thrive on making their resorts eco-friendly. Visa Del Mar resort has strict green policies and is environmentally certified not only to protect the beauty of Akumal but to protect the sea turtles that frequent during their mating season. If nature and aquatic adventure is what you are looking for, look no further than a beach vacation at Mexico’s Akumal Beach!

Akumal Beach

28. Dog Island, Florida Panhandle

Looking for a beach that is away from the spring break and summer crowds? Dog Island located in Florida’s Panhandle is the place to go! Dog Beach is more than just a 7 mile stretch of some of the most beautiful powdery white sand and beautiful warm waters, it’s an excursion worthy of adventure! Since the panhandle is mostly under the ownership of a Natural Conservancy, Dog Beach is virtually untouched and unspoiled, giving you a more natural beach experience. To the locals that live in the panhandle, Dog Island is their sanctuary and the only access to the beach is by ferry. Gentle swells give into body boarding fun as well as some surfing for beginners and the beautiful jeweled waters provide hours of fun in the water. Along with having a solitary beach practically to yourself, fun in the sand and water, and enjoying the natural experience Dog Beach is also well known for it’s beautiful shells that wash up on the beach daily. The local hotel, Pelican Inn, has up to eight oceanfront studio lodgings for a private retreat that comes with a rustic charm, few places have.

Dog Island Florida

29. Cape San Blas, St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, Florida Panhandle

For one of the most glorious beach vacation destinations, one has to visit Cape San Blas at the eastern side of the panhandle. Cape San Blas is surrounded on all three sides by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and St.Joe Bay. The waters in the summertime reach a warm 84 degrees and the sugar spun sands of some of the most gorgeous oceanfront that Florida has to offer await at Cape San Blas. Cape San Blas is also well known for being a bird watcher’s paradise due to the many migrations of birds that flock to the area year round with more than 240 species found at Cape San Blas. To add to the the experience, beach vacationers can rest easy because Cape San Blas has a full facility campground set just back from the beach if you’re in the mindset to spend the night. Cape San Blas also features a variety of lodgings if camping isn’t your thing that ranges from simple hotels to rental properties that all give beautiful post card worthy oceanfront views. Since this beach is located within the St.Joseph Pennisula State Park, there are many sites besides the beach, water, and 240 species of birds to take in. Dunes are a common site to St.Joseph Peninsula Park as is horseback riding at Indian Pass located near the park and beach area. To say that Cape San Blas is picturesque is not really doing the beach justice-it is a virtual beach lovers paradise! It is an excellent beach destination for everyone!

Cape San Blas

30. Grayton Beach, Florida Panhandle

The first thing as you enter Grayton Beach is the resort towns of Watercolor and Seaside community of Grayton Beach. This beach is full of character that Hemmingway-style wooden homes tucked down side streets that are created by using crushed oyster shells that give a nostalgia and wholesomeness of yesteryear. Grayton Beach has stunning sands that co-exsist with the rich blue-green waters that surround it. Warm waters from the Gulf and powdery silvery sand make this beach a wonderful spot to visit. Along with a campground, bungalows and rental properties availiable, there are: bike trails, boat ramps for boating fun, and even trails for hiking. There is simply too much fun to be had at Grayton Beach! When the sun goes down, Red Bar not only adds local spice and color but offers live jazz and is Grayton’s version of the famed Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Key West. Watercolor and Seaside are artsy communities, but if you head to Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, it is a must see natural attraction with beaches that are even more seculuded and unusual maritime lakes dotting the undulating dunes. Grayton Beach is great for singles, couples, and especially great for families!

Grayton Beach Florida

31. Nantucket Island, Nantucket, Massachusetts

Heading north towards the historical city and state of Nantucket, Massachusetts on Nantucket Island, are a wealth of beaches. Nantucket Island offers everything from beaches for those seeking a more athletic experience such as Jetties Beach with its playground, public tennis courts, windsurfing, sailboat, and kayak lessons and rentals. Brant Point beach is for only the most experienced swimmers as there is no life guard and strong currents. It is a scenic beach with a lighthouse that is a big draw to vacationers. It is a beautiful spot that is loved for its scenic views of the ocean and sail boats. Nantucket Island also comes with a Children’s Beach that is ideal for families that comes with ammenties such as: parks, playground, picnic areas, bandstand, and activities every Friday that range everything from T-shirt Tie dying to sand sculpting. Families love the Children’s Beach of Nantucket Island. Another great beach found on Nantucket Island is the Dionis beach. It is sheltered by undulating dunes, calm waters, and is safe for children. Dionis beach is valued for both its family friendly atmosphere and also for it’s beautiful dunes. For the surf lovers, Surfside is a beach on the island that proivdes not only a great place for families but provides picnic areas, kite flying, beach games, and surfcasting after 5PM. As you can see, Nantucket Island is well known for it’s different assortment of beaches but it is also a nostalgic culture rich area that whispers of a time when Nantucket was a whaling town. Some of the best cuisine can be found in Nantucket just miles from the Island.

Nantucket Island Massachusetts

32. Aquinnah Beach (Moshup Beach), Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

One of the most luxurious and stoic beaches is Aquinnah Beach commonly known as, Moshup Beach, tucked beneath the infamous Gay Head Cliffs, Aquinnah Beach is a paradise of soft, white sand framed by beautiful cliffs. Not only is Martha’s Vineyard famous for it’s beautiful landscapes and it’s celebrities, but the Gay Head Cliffs that overlook Aquinnah Beach give a picturesque and romantic feel, but it is also a great beach for families to visit. Gentle calm waters lap the beach offering visitors plenty of fun in sand, sun, and water. A word of caution, because of the beauty and solitude of this quiet beach, nude sunbathers have been known to be tolerated at the northern end of Aquinnah Beach. Aquinnah Beach also offers beautiful sunsets, that keep many flocking to the cliffs at the end of the day to gaze out over the harbor, over the pristine waters as is the Gay Head Lighthouse that has become a must see attraction. From June to Mid-September, Gay Head Lighthouse holds sunset tours of it’s beautiful and historical lighthouse.

The Aquinnah beach also known as Moshup Beach

Martha's Vineyard and the Aquinnah Lighthouse

33. Main Beach of East Hampton, New York

There is nothing like Autumn in New York or summers at Main Beach located in East Hampton, New York! Main Beach in East Hampton, offers it’s beach vactioners broad stretches of white sandy beaches, magnificent roaring waves, and illustrious views of mansions of Lily Pond. Main Beach in East Hampton is one of the jewels in New York’s crown as far as places to visit go. The town itself has been a long loved favorite with A-listers and celebrities alike. Huge homes sprawl the streets of East Hampton as well as boutiques and culinary experiences unlike any other! A visit to Main Beach in East Hampton is not only vaction that is going to provide a fun filled beach experience for the whole family, but is rich in history. Main Beach in East Hampton has ammenties such as: lodgings that go from low priced motels to 5 star hotels to various rental properties and camping. Main Beach also has a variety of fishing and boat rentals, various restaurants and eateries, lifeguard protected beach, a local park, and much more! Main Beach of East Hampton, New York has taken a very big stand on being eco-friendly and has maintained eco-friendly beaches to protect natural resources since 2000.

Main Beach of East Hampton

34. Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Hatteras, North Carolina
From Nags Head to Ocracoke Island 72 miles of hallmark high sand dunes, front frothy surf, beach combing, and body-surfing lies Cape Hatteras Nationa Seashore in North Carolina. This beach also comes with the nation’s tallest lighthouse-that reaches an impressive height of 196 feet high that offers spectacular views. Cape Hatteras National Seashore is a favorite with families because it’s gentle waters are great for lots of aquatic play and the stretch of sugar spun sand provides hours of fun in the sun! Visitors love to climb the 248 steps to reach the lighthouse and it’s common to see many people heading up those steps before sunset. The ammenties at Cape Hatteras National Seashore are: camping and picnic areas, trails that include the Hammock Hills Nature Trail, Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, fishing, Interactive programs hosted by the National Park Rangers such as bird walks and learning about ship wrecks and pirates, surfing or wind boarding on what is known as the Outer Banks, and thousands of shells to be found as well as bird species that frequent the area. Cape Hatteras is a ribbon of beauty that is located in North Carolina ready to provide your next beach vacation experience!

Sunrise on the outer banks of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

35. Calangute Beach India

Are you dying to find something more exotic? That traveling bug bit you yet? See the beautiful and exotic shores of India’s Calangute Beach. Calangute Beach is referred to as the “Queen of Beaches”, and was the epicenter of the hippie invasion in the 1970s. Calangute’s golden shores offers beach lovers tranquility and a variety of activities. Parasailing, windsurfing, and water skiing are all very popular at Calangute Beach in India. As much as this is a favorite of many a traveler, lodgings are still simple such as simple beach huts with one boutique style hotel, Pousada Tauma that is a favorite in town. The hotel gives off and surpasses in Goan charm with themed luxury suits and a surrounding courtyard pool. In the town of Calangute, there are unique shopping experiences to be hand. Open air markets, boutiques, local artisans, and craftsmans abound! The cuisine of Calangute ranges from rustic fresh foods with robust flavors to gourmet cuisine found at Pousada Tauma. Ammenties of Calangute Beach include boat rentals, surf rentals, bike and car rentals, and an area rich in culture.

Calangute Beach Goa India

36. Baga India

Baga is not only a peaceful beach community but it’s nightlife is legendary. The famed Tito’s, is a beach dance club that has been around since 1970 that attracts locals as well as tourists. Baga’s beaches have golden sands as well as picturesque warm waters. Ammenities include 12 beautiful hotels and resorts that offers its guests something different, water sports, dolphin spotting trips, and shopping opportunities such as the Wednesday Flea market at Anjuna Beach. Baga Beach and community is a favorite with tourists. Cafe Mambo and Loungefly Bar offers something unique as well with their outrageous night club atmosphere that keeps the fun going even after the sun has set. Baga Beach is a destination for any beach lover that is looking for a unique beach vacation experience!

Mid Afternoon in Baga India

37. KwaZulua-Natal Coastline South Africa

Africa, the largest continent in the world is home to some of the most exotic wildlife and beaches. Located in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal Coastline is home to temperate climates, white sandy beaches, and beautiful pristine oceanic waters. Durban, the main hub of activity in KwaZula-Natal has the best ammenties when it comes to having a spectacular beach vacation. South Beach is the place to be along Durban’s Golden Mile, with resorts and sunbathing along it’s golden shores. New Beach is home to football(soccer) fanatics the world over with their sponsorship of Fan Fest for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Along with beautiful beaches, South Africa is well known for it’s impressive safaris. The uShaka Marine World offers a more aquatic wildlife experience and is beloved by locals as well as sought after by tourists! This park consists of Sea World that offers visitors aquariums filled with dolphins, seals, penguins, and fish. It also features a water park, Wet ‘n Wild, with water rides as well as a large beach area with jet skiing, paddle boats, and beach ruby. On the south side of KwaZulua-Natal lies Margate, a family beach with soft sand lined with coconut palm trees. The surf here is gentle and is ideal for playing in the water, swimming, boogie boarding, and a nearby water park and coves. When visiting South Africa, a visit to the KwaZula-Natal Coastline is a must!

The Kwazulua Natal Coastline in South Africa


38. Hobie Beach, Eastern Cape, Africa

Along the Eastern Cape among the many beaches that range from surf spots to the Wild Coast, lies in Algoa Bay along Port Elizabeth’s Sunshine Coast, is Hobie Beach. It is not only prime real estate in South Africa’s water-sports capital, but is one of the most popular beaches in the Eastern Cape. Hobie Beach has clear,calm, and warm water that is not only ideal for swimming but is also great for boardsailing, kite-surfing, windsurfing, and jet-skiiing. For adventure seekers, Hobie Beach has underwater shipwreck diving experiences and amazing coral reefs that are filled with fish. Ammenties to Hobie Beach includes: a Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment World, that is a complex of hotels, restaurants, and gaming venues. There is something for everyone at Hobie Beach. If surfing is what you’ve come for, then look no further than Jeffreys Bay for first rate surfing. The best waves roll between June and August and is sought after by most pro surfers as a stop to finding those perfect waves. It is also where the Billabong Pro World Surfing championship is held every July. Hobie Beach, at Eastern Cape in Algoa Bay, is the place to be!

The Hobie Beach Eastern Cape Africa

39. Nha Trang, Vietnam

Vietnam is well known for its tropical beaches. Nha Trang is located in the Khanh Hoa province, that is known for it’s endless days of sunshine. The beach is home to the famed Rainbow Divers, Vietnam’s first PADI-certified dive center. Divers explore hard and soft coral reefs, caves, and walls for some of the best diving in the South China Sea. Advetures above water include wakeboarding, kite surfing, and banana boat rides. Nha Trang also has a variety of lodging accomodations to choose from that range from cozy romantic bungalows to five star resort hotels. The Vinpearl Resort and Spa is a resort island that can only be reached by boat or the longest sea-crossing cable car, called the Vinpearl cable car. Aside from the tropical paradise of the beach, the underwater diving experiences, and above water adventures, Nha Trang offers shopping and endless entertainment options for both on and off the beach. Nha Trang also has an amusement park. If you’re seeking a private beach, Nha Trang also features the Evason Ana Mandara and Six Senses Spa which has a private beach and quick access to scenic and statuesque mountains and countrysides.

Vietnam rail tour off the NhaTrang

40. Cancun,Mexico

Cancun is not only one of the most wildest of beach vacations, but it lies in beautiful and scenic Cancun,Mexico. Beautiful sapphire blue waters of the Carribean meet the white silky sands of Cancun that is breathtaking to look upon. One of Cancun’s must see attractions, is the Nichupte Lagoon that has many romantic waterside restaurants and trendy bars as well as scenic views. Cancun has so much to offer in the line of beach fun! Cancun has some of the best scuba and snorkeling as well as fishing in the world. The Great Mesoamerican Reef, just off the coast of Cancun has beautiful hard and soft corals that are home to hundreds of species of marine wildlife. Get lost in an underworld paradise while exploring the reef. Cancun also is rich in Mayan culture and there are many archaelogical tourist attractions and tours to ruins availiable while visiting Cancun. Cancun’s Mayan culture also features eco-parks, to bring an awareness as well as fun to your Cancun experience. Aside from it’s various resorts and hotels that all offer luxurious accomdadations and experiences, Cancun’s other claim to fame is it’s nightlife! Cancun has a wide variety of nightclubs, bistros, and clubs that can fit to any budget or taste. Cancun’s restaurants serve up some of the best cuisine in all of Mexico and is a contender in the world of international cuisine.

The Cancun Beaches of Cancun Mexico

41. Ocean Club, Bahamas

Located in the Bahamas on Paradise Island, lies Ocean Club. Ocean Club has not only superb beaches, but boasts of a 12th century Augustinian cloister that looks out over Nassau Harbor. Ocean Club’s island is truly a step into paradise! The jewled waters, the white sandy beaches, beautiful palms that sway gently in warm breezes, and exotic florals grace Ocean Club of Paradise Island. A flourish of activities and adventures can be had at this virtual paradise in the Bahamas. No matter if it’s swimming in crystaline blue waters, frolicking in the white sand, or water sports-Ocean Club has something for everyone! Most visitors can’t resist scuba and snorkeling and seeing the spectacular beauty of what’s underwater at Ocean Club. Ammenities to visiting this gorgeous island are: 5 star resorts, world class cuisine, a host of spas, golf, water sports and crafting, private beach areas, cabanas and bungalows, and much much more! This is one of the ultimate in beach vacations that has something for everyone when it comes to fun on the beach!

The Ocean Club Bahamas

42. Las Islas Cies, Galicia, Spain

Las Islaas Cies sits on one of Spain’s most stunning Atlantic coastlines of Galicia. Just north of Spain’s city of Portugal, this beach was once a pirates’ haunt. Cies is now an uninhabited national park, open to the public only in the summer. The locals refer to Las Islas Cies as their “Caribbean Beach” with its warm crystal-clear waters, pale sand with undulated dunes that dot the landscape. Las Islas Cies is also home to a beautiful sheltering lagoon that is a favorite among its visitors. A forty minute drive from the local town of Baiona, visitors to this Spanish paradise can enjoy camping, boating, water sports, and explore the beautiful underwater corals and marine wildlife. The Cies not only offers this island get-a-way but also shopping and first rate rustic local cuisines as well as nearby hotels and resorts. Las Islas Ciels is also recognized as an eco-beach for it’s national park status and it’s untouched majesty. Las IsIas Ciels is reknowned for it’s calm lake like waters that promises days of fun in the sun to any beach vacationer. It is considered to be one of the best beaches in all of Europe!

The Beaches of Las Islas Cies Galicia Spain

43. Sancho Bay, Fernando Noronha, Brazil

In the beautiful providence of Brazil, lies Sancho Bay. The exotic beach paradise of Sancho Bay features a scenic and sensory experience unlike any to be had before! It is truly picturesque with it’s emerald waters, golden sands, moutainous ranges, wild and plant life that exsists here. Vacationers can not only take advantage of a virtually untouched eco-beach, but there are caves and lagoons to explore as well as many other recreational activities. There is so much marine life to be seen that scuba diving and snorkeling is a favorite to do at Sancho Bay. Boating and other water sports are common place here as well. Sancho Bay is also home to all sorts of birds and is a bird lover’s paradise. Natural flora covered walls keep this beach secluded. Every year only 420 visitors are allowed at Sancho Bay. It is only accessible by ladder that is wedged into the rockface. While there are no resorts or hotels at Sancho Bay, there is ammenties such as lodging, restaurants, and shopping in Fernando de Noronha. Sancho Bay is a destination you don’t want to miss out on when visiting Brazil.

Sancho Bay Fernando Brazil

44. Mitaiaro Island, Cooks Islands

For the ultimate in island beach escapes, look no further than Mitairo Island, located within the Cooks Islands. Formed from an island of razor sharp coral rings, the sunken pools in the subterranean limestome caves are an alternative to the lagoons. Mitaiaro Island has some of the most beautiful underground caves and pools in the Cook Island chain. Aside from the lush vegetation, exotic florals, locals fed on tradition, trails to explore, and much much more, Mitaiaro Island is a paradise all its own! The people of this island thrive on their culture and make it apart of their every day lives that they gladly share with the tourists here. While the beach areas are free of modernization, the villages and towns within the island provides everything from bungalows to island hotels. The island also has wonderful shopping as well as eateries that provide island delicacies. Mitiaro also has many places such as Te Pitakare, which is an underground freshwater cavern that is revered by the local people as a holy place of healing, so no sunbathing allowed, but that doesn’t leave out the miles of palm fringed beach that is available. So if you’re looking for something more than just the usual beach vacation, visit the Cooks Islands, island paradise of Mitairo Island.

The Mitaiaro Island

45. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach located in Virginia in the United States, has long been a favorite destination for all beach lovers! Virginia Beach is the total package when it comes to east coast American beach vacations. Virginia Beach has gorgeous beaches with waters that provide hours of fun whether it be swimming, boating, water sports, or even surfing for the beginner with its gentle waves. As well as water and beach fun to be had, Virginia Beach also has extensive and expansive golf courses that are a huge draw, miles of hiking trails through dense wooded areas, and sea kayaking. It is believed that Virginia Beach is the best in the off-season because of the reduction of crowds but mostly because the weather is still mild. Ammenities not only include an assortment of hotels, bed and breakfast, and resorts, but there are ample camping and RV sites as well. Virginia Beach, Virginia also has some of the best shopping as well as night life. Restaurants are abundant in Virginia Beach as are family filled activities for the ultimate in a family beach vacation.

Boardwalk at Virginia Beach in Virginia

46. Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach is the most visited beach vacation destination in the continental United States! Voted as the Traveler’s Choice 2011 winner, Daytona has something for everyone! Daytona Beach not only has miles of sandy coastline and clear waters, but is home to surfers, boogie boarders, and other watercraft sports. Daytona also has year round events such as being the spring break capital, host of many concerts and music events, and home to the Coke Zero 400 by Nascar. Daytona also sports a sprawling boardwalk that is filled with shops, eateries, and an amusement park to add to the fun and vacation experience. More reasons to make Daytona a beach vacation is the number of child oriented museums and attractions. Daytona Beach has something for everyone and is not only party central. Ocean Walk Village is a new attraction at Daytona to change the beach’s image and the locals have implemented many eco-friendly practices to make Daytona a clean, safe, and fun beach for all ages!

Sunglow Pier at Daytona Beach Florida

47. Ogunquit Beach, Maine

Located in Maine, Ogunquit beach is a beautiful place by the sea with clear water and miles of sheltered white sand. Promenades along the Marginal Way, a path that winds along rocky cliffs over looking the ocean, or exploring the town center by way of an old fashioned trolly system just adds to the charm of Ogunquit. Besides utilizing the sandy beaches, boating as well as watersports are a big draw of Ogunquit. In the local town of Ogunquit, there is a wide assortment of shops and boutiques to visit as well as restaurants that offer fresh locally caught seafood. Ogunquit is also an artsy town and proof is in the town. Ogunquit is a relatively quiet town with the Ogunquit Playhouse that puts on shows regularly and has small pubs and bars that frequently offer live music. People love Ogunquit for it’s beaches, it’s locals, and it’s scenic views. Ammenities offered are several affordable hotels, bed and breakfasts, camping, and rental properties with some being within walking distance of the beach. It is also a popular destination for honeymooners and couples because of the locale. Ogunquit Beach also has many different types of rentals such as: boat rentals, ski doos, and bikes. If serenity mixed with a big of rustic charm is what you are seeking, Ogunquit Beach in Ogunquit, Maine is the beach vacation for you!

Sunrise on the Ogunquit Beach in Maine

48. Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City located in New Jersey is to the east coast what Las Vegas is to Nevada! Reguardless of what kind of beach vacation you are looking for, Atlantic City has something for everyone! Atlantic City is notorious for such visitors as Hollywood’s A-listers and elite but also those of a gone by era. Atlantic City not only has sandy beaches and mild waters to sunbathe and play in, but has an expansive historic boardwalk that has numerous amusements, shops, eateries, and novelty. Lodgings and accomidations range from 5 star resort style hotels those with budget in mind. There is so much to see and do in Atlantic City! If you are looking for more sight seeing attractions, then look no further than Atlantic City’s historic Absecon Lighthouse. Atlantic City also offers it’s beach visitors parasailing, charter fishing, and tall ship cruises. For those seeking something to do when the sun goes down, then visit Atlantic City’s thriving night life that includes clubs as well as the Casino scene. Casino enthusiasts have twelve establishments to choose from. They range from the very elegant and elite to a Wild West theme. No beach vacation to Atlantic City would be complete without a visit to Atlantic City’s Saltwater Taffy vendors, that has been a speciality for over 100 years. Atlantic City, New Jersey is a great place for a beach vacation, couples retreat, family vacation, or even a business trip-the possibilities are endless!

The Taj Mahal in Atlantic City New Jersey

49. Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach enchants everyone who visits it’s part unspoiled nature, part manmade wonder, and park luxury paradise. Newport is not only a beach oasis but also is a hub of trendsetting fashion because of the shopping havens of open air Fashion Island, seaside shops of Corona Del Mar, and new developments of the Newport Coast. The beach provides pale golden sands and clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean while providing a wide range of activities not limited to just the average beach bum experience. Newport Beach has an estuary, Back Bay, that is a birder’s haven that enables visitors to view the beautiful birds that migrate and call Back Bay their home. Newport also has a great hiking location, located at Crystal Cove, a protected beach, that has miles of scenic trails to explore and hike. Surfers love Newport Beach because of the breaks on The Wedge. On Balboa Peninsula, families love it because of the Fun Zone that offers a variety of water and shore activities. It’s very common on charted cruises around Newport’s beaches and around the peninsual, to see Sea Lions, dolphins, and even on occasion-whales! The natural beauty of Newport is well worth any beach lover’s visit! Newport Beach community offers several hotels as well as a few top rated bed and breakfasts. Newport is not short on restaurants, because some of California’s best cuisine can be had at Newport Beach. Newport Beach located in Newport, California has something for every kind of beach vacation and is a favorite with families.

Pelican taking off at Newport Beach in California

50. Cumberland Island, Georgia

In the heart of Dixie, lies Cumberland Island in Georgia. Cumberland Island is Georgia’s largest and southernmost barrier island. It is not your typical beach area, it has majestic maritime forests, undeveloped beaches, and marshes that would make Thoreau smile and take notice. Cumberland Island is home to over 9,800 acres of Congressionally designated Wilderness. Local Rangers, are interactive with guests and throughout the year they host a number of activities for both adults and children. Cumberland Island not only provides endless hours of fun in the sun with it’s beautiful beaches, but there are over 50 miles of hiking and biking trails througout the forests on the island. Cumberland Island also offers Backcountry and Wilderness camping experiences, a sea camp that comes with restroom facilities, ranger programs, boardwalk access to the beach, and is the only campground other than the Stafford that provided fire rings at Cumberland Island. Cumberland Island is also a favorite spot to fish as well as take advantage of wide open fields to star gaze. Bird watching is another draw to Cumberland Island with over 335 bird species that have been recorded. Beach combing is encouraged and visitors have been known to collect shells, sharks teeth, coquinas, disk clams, heart cockles, ark shells, moon snails, and sand dollars. Numerous animal wildlife call this island home and on any given trip, vacationers can view: wild turkeys, armadillos, feral horses, vultures, dolphins, and lizards. Boat chartering is allowed here and many visitors will see large sailboats as well as ferry’s that come to the island. It is an experience worth having and it’s located in the heart of Georgia.

Wild Horses on Cumberland Island in Georgia

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